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24 Nov 11 Yamaha EF3000iSE/B Generators – The Boost You Need

The Yamaha EF3000iSE and the EF3000iSEB are two of the most revolutionary inverter models available today. Ever need a little boost – extra power that gets your tool or air conditioner started quickly and efficiently? Well, now you can get that “boost” thanks to the EF3000iSEB generator from Yamaha.

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13 Aug 11 Micro Metal Muff – Demo by Dave Weiner – Distortion with Top Boost – Electro Harmonix Visit the all-new EHX site! For the Micro Metal Muff, go to The classic Metal Muff, housed in a smaller die-cast enclosure with simplified controls. 15dB boost and cut around a carefully selected mid frequency guarantees huge scoop gains. Switch selectable top boost ranges. A wicked sound. A metallurgist’s dream.
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***For screening times visit – *** OPERATION 8: Deep in the forest . On October 15, 2007 activists around New Zealand woke to guns in their faces. Black-clad police smashed down doors, dragging families out onto roads and detaining some without food or water. In the village of Ruatoki, helicopters hovered while locals were stopped at roadblocks. Operation 8 involved 18 months of invasive surveillance of Maori sovereignty and peace activists accused of attending terrorist training camps in the Urewera ranges — homeland of the Tuhoe people. Operation 8 asks why and how the raids took place. How did the War on Terror become a global witch-hunt of political dissenters reaching even to the South Pacific? Currently screening around the country! To find out when and where visit us at:
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19 Mar 11 Natural Ovens Bakery – Delicious Breakfast Recipes that Boost Your Omega-3 Intake

Natural Ovens Bakery’s Melissa Ebert shares information on the benefits of Omega-3s, as well as some smart, healthy recipes and a trick to get kids to eat healthy. Includes an unconventional but delicious egg strata recipe made with Natural Ovens bread. From Green Bay, Wisonsin’s WFRV-TV.
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12 Mar 11 Belkin TuneCast 2 FM Transmitter Range Boost!

This is a little mod I did does not meed much of a description everything is explained in the video…be sure to visit tho
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WARNING: Graphic Images. A security video from inside a gun range shows a Florida woman shoot her son in the back of the head before turning the gun on herself. Family members say she was mentally ill. (April 7)

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