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12 Sep 14 Bosch MaxoMixx blender


Packing more power than most full sized hand blenders, and a nice complement to Bosch MaxxiMUM kitchen machine, the portable Bosch MaxoMixx will quickly transform fresh ingredients into delicious meals. You get essentially 5 different operations – blending, slicing, mincing, chopping and liquifying with the special liquidizer attachment.


Equipped with the 12-speed 750 Watt motor and a pulse function, the MaxoMixx combines unrivaled power and short preparation time in a compact must-have blender. In spite of all the power and speed, the MaxoMixx offers effortless handling, thanks to its low vibration motor and non-slip, comfortable soft touch handle.

From whisking to chopping, you will find that the multiple accessories allow you to master even the most challenging recipes. All accessories, including the QuattroBlade Pro Foot are detachable and dishwasher safe.

This Bosch MaxoMixx blender becomes a whisk or a chopper with a simple change of detachable accessories. Detach the blender foot using the eject button and fit on the XL chopper, which is fitted with a S-shaped knife to dice up ingredients such as herbs, nuts, onions, meat, and cheese. You can make almond or peanut butter. There is even a separate knife attachment for crushing ice cubes for that cocktail party.

You can also have the Bosch MaxoMixx blender with 800 Watt motor. Price is between € 80 and € 150, depending on the motor and range of accessories.



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11 Aug 14 Bosch Series 8 wall oven with 4D heat


The new wall oven by Bosch, the Series 8 features unique 4D heat technology. Available only from Bosch, the 4D employs compact strong fan, powered by the ultra-quiet and efficient, brushless DC EcoSilence motor. The fan alternates in both directions for incredibly even heat distribution.


In addition to 4D heat, Bosch Series 8 wall oven has the PerfectBake back sensor, the PerfectRoast meat thermometer. The PerfectBake monitors the moisture content by constantly measuring the concentration of oxygen in the oven and passing the information to the baking controls. As a result, you get perfectly baked pizzas, croissants, pies, cakes and more.

The PerfectRoast thermometer measures core temperature of meat, poultry and fish at 3 different places, so the roasting stops at ideal times for succulent, delicious results.

The Bosch Series 8 wall oven is easily operated by its innovative rotary control wheel which navigates effortlessly through the intuitive menu. The oven also comes with the Bosch Assist functionality that helps you to cook like a seasonal Pro and prepare varieties of pretty sophisticated dishes at the touch of a button.

The oven is efficient, elegant and certain models are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can operate your Bosch Series 8 via an app from a tablet or smartphone. Available December 2014. Bosch.


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28 Jun 14 Bosch Tassimo Suny coffee maker


The new Bosch Tassimo Suny is the compact coffee maker that follows Tassimo Vivy and is available in Autumn Red, Midnight Black and Pacific Blue. Suny is equipped with the Smart Start function and designed for the coffee drinkers who like an nice Italian espresso in the morning hurry without sacrificing much of the authenticity and quality.


Thanks to the powerful water heater system, the Bosch Tassimo Suny requires no warm up time and your first cup is ready immediately. The patented IntelliBrew system ensures that every drink is made with the proper amount of water at perfect temperature and ideal brewing time. The coffee maker scans the necessary input from the optical bar code of the inserted T Disc scans. To change your coffee strength and intensity, you can manually shorten the brewing process.


The Tassimo Suny can make more than 40 hot and cold drinks, including many types of coffees and espressos, chocolates, teas and milk drinks. Price is around € 100. Bosch.


Bosch Tassimo Joy
Bosch Tassimo T55
Bosch coffee maker


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25 Mar 13 Bosch HomeProfessional dryer


The 8 kg Bosch WTY88701 is HomeProfessional self cleaning condenser heat pump dryer with ‘A++’ efficiency rating and Bosch SensitiveDrying drum structure for uniquely smooth and gentle drying. Equipped with the EcoSilence compressor, the machine is also very quiet, operating at just 63 dB.


With the top speed of 1,400 RPM, 14 humidity controlled drying programs including Wool, Synthetics, Sportswear and 2 Timed, and advanced ActiveAir Technology, your laundry will be handled swiftly yet with utmost care. In addition, Bosch HomeProfessional dryer is quite easy to work with through the touch control electronic display and Bosch trademark illuminated selector dial with integrated On / Off switch.


Other features are 24-hour start delay, anti-vibration design, interior light, child lock, end of cycle signal and reversible door hinges. Bosch HomeProfessional dryer sells for around € 900. Bosch. See also Electrolux EcoCare dryer.


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17 Oct 12 Black color glass built-in appliances from Bosch


Bosch built-in appliance collection with the black glass surfaces projects elegance and quality. Your sleek and aesthetically pleasing black built-in oven features high quality optical glass and multi-layer prints, bringing forth a harmonious, robust impression in black.

By reducing layout of the touch sensors, like in this built-in microwave, Bosch creates an exciting contrast to the specifically placed material accents of the rotary controls and handles. The intuitive control interface becomes a characteristic feature of the black color glass built-in appliances. Bosch.

Built-in cooking oven

Compact steam oven

Compact oven with microwave

Warmer drawer


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05 Aug 12 Bosch side by side refrigerator in eggplant color


Currently sold in China for ¥13,650, this spacious side by side refrigerator from Bosch has a frameless and strikingly coloured glass front. This 604 litre refrigerator holds food in ideal condition, while its eggplant-finished glass doors create a feeling of transparency and timelessness.

The no-frost Bosch KAN62S80TI features metal handles, flush-integrated touch electronic display, dual cooling technology and advanced fuzzy controls. Bosch.



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23 Jul 12 Bosch Maxi freezers


Bosch now offers the new line of the biggest and most economical NoFrost freezers on the European market. These 70cm wide super-efficient freezers feature large capacities from 286 to 360 liters and rated ‘A+++’ or ‘A++’ in energy efficiency.


Sturdy yet easily removable glass shelves, LED lighting, Fast Freeze function, precise temperatures, removable ice dispenser, large storage drawers make these new Bosch freezers an excellent choice for large families. Bosch.



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10 Feb 12 Bosch recalls Tassimo single-cup coffee makers because of burn hazard


Bosch sold over 1.7 million Tassimo single-cup brewers in the US and Canada. The problem is that the plastic pod called T Disc, Kraft manufactured container which holds the coffee or tea, can burst and spray hot liquid and coffee grounds or tea leaves, casing burns.

There have been 140 reports of incidents with the brewers spraying hot liquid, coffee grounds or tea leaves onto consumers, including 37 reports of second-degree burn injuries. For complete information on recalled Tassimo models and Kraft T Disks go here and here respectively.


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18 Jan 12 Bosch range – stainless steel Solitaire cooker


Expressive in style and function, and developed for aspiring chefs who want to dabble in international cuisine, the professionally styled 100cm wide Bosch range, the HSD785055N Solitaire offers elegant, sober form language and excellent value. Designed from top quality materials with cast-iron geometrically configured pan supports and all-metal controls, handles and trims, this Bosch range cooker will easily handle an Asian wok dish, a spit roasted chicken or a grilled fish.


Equipped with electronic clock, timer and start/stop function, the freestanding double oven gas range cooker have 5 burners with electronic ignition, including 1.75 kW burner, 2.4 kW stainless steel fry-top plate with 2 separately adjustable high speed 1.2 kW cooking zones, 3.0 kW burner, 1.0 kW burner and and 3.5 kW Wok. All burners feature thermoelectric safety which cuts off gas flow if flame accidentally goes out.


The 56-liter multifunction oven on the left has 8 cooking modes – top and bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, hot air, 3D hot air Plus, circulation grill, grill and defrost. The 31-liter conventional oven has 4 cooking modes – top and bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat and grill. The HSD785055N Bosch range sells for approximately € 4,000. Bosch.





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06 Nov 11 Bosch EcoLogixx dryer


The Bosch EcoLogixx 7 S is the elegant condenser dryer equipped with energy saving ActiveAir heat pump, helping this Bosch dryer to achieve ‘A’-40% energy rating, which essentially means it is 40% more energy efficient than comparable ‘A’ rated dryers. With 7kg drying capacity, EcoLogixx dryers also feature a quite sophisticated stainless steel drum design, ensuring that laundry is treated with the greatest possible care.

The intuitive touch control panel of the self cleaning dryer which can be paired with your favorite Bosch washing machine, offers access to 15 programs with adjustable drying temperatures, 3 drying levels and options including Mixture, Shirts & Blouses, Sportswear, Super Quick, Timed Programs and Woollens Finish. In addition, this top performing dryer has advanced moisture monitoring system, 24-hour start delay, drying progress indicator, digital countdown indicator, blocked filter indicator, drying time selector, anti-crease, interior light and reduced ironing option. Price for the Bosch EcoLogixx dryer is around £460.


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