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29 Oct 11 Warringah MJ Refuse SL (Collecting Bottles)

I caught this truck on a Friday morning in the units collecting the bottle bins. There were three of these trucks in my council when Veolia ran the show. Big thanks to the driver, funny how he let that one 240L fly! =]
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27 Oct 11 water bottles

a brief look at some different water bottles for backpacking

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07 Oct 11 Leichhardt Bottles Recycling

Now here’s the recycling collection in Leichhardt, done by a small MJ rear loader during bottles week – specifically chosen for the crashing =] There were some real nice sharp crashes, with some of these bins full of glass being summer; I bet it affects the hearing after a while! Also you got more manual lifting here, some real heavy bins that make this the ultimate workout. I reckon if companies want to stop the guys lifting the bins manually, because of occupational safety, they need to make the lifter work faster… otherwise this becomes the most efficient and fastest means of collection. I’d like to give a big cheers to this team, a very friendly couple of blokes. Definitely some hard workers who should be able to put their feet up, sit in front of a digital widescreen TV and have a beer in hand at the end of the day :) Hope you enjoy the footage, please rate and comment, then take a look at the garbage collection. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 15m JM Series Chassis: Hino GH Council: Leichhardt Municipal Contractor: United Resource Management (URM) Collection Type: Bottles Recycling

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03 Oct 11 Bored Seabees with MRE heaters, water bottles, and chickens.

Seabees blow up chickens with an MRE bomb

$ 500 Cash Assistance is available to flood victims. The county commissioners will host the Lebanon County Disaster Response Fund on Saturday, September 17, 2011, from 8AM-4PM. You will be given a Damage Report Survey to complete. If items damaged would normally be sold with your home, you may be eligible for the cash assistance. For example, in addition to repairing electrical problems and replacing plaster walls, furnaces, hot water heaters, and stoves can qualify too. Affordable Housing income limits apply. Up to million will be awarded to assist up to 2000 households with recovery efforts. Enter from the basement ramp at the parking lot, 400 S 8th St., Lebanon. Bring ID, pictures, estimates or receipts. One check per household. Qualified applicants will leave with a check. Income limits and Family Size are: Maximum Income: 1-400; 2-900; 3-400; 4-800; 5-000; 6-200; 7-400; 8-600. If funds remain after Saturday, the Commissioners will resume the process on Monday in the Commissioners office from 8:30AM-4:30PM.

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01 Oct 11 Mosman Bottles Recycling

Here we’ve got the bottles recycling later on during that Friday morning. By this stage the rain had started to come down… pissed me off when a couple of drops hit the lense on the last clip! lol Wasn’t as much crashing involved as I hoped, but there was still a bit. The driver was also keen for me to get a shot of him handling all the bins that were clumped together in the 3rd clip; he did that pick-up very well! The last clip gives you an idea of how tight the access is to some of the streets these drivers need to get into. Hope you guys enjoy the footage, all ratings and comments would be awesome. Big thanks to the driver for making this footage possible and hope he enjoys the footage too! Also if you haven’t already, take a look at the video of the garbage collection with this truck and the video of the little 4×2 side loader picking up the garbage too. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 22m MkIV SPORT : Standard Refuse Body Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Mosman Contractor: United Resource Management (URM) Collection Type: Bottles & Containers

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10 Sep 11 How to make a pot belly stove from gas bottles part 1.1

This is a series of videos I will be making showing how I made a pot belly wood burning stove I am now preparing an e-book on making a pot belly stove with more info and tips – if any one is interested please let me know . . . Mac
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Ammo box is a handmade wood burning stove PROTO1 size ; 30.5cm x 17.5cm x 22cm(H) Using the US Army ammunition box wood stove was created. Use the chimney was 6.5cm. You add PROTO1 the damper and the air conditioner’ll finish soon. Combustion tests today after seeing one of the basic performance was obtained. Please expect. Thank you.
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09 Sep 11 The Massive Apartment Pt 3 (The Bottles)

In this video we get to see truck 046 for the first time, collecting the 16 bottle bins that are placed out the front of this massive apartment for the Wednesday collection…
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05 Sep 11 Pittwater Bottles

Two different trucks collecting the bottles on a sunny Wednesday morning…
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04 Jun 11 Single Pass Hopper Camera — Bottles & Garbage Pt 1

Even more single pass hopper action, once again of the bottles and garbage…
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A 1987 White chassis and a Bowles square body on a commercial pick up
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12 May 11 Bottles n’ Garbage

Garbage and bottles getting handled on Friday 25/1/08…

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