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14 Mar 14 BEEM Nobilis Copper Style breakfast set


The Nobilis Copper Style series by BEEM consists of a compact 12-cup coffee maker, a practical 1.7 litre electric kettle and a slim 2-slot toaster. The breakfast appliances feature the blue display or the blue signal lamps that in combination with copper finish, creates beautiful design element. An aesthetically appealing and very functional Nobilis Copper Style breakfast series from BEEM.

Stainless steel housing kettle

– cordless, 360° rotation on its base
– 2.2 kW power for fast boiling
– 1.7 liter capacity
– overheating protection, heat insulating lid and handle
– centered water level indicator
– easy to clean, removable scale filter in the spout
– hidden heating element under the boiler
BEEM Nobilis Copper Style kettle is seen in stores for around € 42.

12-cup coffee maker

– electronic controls with 24-hour timer for delayed brewing
– energy saving light shut-off when the warming function is turned off
– 1.5 liter water tank with volume level indicator
– premium tempered glass pot with cup and volume scale, removable lid
– anti-drip function
– warming plate with auto-stop function
– removable filter holder with handle
BEEM Nobilis Copper Style coffee maker is seen in stores for around € 47.

2-slot toaster

– extra wide toast slots
– electronically controlled browning level setting
– 11 degrees of browning with 6 main levels
– defrost, warm up and stop function keys
– push-open crumb tray
– bun warmer
– automatic shut off
BEEM Nobilis Copper Style toaster is seen in stores for around € 50. Previously, Aromdepot grill express from Beem.


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26 Jun 13 Panasonic steel and glass breakfast set


The new modern breakfast set from Panasonic is made of high quality stainless steel and violet or grey glass. The set consists of coffee maker, toaster and electric kettle. Straight minimalist lines, overly simplistic, robust industrial look and sought-after features will certainly be appealing to the modern consumer.


The 1.4 liter stainless steel Panasonic kettle features Cool Touch exterior, Push Open lid mechanism, water level indicator, encased heater and washable lime scale filter. Design wise, the new kettles offer elegance, functionality, highest materials and finishes.


Ergonomic handles and spouts of this Panasonic kettle make for easy pouring and filling. Made to last, the kettle has blue LED indicator, 360° degree base, integrated cord storage and auto shut off. Price is 0.



The new robust 2-slice toaster is the perfect complement to Panasonic Breakfast Collection. It offers 7 browning levels, defrost and reheat settings, and a bread centering feature for optimal browning results with a variety of breads. Ergonomic side handles and stainless buttons allow for easy selection and use.


Made in stainless and transparent glass, these toasters come with stainless steel interior and Cool Touch exterior, Reheat, Defrost and Cancel settings, High Lift feature, buit in warming rack, automatic shut off and integrated cord storage. Price is 0.



The 8-cup Panasonic coffee maker features strong cubic shape, aroma selector, paperless filter and blue LED Indicators. Made in high quality stainless steel and glass, like the rest of the new Panasonic steel and glass breakfast set, it has anti drip function, auto shut off, water level gauge and integrated cord storage. Price is 0. Panasonic.



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26 Aug 12 Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection


The Blanc Collection by Kenwood offers functional and sophisticated breakfast appliances, made of high quality, white premium plastics. Elegant eco friendly design, rounded contours, precise controls and patented brewing technology are sure to enhance your everyday breakfast experience.


This direct serve citrus juicer, the JE370 features chrome base, non-drip spout for clean, easy pouring and space-saving design, ideal for smaller kitchens. With this Kenwood juicer, you can squeeze all types and sizes of citrus fruits, including grapefruit.


The white CM300 coffee maker from Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection comes with ThermoGen heating system, ensuring your coffee is brewed slowly at the best suitable temperature, while the OptiTemp hot plate keeps your coffee warm without any loss of flavour or aroma. The coffee maker SureGrip finish provides excellent grip and its handy storage area warms up your cups before serving.


The TTP310 2-slice Kenwood toaster has an integrated bun warming rack, SureGrip touch points, 1-slice toasting and push crumb tray with Peek & View technology to check browning without cancelling the cycle. Its quad heat feature delivers 4 elements for creating perfect and evenly browned toast, while the eco 1 slot option allows energy saving.


The Kenwood JKP350 is 1 litre kettle from Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection with SureGrip touch points and a flip lid for easy use and comfort. The kettle features the Kenwood Eco 1 cup option which allows you to measure up to 6 cups delivery, saving time and energy.


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24 Nov 11 How to Cook Super Healthy Omelette Flat Breads Breakfast? Damascus Bakeries Inspired by old world traditions in bread making and quality service, New Yorks Damascus Bakeries opened its community bakery in 1930 with Americas Original Pita Bread. Now 80 years and three generations later, our dedication to providing delicious bread solutions to both the retail and food service environment continues to tantalize taste buds nationwide. Damascus flat breads are found in some of the most discerning restaurants, institutions, convenience stores and supermarkets. Focusing on taste, we blend old world tradition with new age technology, offering a sensory experience in our full line of savory, healthy breads including Pitas, Lahvash Wraps, Panini, Roll-ups, and other gourmet Flat Breads. Today Marisol from Damascus Bakeries is showing me how to cook super healthy Omelette Flat Breads for breakfast! Mix up those “sandwich blues” with this soft, thin Middle Eastern bread. Baked to perfection in old-world pita bread ovens, our lahvash wraps allow you to punch up any entree, dessert or snack. Give a twist to your favorite sandwich, pizza, or sushi roll, or fry it up with some sugar and spice. Tap your creative juices and surprise the senses. Happy healthy eating and watch me shrink with Damascus! Ingredients 1 Damascus whole wheat low carb wrap 2 eggs, beaten 4 slices of fresh Mozzarella cheese 3 slices of ham Olive oil Instruction: Heat up your skillet and coat it with olive oil. Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl, add them to the skillet, and
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Instructions for proper usage of the baking drawer. Find more tips at

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21 Nov 11 GI canteen cup cooking – baking muffins for breakfast

Using rocks to buffer the heat in to a radiating force, baking bread or muffins is easy. Whether on a fire or using an alcohol stove
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A look at backpacking food for the newbee
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04 Apr 11 Dutch oven Mountain Man Breakfast – Part 1

“Cooking Everything Outdoors” © Gary House, The “Outdoor Cook” prepare one of his favorite Dutch oven meals, the classic Mountain Man Breakfast.
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19 Mar 11 Natural Ovens Bakery – Delicious Breakfast Recipes that Boost Your Omega-3 Intake

Natural Ovens Bakery’s Melissa Ebert shares information on the benefits of Omega-3s, as well as some smart, healthy recipes and a trick to get kids to eat healthy. Includes an unconventional but delicious egg strata recipe made with Natural Ovens bread. From Green Bay, Wisonsin’s WFRV-TV.
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21 Feb 11 Breakfast: Window Washers

One of Tamatis usual reports from the street turns into yet another rant from Paul, this time Paul turns his attention to street side window washers. For more from Breakfast head to Keyword: Breakfast
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