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12 Nov 15 Neff built-in coffee machine


The appearance of this Neff C17KS61 fully automatic built-in coffee machine is quite purist and characterized by the use of blackened glass and stainless steel. A high-resolution TFT display with ShiftControl offers a high degree of operating convenience. The lighting of buttons and coffee outlet as well as the concealed yet easily accessible containers for water, milk and coffee beans, allows for convenient operation. You have one-touch function for personalized milk mix beverage, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, latte macchiato and white coffee.

Neff also equips this built-in coffee machine with aromaDouble Shot for extra strong coffee without compromise in aroma and innovative sensoFlow heating system. You also have 3 grades of adjustable temperatures for coffee and 4 for hot water, making sure that your favourite drink is ready at the perfect temperature. See Siemens built-in coffee machine.

The machine lets you store 8 favourite beverages, prepare 2 cups simultaneously for all coffee varieties and its premium ceramic grinder automatically adjusts to bean variety. Other key features of this built-in fully automatic coffee machine are,

-19 bar pressure pump
– separate container for pre-ground coffee
– sully-automatic steam blast to clean the milk system after every beverage
– automatic quick rinse program when switched on or off
– removable drip tray including container for coffee grounds
– fully automatic descaling & cleaning program

Price for Neff C17KS61 fully automatic built-in coffee machine is around € 2,400. Neff.


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29 Sep 15 Amica Platinum built-in oven


The new Amica built-in oven, the EB 13578 W belongs to Amica New Platinum Line. Featuring a white front and a straight steel handle, this oven also comes with the Duo halogen lighting and retractable, illuminated control knob.

The multi function Amica Platinum oven offers 11 cooking functions and boost heating, easy to clean cool-touch triple-glazed door and ‘A’ energy rating. See Amica Hansa oven.

This 66 liter oven also has Steam Clean function, smooth all-glass inner door without crevices with the printed temperature table for optimal cooking and baking processes. Amica. Previously, Amica Scandium oven.


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08 Jul 15 Nardi built-in oven


This sleek multifunction digital oven from Nardi, the FEX 47T features 10 preset cooking programs, 10 main functions and can prepare many dishes to satisfy every taste.

Comes with child lock, triple glazed door, telescopic guides, extra large cooking cavity. Nardi.


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25 May 14 Wolf built-in coffee system


The new Wolf built-in coffee system, a part of the company new generation of kitchen appliances, should be available for purchase in June 2014. The gourmet home coffee system makes professional quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and up to 14 ounces of hot water, and perfectly steams and foams milk in seconds, producing a consistently delicious cup of coffee, prepared precisely to your taste, every time.


Not only does the 24″ Wolf built-in coffee system produce a solid repertoire of beverages, it offers the convenience of a single-touch milk cleaning feature, which uses steam and requires no disassembly. It also comes with 1.8 liter water tank, so no additional plumbing work is necessary.

Featuring the bright LCD control panel, the coffee system allows you to select the size you want from 4 push button presets. Choose from a 1-ounce espresso shot to a 12-ounce coffee. You can also program and save, using the customizable My Coffee setting, a drink size up to 7 ounces.

Choose from 5 strength settings when brewing with whole beans – from extra mild to extra strong. And speaking of whole bean, this Wolf coffee system holds about half a pound and grinds it automatically with its adjustable built-in stainless steel burr grinder that offers 13 grind settings. And, of course, you can also use ground coffee.

The Double Coffee button pours 2 identical cups in the same time. You can position a cup under each of the two spouts or place a large mug under the spouts to make a double-size coffee instead.

You can also program a time for the system to turn itself on and warm up automatically, so it is ready to brew when you want. For safety and energy efficiency, the system powers down after a set period of inactivity. And once your coffee is ready, the Wolf built-in coffee system ejects the compressed grounds into a container, then lets you know when the container is ready to be emptied. A removable drip tray catches excess water from brewing and rinsing. Simply rinse it out just as you would your coffee cup.

The matching 24″ warming cup drawer is available in CW24/S stainless and CW24/B black models for suggested price of 5. Wolf cup warming drawer uses air circulation to gently warm cups to the ideal temperature for your drink while keeping them cool enough to hold comfortably.

The Wolf built-in coffee system will be available in EC24/S stainless steel and EC24/B black glass styles with optional trim kits to seamlessly coordinate with other Wolf products. Suggested price is ,200. Wolf Appliances.


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23 Feb 14 Wolf E series built-in ovens

Wolf E series Contemporary

With 6 new E series models to choose from and 3 new looks – from classic to contemporary – Wolf built-in ovens have one for you. Whether you want a single or double oven, a stainless steel exterior or an all-black glass front, Wolf built-in ovens now offer more design flexibility and cooking performance than ever before.

Wolf E series Transitional

The E series ovens measure 30″ in width and can be paired with other Wolf products such as the Wolf convection steam oven, microwave drawer, or warming drawer for uniform horizontal and vertical stacking options. They can also be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry for a sleek, modern look.

The 3 distinct design styles from Wolf within its popular E series built-in oven line correspond with the New Generation product launch, the largest product roll out in company history. The E series oven styles include Transitional, Contemporary and Professional to coordinate with the growing family of Wolf products as well as Sub-Zero refrigeration and wine storage. Additionally, the E series ovens come with updated control panels and handle designs. Also see, Wolf ranges.

Wolf E series Professional

The new E series ovens bring Wolf precision performance dual convection feature, which delivers consistently uniform heat throughout the oven signature cobalt-blue cavity. For example, when baking cookies on multiple oven racks, each cookie will receive an equal amount of heat and is perfectly baked, regardless of where it is positioned in the oven. Dual convection in conjunction with 10 cooking modes – Bake, Roast, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convection Broil, Convection, Bake Stone, Dehydrate and Proof – ensures that you achieve delicious results every time. These performance features come standard in the single oven and are located in the upper unit of a double oven.

Additional features standard in all Wolf E series ovens include 3 adjustable oven racks, a large viewing double pane window, dual interior halogen lighting, a self-clean function, delayed start and Sabbath features, and balanced door hinges to assure smooth opening and closing. Wolf E series built-in ovens have earned the Star-K Kosher certification.

The Wolf E series design styles, classic yet flexible Transitional, ultra-sleek Contemporary and bold Professional offer infinite design application possibilities. The Professional and Transitional ovens incorporate a new stainless steel touch control panel with an LED display screen. They also feature updated handle designs for increased compatibility with future New Generation products. The Contemporary style is all black glass and features a black glass control panel and updated black tubular handle. All E series ovens will have a new diamond glass pattern in the viewing window, which will coordinate with future New Generation induction and electric cooktops.

Manufactured in the United States using only premium quality materials that are proven to stand the test of time, Wolf E series built-in ovens should be on the very top of your kitchen appliances shopping list. Wolf.


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29 Nov 13 Gaggenau 200 Series built-in appliances


The Gaggenau built-in appliances from 200 Series can be combined and installed flush with your kitchen cabinets. Thanks to their straight lines and pure design, the ovens and espresso machines blend discreetly into any interior. They all come with the innovative control module that features TFT touch display for incredubly easy and intuitive operation.

Just like the Gaggenau 400 Series built-in appliances, the ovens of the 200 Series are designed to provide first grade cooking performance and functionality as well as satisfy various culinary styles and preferences. The Series consists of ovens, combi steam and steam ovens, combi microwave ovens, microwaves, fully automatic espresso machines and warming drawers. These 60 cm wide appliances are available with full glass fronts in 3 colours – Anthracite, Metallic or Silver. All equipped with the doors that open up to a 110° angle. They can be built into wall cabinets beside or over one another, the ovens can also be installed under the worktop, and in any combination form a perfect unit.


The primary functions in the 200 Series built-in appliances are operated by 2 rotary knobs and are always in view on the TFT touch display. Secondary functions can be activated over the touch fields of the display, and are only indicated as required. All functions are thus extremely user friendly.

Here are the Gaggenau 200 Series new built-in appliances,

the BOP 240 / BOP 241 ovens
The ‘A’ rated ovens have a net volume of 76 litres and offer 13 heating methods with core temperature probe and baking stone function. The appliances are equipped with an electronic temperature control from 30°C to 300°C and catalytic coating.

the BOP 220 / BOP 221 ovens
These ‘A’ rated ovens have a net volume of 76 litres and offer 9 heating methods with baking stone function. The appliances are equipped with an electronic temperature control from 30°C to 300°C and pyrolytic self-cleaning.

the BOP 210 / BOP 211 ovens
The ‘A’ rated ovens have a net volume of 76 litres and offer 9 heating methods with baking stone function. The appliances are equipped with an electronic temperature control from 30°C to 300°C, and can be subsequently fitted with catalytic coating.



the CMP 250 fully automatic espresso machine
The fully automatic espresso machine is equipped with a continuous flow heater for instant coffee dispensing and a constant brewing temperature. The desired coffee or milk based drink is prepared at the touch of a button. Thanks to a personalization function, up to 8 different beverages can be saved under a user defined name. The appliances feature aroma brewing technology for a full bodied aroma and single portion cleaning.



the BSP 250 / BSP 251 combi steam ovens
These ‘A’ rated Gaggenau combi steam ovens offer hot air from 30°C to 230°C, can be regulated electronically, and combined with steam at 0%, 30%, 60%, 80% or 100% humidity, and steaming without pressure. The stainless steel cooking interior has a net volume of 43 litres. The appliances are fitted with a core temperature probe and 1.3 litre water tank.

the BSP 220 / BSP 221 steam ovens
The steam ovens offer steaming without pressure with 100% humidity and temperatures of 30°C to 100°C. The stainless steel cooking interior has a net volume of 43 litres. The appliances are fitted with a 1.3 litre water tank.


the BMP 250 / BMP 251 combi microwave ovens
The combi microwave ovens offer single or combined microwave, grill and oven operation, followed by up to five operating modes including combi- and idling modes that can be preset in advance. The 45 cm high models have an electronic temperature control. The interiors have a volume of 36 litres.

the BMP 224 / BMP 225 microwaves
The Gaggenau microwaves offer single and combined microwave and grill operation, followed by up to five operating modes incl. Combi- and idling modes. The 38 cm high models have an electronic temperature control. The interior has a volume of 21 litres.


the WSP 221 warming drawers
The warming drawers are suitable for keeping food warm, defrosting and slow cooking at temperatures from 40°C to 80°C. At a height of 14 cm they have room for six dinner plates including soup bowls. The handle less drawers open conveniently thanks to the push-to-open system and have a hygienic stainless steel interior with glass bottom.

the WSP 222 warming drawers
These Gaggenau warming drawers are suitable for keeping food warm, defrosting and slow cooking at temperatures from 40°C to 80°C. At a height of 29 cm they have room for twelve dinner plates including soup bowls. The handle less drawers open conveniently thanks to the push-to-open system and have a hygienic stainless steel interior with glass bottom.


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24 Oct 13 Kuppersbusch fully automatic built-in coffee maker


The German engineered and made, bean to cup, fully automatic built-in coffee maker, Kuppersbusch EKV 6500.1 offers 5 programmable cup sizes, 1- or 2-cup dispense and genuine milk function for cappuccino, latte macchiato or white coffee. Removable milk container with cleaning function, ability to work with coffee beans and ground coffee, height-adjustable coffee dispenser, decalcification program and automatic cleaning ensure pleasant, long lasting operation of this coffee maker.

Other key features are 15-bar pump, lights, central switch-off function, 3 selectable coffee temperatures, 5 preset coffee strengths, separate boilers for coffee and for hot water, automatic cleaning when switching on and off, hot water function, front removable water container with telescopic rails for easy refilling, electronic timer with time of day clock, programmable starting time, programmable standby function, red clear text display, LED lights, central switch-off function and small cappuccino pot. Comes in black or white with Design Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, Gold or Black Velvet trims. Price for the Kuppersbusch EKV 6500.1 fully automatic built-in coffee maker is around € 1,850. Previously, Kuppersbusch fully automatic integrated Profi-Coffee Center.


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17 Oct 12 Black color glass built-in appliances from Bosch


Bosch built-in appliance collection with the black glass surfaces projects elegance and quality. Your sleek and aesthetically pleasing black built-in oven features high quality optical glass and multi-layer prints, bringing forth a harmonious, robust impression in black.

By reducing layout of the touch sensors, like in this built-in microwave, Bosch creates an exciting contrast to the specifically placed material accents of the rotary controls and handles. The intuitive control interface becomes a characteristic feature of the black color glass built-in appliances. Bosch.

Built-in cooking oven

Compact steam oven

Compact oven with microwave

Warmer drawer


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29 Aug 12 Baumatic fully automatic built-in espresso centre


The sleek Baumatic built-in espresso centre from the Premium line features touch controls, 400 gram coffee bean drawer, 12 bar pump and 2.5 litre water tank.

Steam spout for cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate and instant coffee, milk frothing arm, choice of 1 or 2 cups, coffee quantity regulation, digital timer preset and adjustable coffee grinder are among the key characteristics of this 46cm tall and 60cm wide Baumatic fully automatic built-in espresso centre.

Other features include water tank empty and coffee container empty indicators, water filter warning light, water level indicator, 2-cup espresso coffee capacity, washing function, manual water refill, water hardness adjustment, mark resistant coating, pull-out drawer for coffee waste. Seen in stores for around £1,500. Baumatic.

Baumatic built-in espresso machine
Baumatic Pythagora coffee machine
Baumatic steam oven
Baumatic blast chiller


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20 Jan 12 Bauknecht KOSMOS built-in multi-function oven


A flat control panel with an integrated handle shapes the harmonious overall appearance of this Italian made built-in oven. Its simple elegance can be combined with any kitchen style. The smooth front of the Bauknecht KOSMOS Lightronic multi-function oven is dirt-resistant and scratch-proof, thanks to its special ProTouch stainless steel surface. Large 67-litre interior lets you prepare dishes on 3 levels at the same time without flavours mingling. And thanks to a completely new method of air distribution in the cooking cavity, you can forget about time-consuming preheating. Bauknecht innovative heating concept saves up to 20% energy and reduces cooking time in this oven.

Bauknecht equipped KOSMOS with auto-sensor to determine the weight and type of food and ensure perfect cooking results. All instructions can be seen on clear-text display. And with 8 cooking functions that include Conventional, Grill, Turbo Grill, Forced Air, Convection Baking, Defrosting, Keep Warm and Slow Cooking, you have plenty of options. Other main features of this built-in multi-function oven are,
– LCD touch control
– ProCook user interface
– 30 preset recipes
– 7 meat probe recipes
– Maxi cooking
– Favourite function
– triple glazed cool door
– child lock
– ‘A’ energy rating
– Eco mode

The stylish Bauknecht KOSMOS built-in multi-function oven is seen in stores for approximately € 850.


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