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18 Nov 11 Bulk and Skull 19

Privvy MMPR fans (not me) might remember the iguana episode as being the “PRs turn to Putties” episode. I point this out because there’s a lovely moment when Zack says “Kimberly?” and Ms. Appleby responds as though he just gutted a live hamster on her desk. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, lady, give it a rest sometime. The music when B&S toss the LSD-laced angry-man shades at Billy and Zack is reminiscent of the early Captain Syrup era Wario Land games, just for a second. Dear God, let us NEVER EVER have another up-nostril shot on Miss Appleby AGAIN. Let’s see, iguana on floor, NOT being touched by Bulk and Skull, gee it MUST have been Bulk and Skull “taking it out” in the first place! Good logic there, Miss Wormwood. As best I can make out of the sign over Bulk and Skull’s club, it says “Twixt Pweebs” or else “Fwush KX()K89”, which means “Video quality sucks”. It looks like their club is about household appliances, which seems pretty interesting. There’s something about the blocking in non-Bulk and Skull scenes in which Bulk and Skull are still on set. It seems like they’re intentionally being not filmed, which makes sense when your target audience is retarded sugar-ingesting eight-year-olds, because that would give their little ghetto brains information overload or something. Did Lord Zexposed Raw Meat actually just say “Welly well well”? The answer to “What is B&S’s club” is “Unsolved Mysteries” club! Man, I miss that show with Robert Stack and stuff. The white trash from my
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29 Oct 11 Adventures with Sean (New mini + Bulk + missed FLs)

so other than the Bulk FL we had terrible luck. We caught the mini right before he finnished so we only got about 4 stops, I saw a crown stagg (i think) pulling away and when we caught up to the Consolidated FL it to just pulled away from its last bin. But the bulk driver (51 years old beleive it or not) doing bulk alone as if he was in his twenties. A great guy who may be watching these video himself. Well enjoy pt 2

So, basically EDI’s RRs suck when it comes to revving. But thank God EDCO has some older, quicker, BETTER trucks like this among its large fleet. #626 is definitely the fastest Heil Rapid Rail I’ve seen in person, and I’m very proud to share with you now! Enjoy!
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25 Oct 11 The Hills Bulk Waste Pt 2

Really gets full in this video…
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I don’t know what the heck this is!
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22 Oct 11 NECN bulk pellet delivery Video has created a revolutionary system to deliver wood pellets in bulk. After becoming the LARGEST seller of cheap wood pellets (or shall I say “efficient & clean wood pellets”) created a system to deliver wood pellet fuel (biomass) without any hassle. Delivery trucks deliver wood pellets to bulk bins, those bulk bins deliver wood pellets to hoppers, those hoppers feed pellet stoves. also participates in many clean/green, alternative energy initiatives that emit less pollution (carbon, etc.) into the atmosphere, and burn hot and efficiently. Further, not only do wood pellets and biomass reduce our dependency on foreign (foul) oil which fuels foreign interests which may wish us harm, but provides hundreds of thousands of domestic jobs, right here in the USA. Biomass is grown and harvested locally, mostly from waste-products and byproducts of the wood and timber industries. assists organizations like the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI), and other green groups and legislators in the challenge to create a cleaner, greener, safer America. Fruit from efforts of supporting organizations provide for an amazing 30% tax credit up to 00 for clean, efficient pellet stoves. PelletSales’ innovations & government incentives have tremendously catalyzed sales. Further, the PelletSales Affliate Program has significantly pushed sales. The reason for this is that the affiliates give
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