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23 Sep 13 ATAG gas hobs with Volcano wok burner


This professional-grade modular built-in gas hob, ATAG HG3171MB features the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, which renders concentrated heat into the middle of a wok pan, saving up to 50% on gas consumption compared with other wok burners. Volcano wok burner provides versatile dual output – 0.25 to 3.00 kW targeted inner flame for a highly effective and precise heat supply in the middle, and continuously variable 0.25 to 6.00 kW outer burner. The solid metal control knob and a ceramic glass plate give this robust gas hob a sophisticated look to match its high performance. Price is approximately € 670.


ATAG HG8411MBA is a sleek, 80 cm wide 4-burner built-in gas hob, featuring the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner and 3 other gas burners. The arrangement of those 4 burners, and the fact that the wok burner is positioned on the left, creates generous space for different kinds of pots and pans. 4 matt black enameled cast iron pan supports, integrated ignition, thermoelectric No Flame – No Gas safety feature. Price is around € 1,250.


The panoramic, ergonomically designed 110 cm ATAG HG1471MBA features 2 middle standard gas burners with 0.36 to 2.00 kW output and 2 side Fusion Volcano woks. Price is € 1,575. ATAG.

ATAG double oven range cooker with Teppan Yaki
ATAG built-in oven with grill
ATAG induction hob


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20 Nov 11 GE Electric Range Large Burner Infinite Switch Replacement (part #WB24T10027)

This video shows step-by-step instructions on replacing the larger burner infinite switch on GE, Hotpoint, RCA, and Moffat electric ranges. Buy part #WB24T10027 now: Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver, 1/4″ nut driver
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16 Nov 11 Eclipse AirHeat v2 Burner

Simple, long-lasting operation plus much lower CO emissions than other competitive air heating burners. Eclipse AirHeat Burners are line type burners ideal for generating volume of clean, hot air. Applications include oven, dryers, fume incinerators, and similar industrial equipment. All models feature an integral combustion air blower mounted on the burner’s steel case. By supplying the correct air volume and pressure to the burner, the blower allows stable operation over a wide range of duct velocities without installing a profile plate around the burner. The burner can also be ordered without a blower for use in recirculating air applications.

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01 Nov 11 Home made corn burner – how to build a burner and get it lit!

After seeing various corn stoves and furnaces for sale, I wanted to figure out how to burn it myself. It turned out to be rather difficult to get it right, so I decided to put up a video to help anyone else who might want to try it out. I had to shorten the video to fit within the 10 minute limit, but if anyone wants to see the full version of the first lighting and subsequent flameout, just let me know. Always good info to be found in failure! This is just straight field corn that you buy at any feed store. The trick it HEAT and then airflow. The margin for error is very small and it will flame-out instantly if you let the fuel supply drop too much. Not enough air creates a lot of smoke but can usually be recovered by adding more air. Be patient, after a couple of days you will be burning corn at will.

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24 Oct 11 DIY DVD Burner Laser

Watch In High Quality This laser uses a 20X open can diode inside a Garrity 9 LED Flashlight. The diode is powered off of 3AAA’s at 320ma off of the AMC7135 driver purchasd from DealExtreme. The collimator has four washers soldered around the base where the diode is pressed in to act as a heatsink.

This was a video of me destroying my Xbox 360 after getting E74 error. Before anything is said, I tried all of the fixes that I knew about. Hot towel, cleaning the graphics card, washers, ect. (I realize that some of these didn’t work because of my lack of skill to fix things, but I did what I could and I’ll be getting a new Xbox in a few days because of my birthday.) Anyways, hope everyone enjoys and thanks for watching. Comment, rate, and subscribe.
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03 Oct 11 Gas Range Burner Not Working – Clogged Spuds

How to unclog spuds or orifices on your gas range. Learn more tips at

Educational video discussing the sanitary options on the steam dryer.
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23 Sep 11 Bluestar vs Wolf Burner Comparison

Bluestar Direct flame VS Wolf Sealed Cap system. When shopping for a Gas range that you expect to cook on you must consider all the facts. Bluestar has created an amazing burner style that answers many questions and simply out performs the competition.

This is a stove that my dad made for me to make maple syrup at my parents’ house. He took a barrel and cut a hole out of the top and out of the side and put a door on the side to load firewood. Then he made a hole on the other side and attached a chimney. Then the stainless steel pan sits right on top of the open part of the barrel and voila… homemade stove. It makes about a gallon a day. The two pans on the end are just restauraunt chafing pans that are absorbing some of the heat so that the boil doesn’t stop when I pour the preheated sap in.

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21 Sep 11 Water heater thermo coupling and burner assemble 2 of 2

Hello this is PlumberX. People always ask me what gave you the idea and what made you create these how to plumbing videos? Coming up with the idea was easy. After many years as a plumber and servicing customers at there home I’ve seen a lot of people in tuff situations, people that could not afford a plumber, people that didn’t have time to wait for a plumber to come to there home and make repairs, hearing horror stories of Plumbers that have rip off costumers and gave bad service, to me this was a loud cry for help. One story come to mind; A friend of mine calls me and ask, PlumberX could you do me a favor and help this older lady that I know, and go by and look at her Plumbing, she needs plumbing work really bad but she’s to scared to call a plumber because of the cost, and she know that if I send you over there to check out the plumbing she can trust me as a friend recommending you, sure I said I could do that. The next day came and I went to the older lady’s home she came to the door with a pleasant smile very humble. I could see it in her eye’s she didn’t have to say a word ( What is this going to cost ) she was very polite and courteous. Sir would you like some thing to drink and I do appreciate you coming to check out my plumbing on such short notice. No problem mam, lets see what’s going on here with your plumbing. This way Sir in the kitchen. As I walk through the home I saw in the corner of my eye younger children around 3, 5 and 6 years of age running around
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This time we check out some hopper action from inside a Richards side loader, this one being a Blue Mountains truck. Driver was a friendly bloke, he seemed kinda overwhelmed at how I travelled to the edge of Sydney to film a few garbage trucks! lol

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13 Sep 11 Homemade copper alcohol burner.

Burner is made from 0,5mm copper sheet and 6mm copper tube.

Tinny talks stove design
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28 Aug 11 Homemade Wood burning stove, Log burning stove, Log burner, Wood burner, Coal fire

Homemade Log burning stove, Log burner, Multi fuel burning stove, wood burning stove, Log fire, Real fire, Coal fire, Workshop heater
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