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22 Nov 11 HeaterZone com – Heater Cable Installation On Your Roof presents a “how-to” install heater cable on your roof for snow melting, roof de-icing, and and ice dam prevention. The video goes through the steps of calculating the amount of heater cable required for your project, the layout and design of the heater cable, and finally the installation.
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We all want to have hot water when we are RVing, but not too hot. Many RVs come with a fixed water heater thermostat set on 1400F and that is just too hot for many people. If this is the case for you, watch Stew Oleson find out the solution: to exchange the fixed thermostat for an adjustable one so you can lower the temperature to where you find it comfortable.
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18 Jul 11 Menards – Around The House – Smart Strip – Coleman Cable

Did you know that your computer, TV and peripherals use power even when they’re turned off? Well they do and during this episode of Around The House we’ll show how the CCI – Woods Smart StripĀ® from Menards can cut energy losses and save you money on your energy bills.
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25 Jun 11 Forget Cable Ties: Organizing Cords with Flexi Ties

Store your cords away by organizing it with Flexi Ties. The easiest to use cable tie: just twist to tie and unwind to release. Flexi Ties are completely reuseable and fun to use. Use it for your hair dryers, curling iron, power tools, computer cables, extension cords, Christmas lights, toaster, coffee machine, and much more. Keep it organize, the hassle free way. “Flexi Ties II by UT-Wire” Visit our website at for more information. (Music: Kevin MacLeod)
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