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21 Nov 11 Pushups for People who can’t do Pushups

Here are some simple exercises you can try to help you with your pushups
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08 Aug 11 ANother sloppy condenser install – Can’t access hi side!

Here’s a video a fellow tech sent me where he couldn’t get his hi side hose onto the new condenser to check the pressure. Wam Bam Thankyou mam! That’s such the mind set of the Phoenix Area residential HVAC companies if you pay top dollar to have your HVAC replaced with a newer high efficiency model. Since non of them seem to have to pull a permit to install new HVAC equipment in the Phoenix, AZ area, who’s gonna catch this hackery? They’ll throw this sh*t in faster than you can say “Check Please!”

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19 Jun 11 We can’t sleep at night – Fallish

Video for a song from bands second album, released in april 2009. Video edited by Jure Lavrin. Material: Found on [Young Man’s Fancy (1952) – “Astonishing sitcom-style sponsored film encouraging increased consumption of electricity by an ever-increasing number of appliances. “] Build a monument, to those who fall Drink a drink to those who drank Hide secrets from those who yell Join a friendly green thinking thinking tank tank Pay respect to weary nerve wrecks Never miss a chance to fire blanks Politely smile at sterile pranks Think tanks, think tanks think think! I see silence, i hear violence.
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