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31 Mar 15 AEG Fantasia Lavazza cappuccino machine


AEG Fantasia Lavazza cappuccino machine is the perfect coffee maker designed for cappuccino and latte lovers. Yopu can now create authentic coffee shop cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your home. The AEG Fantasia makes frothy cappuccinos and lattes using the AEG steam and whisk system to ensure your milk reaches your desired foam texture.

Plus, a cold milk frothing setting means that you can make cold & ice coffees as well. Program your favourite cup mode so that your drink is ready quickly, and with a cooler espresso temperature and hotter café crema setting, you can ensure that you have your perfect creamy coffee every time. See AEG Magia Espresso machine.

The Fantasia uses the Lavazza A Modo A Mio capsules the No.1 coffee in Italy for that authentic Italian coffee shop taste. AEG Fantasia cappuccino machine comes with the 9 minute auto shut off function, Thermoblock Technology for optimum coffee temperature, 3 milk recipes including cappuccino, large cappuccino and latte, milk froth selector, large water tank, used capsule holder, adjustable drip tray and descaling alert. Available in 3 colours, Ebony Black, Rubin Red, and Latte Cream. Price is £170. AEG.


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31 May 14 DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino machine


DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino machine comes with the new LatteCrema System that makes rich, dense milk foam at the perfect temperature. It also features special Milk Menu, offering a choice of hot milk, Flat White, Espresso Macchiato and MY MILK, which gives you the possibility to personalize your preferred milk. Of course, you also have the direct milk buttons – Cappuccino, Caffelatte and Latte Macchiato.


DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino features classic cubic shape in shiny chrome finish with high gloss black panels, whereas the Eletta Plus comes in trendy matte silver with black high gloss elements. The machine has an intuitive metal touch control panel with 2 text lines display in 16 languages, which helps you in every circumstance to use the machine in a clear, simple and immediate way.

Eletta Cappuccino also comes with extra cappuccino device for steam and hot water. It can be used to manually prepare velvety milk foam or deliver hot water for tea or infusion. The machine works with either coffee beans or ground coffee, and personalizing your drinks has never been easier. Choose from short, medium or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, enjoy it piping hot, medium or low temperature. The DeLonghi innovative silent grinder offers 13 settings.

Cleaning the Eletta Cappuccino machine is easy, thanks to the automatic cleaning function integrated in the froth regulating dial. It provides an easy cleaning of the whole milk carafe components – so the milk carafe can be turned to the fridge after use.

You can also prepare 2 cups of coffee with a single brewing cycle. Other features of DeLonghi Eletta Cappuccino machine are active cup warmer, removable brewing unit, programmable automatic shut-off and switch-on, water filter, Cappuccino System cleaning indicator, programmable water hardness and coffee grounds container. DeLonghi.


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