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18 Nov 11 Make a Solar Cell – TiO2/Raspberry based

In this video we show how to make a dye sensitized solar cell based on titanium dioxide and anthocyanin found in raspberries. First get some titanium dioxide (anatase structure), about 0.5g will do. Then mix it with drops of vinegar until it has the consistency of thin paint or liquid…
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18 Nov 11 Finished homemade HHO cell

Here are my homemade HHO cell made from stainless steel washers an nuts++ It seems to produce a lot of HHO gas, but my problem it that my supply gets quite hot after a short run. Keep watching WARNING: HHO is very flammable and may explode if ignited!

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12 Nov 11 HHO Single Cell Test

First test of single tube cell. Two concentric SS tubes with centre core of washers on a bolt for maximum surface area. I was limited by a modified PC power supply which showed that the unit draws over 10A after 10 minutes of running.
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08 Nov 11 Ring Of Fire? Man’s Cell Phone Turns On His Oven (Sony Ericsson PDA)

Ring Of Fire? Man’s Cell Phone Turns On His Oven It’s amazing, it’s peculiar, and it’s dangerous. So says a Brooklyn man who’s experiencing some weird occurrences with his cell phone and his stove. Andre’s cell phone starts his Maytag oven whenever someone calls and the phone is sitting nearby. CBS 2 watched the bizarre phenomenon happen. These days it seems like cell phones or smart phones can do just about anything. Just ask Andrei Melnikov, whose smart phone apparently has an unintended “app” unlike any other. That’s because when Melnikov’s Sony Ericsson PDA is near the stove in his kitchen and happens to light up with a call, his Maytag Magic Chef oven lights up to a broil. “The over turns on by itself,” he told CBS 2. “If I want to bake some pie, I just put the pie inside and ask a friend to give me a call. That’s all I have to do.” He said he noticed it last week when the cell phone was just a couple feet from the stove. It rang, and the stove began to beep, indicating the broiler was on high. Gas flames came on from the burners, torching his meat thermometer that was inside the oven. “I see the flames and the smoke coming from here. I was shocked the first time,” he said. Melnikov said this whole thing is beyond dangerous and that he and his wife can’t sleep, fearing that another incident might happen again.” “It could be a fire. If I leave the house and didn’t smell the smoke it could be dangerous,” he said. The company sent a repairman to his home on Monday, but

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11 Oct 11 MGC’s Direct Methanol Fuel Cell : DigInfo

DigInfo – ( With the increase of companies researching oil alternative fuel sources, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is developing their Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, DMFC, which uses methanol and the surrounding air to create energy. In MGC’s DMFC, the methanol interacts with a hydrogen ion layer while the air interacts with a Platinum catalyst layer These two layers are separated by a polymer coated electrode catalyst that connects the two layers to create power. The exhaust, Carbon dioxide and water, are separated by MGC’s uniqe exhaust gas control system Because of the improved control of the Platinum catalyst at nano level, reaction efficiency and the long reliability of the electrode, the DMFC can provide 130mW The current model under development has a maximum output of 300W, 4000ml fuel tank, and can run for 8 hours straight. It can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch and used to power appliances such as lights and refrigerators.
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16 Aug 11 E1.4 Absolute ($) Cell Referencing in Excel

Using ‘$’ to prevent excel from changing formulae when copying or filling ranges
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05 Jul 11 Cell Phone Radiation Protection for Your Car & Home Part 1 When measuring microwaves from military and airport radar sources, 100% accurate readings can only be found with extremely expensive digital peak-hold meters. Why? Because analog devices begin to drop their reading immediately after the radar sweep passes. Thus, while an analog meter can show whether or not you are being exposed to radar EMFs, analog meters can’t show your true exposure. Although thousands of dollars to purchase, digital-hold meters capable of accurately detecting radar EMFs can be rented for several hundred to over a thousand dollars per month. Telephones and Answering Machines Telephones can emit surprisingly strong EMFs, especially from the handset. This is a problem because we hold the telephone so close to our head. Place the Gauss meter right against the ear piece and the mouth piece before buying a phone. Some brands emit no measurable fields and others emit strong fields that travel several inches….right into your brain. Answering machines, particular those with adapter plugs (mini-transformers), give off high levels of EMFs. Electric Razors and Hair Dryers Electric razors and hair dryers emit EMFs as high as 200 to 400 mG. This seems alarming, but we don’t know if this is worse (or better) than a chronic exposure to a 2-3 mG field. Some EMF consultants recommend that hair dryers not be used on children as the high fields are held close to their rapidly developing brain and nervous system. Estonia, Tallin

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06 Jun 11 #95 – Some VSPB cell assembly details up close

Please visit my site for latest news. Detailed description of how to assemble a couple of tricky parts to the VSPB HHO Cell. Categories: HOH, Efficient Home heating, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, Alternate Energy, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Hybrid Electric Car, Solar power, Wind Power, Gas Mileage Booster, MPG booster, Science Fair, Greenhouse Gases, CO2, Water Fuel Cell.
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24 Apr 11 Edit Macros in Excel – Make Dynamic Cell References (2 of 2) How to edit macros in excel. How to make cell ranges dynamic; making macros work on any cell you click. Using the Selection and Offset() functions in VBA. Make a macro using left() right() and mid() functions. Follow along with the spreadsheet used here and get more stuff including templates, macros, keyboard shortcuts, etc. on the website
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20 Feb 11 (Video 21) Washer Cell Hydrogen Generator (HHO, Brown’s Gas, Hydroxy)

I had a ton of spare SS Washers laying around, so I wanted to see if I could turn them into a fuel cell. I guess it worked, because if it didn’t I wouldn’t be posting this video. Here is the configuration: Positive Connection, 1″ washer, 2″ washer 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer, Neg Connection, 1″ washer 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 1″ washer & 2″ washer (neutral) 1/16″ thick nylon spacer 2″ washer, 1″ washer, Positive Connection

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