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25 Nov 11 Betty’s Christmas Cherry-Pineapple Punch Recipe

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a delicious Christmas Cherry-Pineapple Punch. With her special ice cubes, you can having lovely, flavorful chilled drinks! Ingredients: (I am writing this recipe, assuming that no sugar-free products are used; therefore, sugar will be an ingredient. If you want an almost sugar-free drink, please follow the instructions on the video. Also, this recipe makes double the amount shown in the video.) 2 small packages cherry Jello 1 package cherry Kool-Aid 2 cups sugar 4 cups boiling water 6 cups water 2 large cans unsweetened pineapple juice 2 quarts (a 2-liter bottle) ginger ale In a large punch bowl, dissolve 2 small packages cherry Jello, 1 package cherry Kool-Aid, and 2 cups of sugar in 4 cups boiling water. (If you do not have a large punch bowl, you can use large bowls, Dutch ovens, etc., and make the punch by halves, if necessary.) Add 6 cups water, 2 large cans unsweetened pineapple juice, and 2 quarts (a 2-liter bottle) of ginger ale. Stir completely. Chill in the refrigerator. You may store it in pitchers in the refrigerator after it is mixed together. Note: This makes a large amount of punch. You may need to cut the recipe in half, if you have space constraints. I only made half of the recipe in the video. Even though this is a large amount of punch, it will go very quickly, because it tastes great, and it is so refreshing! The whole family will love it! — plus it is great for events, like receptions!
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26 Oct 11 Warringah Christmas Collections Pt 3

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11 Oct 11 Happy Christmas from AKQA

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Stockings were hung by the chimney with care, as the microwaves’ thrum was filling the air. —– Made in AKQA Executive Creative Director: James Hilton Creative Director: Colin Byrne/James Capp Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali Produced by Bikini and AKQA.FILM Director: Jonty Toosey DOP: Bruce Jackson Producer: Phil Barnes Art Dept: David Rosen Executive Producer : Kate Elson Edit by Cut And Run Editor: Ben Campbell Sound design by Adelphoi Sound designer: Shervin Shaeri Producer: Sean Atherton Post Production/TK by Rushes Producer: Carl Grinter Cameras supplied by Take2 Lighting supplied by Aim Image & Arri Focus Filmed at Pinewood Studios, London —————————–

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06 Oct 11 Christmas EDI Action Week 1-Part 1

Well, #64 came for greens and 61/60 for trash and recycling. The driver of #60 presents to you a nice Christmas gift (I know, very funny…he presents a gift…) in this video! Also, this is my first youtube video taken with my new camcorder! I think it worked out pretty well, except that it picks up on high-pitched noises such as the brakes too much. Anyways, hope you enjoy this video and the rest of the series! Forgot to put the pics on one of the videos…sorry. They’ll be up as soon as freewebs fixes their dumb uploader…
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02 Oct 11 Budapest Christmas Fair – Budapesti Karácsonyi Vásár

This year is extra special: the Christmas Fair of Budapest, held on Vörösmarty square, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The Christmas fair of the Hungarian capital and the more than 150 cultural programmes that accompany it has become an internationally known attraction. The series of events lasting for almost one month is one of the most popular programmes of the winter season. The Budapest Christmas event is visited by almost 600 thousand people from all over the world. The event is one of the highlights of the festive preparations, there is almost nobody in the capital who hasnt been to the fair at least once, but it can be said that no foreign tourist leaves the capital at this time of the year without walking to the Vörösmarty square to take part in this lively, yet intimate event with special festive atmosphere The popular and Europe-wide well known festive atmosphere of the Christmas Fair is due to the unique pavilions and the exclusive goods available in them: almost 100 craft stands offer goods, special gifts and folk art and craft decorations certified by the panel of experts of the Association Of Hungarian Folk Artists. For visitors who have a taste for traditional gastronomic delights the city centre location of the fair is a real heaven: the smell of the fresh bread lángos baked in the traditional Töki clay oven, the stands of caramelised pastry horn makers and strudel makers, traditional country food baked in clay ovens, friendly meat grills attract
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13 Aug 11 My favorite hair tools (haul and Christmas gift ideas)

Click on More Info ********************************************** Coupon Code: SUPERBOWL7Valid: Now through March 1, 2010 Offer: 20% off everything (except gift cards, CHI appliances, and GiftBundles) ********************************************** Coupon code : ALLCURL Buy the Le Angelique curling iron get a free allure flat iron Regular Le Angelique Curling iron Inverted cone Le Angelique Animal Print flat iron T3 Evolution Tourmaline Hair Dryer Hot air brush Gold ‘N Hot Professional Spring Grip Curling Iron (1-1/4″) Enzo Milano Clipless Cilindrico Curling Iron 1″ Round Make up Personi Beauty Collection with Free Lash Curler & Brush Kit Other places I’ve shopped for gifts for friends and family: Gifts for the home and a good friend Carols Daughter (Super cute packaged gifts) TV Products for less (For your friend who has every thing) For the rider in your family!!!!! Music: FTC statement-I got these tools from Some I bought with my own money, some I got for free with a coupon code, some were sent to me at no cost. They don’t pay me to say what I did in this video. These are my own opinions.
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19 Jul 11 Magnet Kitchens and Bedrooms Advert Christmas 1991

Advert for Magnet Kitchens January sale shown at Christmas 1991. This cute girl is transported from reading the catalogue to a Magnet showroom where the kitchens change in time to clicks of fingers and free dishwashers magically load. She ends up in the bedroom suite where her clothes disappear and she clicks her fingers to bring up the title card to hide the sight of her in her lingerie (which looks like it might have been a Christmas present from her boyfriend). Best part of ad is repeated in slo-mo.
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Fox News lemming, Michelle Malkin does as her memo told her to do and justifies the racism against the Chinese that Fox News has been trying to pedal in an attempt to smear Hillary Clinton’s campaign. For the record, Hillary has done much to serve the Chinese community of New York post 9/11, but as an Asian in New York, Michelle wouldn’t know anything about that, now would she? It’s easier for her to attack her own culture and keep her job. It sure does pay more than a dishwasher, doesn’t it, Michelle?

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29 Apr 11 Christmas Special: MW2 Commentary w/Tourettes Guy ROFL

*MW2 Commentary #2… and a half? XD* WARNING: There is extreme profanity in this video. Just letting you know. +FAGGOT!!! XD A Christmas Special for you guys :3. It took a lot of work, it was difficult to edit. But I hope its funny lol… yeah, after his AC130 went down (Which went down REALLY FAST, never seen an AC130 go down so fast D:), he started to get angry XDD. Enjoy. Btw, TOURETTES GUY RETURNS!!! He’s alive! He recently released a new video! 😀 Yay! FAL Bling, Red Dot and Grenade Launcher Perk 1: Bling Perk 2: Danger Close Perk 3: Scrambler Flash x2, Semtex Thanks for watching! -Rin
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