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24 Nov 11 Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, BBQ, and Masonry

We build just about anything you can think of in the Masonry World…….. Brick, Stone, Fireplaces, Brick Ovens, Fountains, Patios, Walls, BBQ Grills, and we have built schools and office buildings. All the Masonry in this video was designed and erected by Josh Link of Masonry Art, LLC in Kansas City. The blueprints were disregarded, and we did our thing……. hope you enjoiy the video.
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14 Nov 11 City Loft Hotel

Each room at City Loft Hotel is sophisticatedly urban in design and equipped with the best in luxury amenities – Memory Foam beds for an incredible night’s sleep, iPod lamps so you are never too far away from your favorite tunes, flat screen televisions in the bedroom and bathroom for the best viewing, complimentary Wi-Fi so you are always connected, artisan tiled walk in showers with 4-zone shower head for washing away the day and soaking tubs for decompressing. Other basic necessities include hair dryers, refrigerators, BeeKind® luxury products, City Loft Hotel embroidered bathrobes and cable TV. Room rates also include complimentary use of our gym, City Fit. Personal training is available with advance notice.

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08 Nov 11 Yuba City Fireplaces Choosing a Fireplace Mantel ASSISTANCE CALL: 916-331-2423 ‪ – 0 Instant Savings in Yuba City Instant rebates of 0-0 on gas inserts, 0 rebates on gas logs, and 0 rebates on pellet stoves in Yuba city and county. Contact Custom Fireside for details. Our new Elk Grove store is now open! We moved to 9097 Elk Grove Blvd. in “Old Town” and have 50% more stoves and inserts on display. Custom Fireside is now an Avalon Dealer with a complete line of their gas, wood, and pellet stoves and inserts. Come take a look! Category: People & Blogs
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I have finally taken a huge 8 min video of my garbage day. its recycling and garbage week…. the driver was really nice to me and showed me how the computer works in his truck.. the company is WSN Environmental Solutions enjoy!
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One Wednesday during January 2009, I visited the City of Botany Bay when they still had the manual recycling collections with crates. Down in Botany everything is collected weekly, with the council removing the garbage and green-waste and Veolia taking care of the recycling. The truck in this video is what I believe to be one of Veolia’s (formerly Collex) original recycling trucks, specifically designed for the collection of bottles and containers. The truck is broken into four compartments: the top is for steel cans, aluminium, cartons and plastic containers, and the bottom three compartments (from left to right) are for clear, green and brown glass. The bottles are tipped into a ‘tray’ like section which spans across the rear of the truck where all the sorting takes place. I remember a lot of these types of trucks existed when recycling was first introduced, before MRFs started to really come into fashion. I hope you enjoy the footage of this rarely seen collection, it’d be great if you rated and commented, be sure to check out the second video of this and take a look at the other Botany videos. I’d also like to give a big thanks to the hard-working guys on the back of this truck, very friendly blokes and nice to have a chat to. With what I saw, they’re a speedy team and definitely deserve a cold beer at the end of the day! Body Make: Collex (now Veolia) Model: Kerbside Bottles Sorter Chassis: Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter Council: City of Botany Bay Contractor: Veolia

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21 Oct 11 Second City Calendars

The Official Calendar with Birthdays of The Second City’s First Class Citizens. Concept & Design by Ted Donner ( Photography © 1986-96 Robert Erving Potter III ( Original Piano Music by Dan Gillogly (, Narration by Nate Herman. Photography & Video Production by Original calendars developed with help from: Jackie Tucker, Joyce Sloane, Cheryl Sloane, Connie Ryan, Alison Riley and Anne Libera. The Second City has grown exponentially over the course of the last 50 years. So Potters calendars speak both to a simpler time and to the importance of tradition. The Second City has grown to institutional size because of its rich, vibrant history and the alumni that made such a history possible. That alumni include actors, directors, stage managers, producers, house managers, dishwashers, hosts, waiters… a great many people, only the most prominent of whom appear on that list in the lobby. So, for all of those alumni (regardless of whether their names are on the list), this collection of images is intended both as a celebration and as a reminder. The Second City has given all of us some extraordinarily good memories. Its time to take a moment to recall those memories and celebrate them. Happy Birthday Second City and Happy Birthday to everyone whos worked there these last 50 years. Together, you did something of which you should be very proud. Thank you for your contribution.

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19 Oct 11 Smart roofs for a sustainable city- Managing climate change

Since roof areas of cities in India tend to be under designed and sterile zones what can be done on the roof to make it ‘productive’? The list goes like this – Harvest rainwater from the roof as a catchment – Harvest the sun using cookers,water heaters and photovoltaics – Grow food like rice and vegetables – Treat greywater using plants – Build an eco-san toilet to nourish the crop It seems if you have 50 square metre per person in India you could do a tremendous job for water,food,energy and ecological security.
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19 Oct 11 City Farmer’s Dog Waste Disposal Unit

Dig a hole and use it for the disposal unit or place a plastic bin without a bottom in the hole. Run water in the hole first to make sure there is good subsoil drainage. Add septic powder once a month with a wee bit of water. This bin has worked for one small dog in Vancouver mild winter weather. (
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13 Oct 11 Trump Ocean Club, Ciudad de Panama ( Panama City)

A great project.. A great City Contact us. …Luxury and distinction in Panama City The Trump Ocean Club Hotel Condominium will be managed by the hotel division of the Trump Organization. It is a perfectly designed property with the latest technology, allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay surrounded by all the luxury and comfort that an exclusive hotel has to offer. The Hotel Condominium features two beautiful, comfortable and flexible designs with living room, kitchen, breakfast bar and a room with adaptable space, according to your needs. All units come with air conditioning and terraces and all rooms have a spectacular ocean view. Services offered in the Hotel Condominium * Barber shop * Beauty Salon * Pharmacy * Florist * Jeweler’s * Travel Agency

Google Tech Talks September 18, 2008 ABSTRACT Sopogy is bringing smaller concentrated solar energy systems to the market: Process heat, air conditioning, and power generation. You will hear about the first renewable energy and solar technology to ever be awarded the New Product of the Year by the Society of Professional Engineers. A product will be set up for viewing. Speaker: Al Yuen
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09 Oct 11 City of Walla Walla Sanitation Division – August 21, 2008

Sorry that it’s a bit glitchy here and there. I accidentally left the tape sitting in the sun and it kinda ruined it a bit, but still some good footage here. First up, we have a Leach 2RII on a CCC chassis doing the recycle. I believe this truck is an ’03 or ’04. After that, we got an ’04 Peterbilt 320 with a Heil DuraPack RapidRail body doing the trash. There’s also a quick clip of a DuraPack Python in there too, but that driver wasn’t too happy with the filming, so I didn’t follow him. This was filmed way back in August of 2008. Hope you all enjoy!
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02 Oct 11 Sunil Narang – Hypnotic Gurus : City http Sunil Narang music producer/drummer of Hypnotic Gurus and his self titled solo project Sunil Narang, breaks boundaries by creating a unique and avant-guard blend of East-West music which has propelled him onto the world music scene. Sunil’s music ranges from down tempo to dance and movie/TV soundtrack. Currently he is on tour while working on new tracks for his up-coming EP album, New York To Nirvana, to be released in 2011. About Hypnotic Gurus Defying one-dimensional descriptors, crossing boundaries and erasing them, Hypnotic Gurus draws inspiration from many sources: Indian and western, ancient and modern, acoustic and electronic. A sonic curry that both soothes and satisfies, Hypnotic Gurus appeals to an eclectic audience gathering from distinct yet complimentary backgrounds: yoga, trip hop, ambient, urban. Produced by drummer Sunil Narang for CPDC Artists, Hypnotic Gurus infuses sitar into an atmosphere driven by his trademark deep pocket drum grooves and tinged with electronics. Through the sitar, AJ Rikhi Ram invokes the divine and summons the eternal yet exists in the here and now, sculpting textures from lush and melodic to sparse and moody. Flowing like the Ganges, a great musical tradition transmits from father to son, from wise master to young virtuoso. Since 1920, Rikhi Ram Musical Instruments Manufacturing Company has hand-crafted sitar, sarod, tanpura, surbahar, sarangi, tabla and harmonium. Founded by Pandit Rikhi Ram
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