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27 Aug 14 Siemens Q8 Series vacuum cleaner


Available in several models, the dynamically shaped Siemens Q8 Series is one quiet vacuum cleaner equipped with intelligent sensors, protective soft bumper ring, 4 soft castor wheels and powerful motor for deep and thorough cleaning of every surface in your home.

The innovative sensors and compressor technology of the Q8 vacuum ensure that there is no loss of suction power as the bag fills up. Siemens Active Sound Control System offers multilayer sound insulation. Combined with super efficient, optimized air flow and vibration free motor, the Siemens Q8 Series vacuum cleaner keeps noise under 66 dBA.

The vacuum comes with the washable Ultra HEPA hygiene filter, perfect for allergy sufferers. Its 12 meter operating radius, telescopic tube and a practical accessory kit with extra long crevice nozzle, drilling nozzle and extra wide upholstery attachment allows to clean practically everything including your car.

Other key features of the Siemens Q8 Series vacuum cleaner are air flow control system with Air Safe, MegaAir SuperTEX filter bag with hygienic closure, electronic suction power regulation with rotary knob, electronic filter change indicator and automatic cable rewind. Price ranges from € 190 to € 270. Siemens.


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14 Aug 14 Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner


The Samsung robot vacuum cleaner, the VR9000H is equipped with a powerful, digital inverter motor that delivers suction up to 5 times higher than in comparable robotic cleaners. Such a constant high suction brings incredible cleaning results.


The suction system employs cyclonic separation forcing the dust particles into an inner chamber, so that only clean air passes through a second chamber and then to the outside. The bagless technology ensures even performance and there is no filter to clean.

The Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner features a strong Full View Sensor which continuously scans its surroundings to avoid any obstacles. The large EasyPass wheels help the vacuum to deal with things like video game wire and doorsteps. The sophisticated software algorithm allows for thorough and systematic detection of the surface to be cleaned. The remote control with laser pointer function allows you to direct vacuum to clean especially dirty spots.

The Samsung VR9000H vacuum cleaner should be in stores September 2014 at a price of € 1,000.

Samsung vacuum robot with Visionary Mapping System
Samsung Smart Tango – vacuum robot with pop-out brushes


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29 Jul 14 Miele Scout RX1 robot vacuum cleaner


The Scout RX1 robovac by Miele incorporates a systematic navigation system that covers the area to be cleaned in parallel tracks instead of randomly crisscrossing the room – the more common approach adopted by the majority of robot vacuum cleaner which use chaotic navigation.


The MIele Scout RX1 navigation system achieves more reliable coverage and saves time and battery power to boot. Furthermore, complex floor plans involving several rooms can be vacuumed in their entirety, including return trips to the base on completion of the task and for recharging.

Miele Smart Navigation relies in the first instance on a so-called gyro sensor which measures rotation and changes in direction. This alone would be sufficient to systematically clean a room. Besides this, though, the Scout RX1 has a high-quality digital camera on board which scans the ceiling of the room several times a minute to ensure additional precision. The interplay of gyro sensor and ceiling-scanning camera ensures that the perimeters of rooms and difficult-to-access areas are cleaned without gaps. Furthermore, the Miele robovac has 7 infra-red sensors on the front of the unit. These scan a 180° area ahead of the machine in order to avoid collisions with furniture and other obstacles. In contrast to most other common systems on the market, these sensors stop the vacuum cleaner in good time before a collision occurs. 3 further sensors below the unit prevent the Scout RX1 from falling down stairs.


Particularly effective cleaning is guaranteed by the Triple Cleaning System. Two long rotating side brushes target difficult areas along the walls of rooms or along items of furniture and sweep dirt towards the center of the unit. Once there, a removable beater bar picks up coarser particles. In the third stage, a fan transports the finer dust into the dust box. This container has a capacity of 0.6 liter and can be removed at the touch of the button. An AirClean filter ensures clean room air.

4 cleaning programs guarantee maximum cleaning convenience. In Auto mode, Miele Scout RX1 travels through all rooms. Spot mode is intended for a defined area of at most 1.80 meters square, for example to clean up crumbs from under the breakfast table. In Corner mode, all rooms are first cleaned in Auto before returning to clean all edge areas once again. For particularly fast cleaning, Miele offers its Turbo mode in which the robovac cleans the entire home but travels in straight lines with greater spacing. In this case, cleaning is somewhat more thorough than in Auto mode but only takes half as long.

Overall, a battery charge is able to clean an area of up to 150 m², corresponding to a duration of approximately 120 minutes. When cleaning larger areas, this Miele vacuum robot pauses as and when needed to return to its base for recharging. Work is automatically resumed after approximately 2 hours at the precise point where cleaning was interrupted earlier. Even after 300 recharging cycles, the battery still has the capacity it had when new. With this combination of battery charge and battery life expectancy, Miele currently represents the benchmark on the robovac market.

The Scout RX1 has good traction on all common floor coverings and is even able to negotiate height differences of up to 2 cm, for example thresholds and the edges of rugs. Rooms or areas which are to be excluded from cleaning can be cordoned off with a magnetic strip. The Scout RX1 is started either at the controls on the unit itself, using the remote control handset or by programming the timer to start and finish at predefined times.

The design of the Miele robovac is both high-quality and elegant. This is achieved for instance by the white characters on a black background in the display which are not only easily legible but also blend in perfectly with the Miele product family design. A rear-printed plastic insert on the top of the machine further underlines the noble overall impression. Price is around 0. Miele.


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02 Jun 14 GRONBACH furniture vacuum cleaner


Quite innovative and so much needed, the under furniture vacuum cleaner from GRONBACH is activated by a brief touch with the broom or you foot. This compact, flat vacuum goes under almost every piece of furniture, easy to install and is always ready to use.


The duration of the suction can be adjusted between 5 and 30 seconds. The dirt goes into readily available, anti-allergen certified Swirl vacuum cleaner bags. The filter bag LED indicator tells you when the vacuum cleaner bag is full. Alternatively, with no allergy sufferers in your household, simply vacuum the dirt out and use a broom.


The GRONBACH furniture vacuum cleaner is very efficient. Its design compensates for uneven floors and only requires a regular power outlet. Euipped with the remote control, the cleaner is ideal for vacuuming in the kitchen, the hallway, under the wood stove, sofa, in the garage or the hobby workshop. A great find for older people or if you have back problems.


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23 May 14 Hoover Floormate hard floor vacuum cleaner with foldable handle


The new Hoover Floormate FL 700 is a very practical hard floor cleaner that is even easier to use and store than before – thanks to its new foldable handle.

The 700 watt Floormate removes wet and dry dirt from ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone and sealed wood floors. The vacuum is equipped with 2 separate water tanks – the 0.95 liter clean water tank and 0.8 liter one for dirty water. The dual tank technology keeps clean and dirty water separate, and you never reuse the dirty water on just cleaned floors. In addition, there is 2.5 liter dry dirt container.

The Hoover Floormate hard floor vacuum cleaner features sophisticated spin & scrub brushes that gently wash and scrub hard floors from all angles for a complete, 360° cleaning. The brushes are removable for easy cleaning. The Hoover FL 700 also has washable filter and 8-meter operational radius. Price is around € 320. Hoover.


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03 Oct 13 VAX Air Mini cylinder vacuum cleaner


Available in 3 models, the orange C88-AM-B, the blue C88-AM-P Pet and the red C87-AM-T Total Home, the cylinder VAX Air Mini is a bagless vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments.


The compact VAX Air Mini comes equipped with the multi-cyclonic technology to provide constant, powerful suction, 2-litre dust capacity, stainless steel telescopic tube, long hose and cable. In addition, it weighs just around 5 kg.

The C88-AM-B and the C87-AM-T Total Home Air Mini vacuums feature HEPA Media filter that traps dirt, dust, and pollens. The C88-AM-B has a combination floor tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and offers 8-meter radius of operation, whereas the C88-AM-P Total Home adds a combination floor head and a stretch hose for an extra 4.2 meter reach, allowing you to vacuum everywhere.


The VAX C88-AM-P Air Mini Pet is equipped with advanced antibacterial H12 HEPA filtration which reduces bacteria, allergens and pet related odours.

All 3 Air Mini vacuums come with 6-year warranty. Prices are £140 for the C88-AM-B, £180 for the C88-AM-P Pet and £200 the C87-AM-T Total Home.


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31 May 13 Hitachi vacuum cleaner with multiangle cleaning head


A compact cyclone vacuum with high suction power, the new Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV-SU23V has a wireless infrared remote control system which makes it possible to adjust the power setting via the hand grip. The vacuum features Hitachi remarkable multiangle cleaning head, which rotates vertically at 90° either side and fits into narrow gaps and openings between furniture pieces, enabling you to vacuum dust quickly and thoroughly. The unique head also saves you the effort to move furniture further away from the walls.

The powerful 2.3 kW vacuum comes with easy to clean dust storage case, ensuring that you can avoid direct contact with the dust during disposal. The body style emphasizes its high power and the large indicator can display high quality images and graphics on the hand grip control area, making the interface more intuitive.

The infrared remote control of this Hitachi cyclone type vacuum cleaner lets you easily switch between High, Medium and Low power settings at just the right time when cleaning. When dealing with a lot of dirt, you can instantly switch to High for more power, then immediately shut power off if items other than dirt are sucked in. Another advantage of infrared remote control is that you don’t have to keep reaching for the main unit, so cleaning is easier than ever.

The CV-SU23V vacuum also comes with the 7-stage filtration and uses advanced HEPA clean filter. This innovative 7-stage filtration system captures even finest particles while antibacterial and deodorant effects clean exhaust air. In fact, Hitachi equipped this compact cyclone vacuum with a cutting edge TiO2 catalyst for a powerful deodorizing effect. Filter of your Hitachi vacuum cleaner is packed with the incredibly small, about 5 nm Nano Titanium particles to firmly catch and resolve odors.

Other features are telescopic One Touch zoom pipe, operated by ergonomically designed trigger, so you can easily adjust length of the pipe, One Touch swivel brush for easy cleaning in hard to reach, narrow and high areas, and Quick carrying handle for convenient and easy carrying when you clean stairs and convenient tool holder. Finished in Silky Red. Hitachi.


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04 Mar 13 AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic Compact & Go vacuum cleaner


Emptying out vacuum cleaners, bagless or not, is one of the least appealing routines. The new UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner has Compact & Go written on its carrying handle, reminding you that it compacts the dust before emptying for a simple controlled disposal of compacted dust, ensuring not only powerful vacuuming, but cleaner and easier emptying.

AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic has powerful suction to ensure quick, spotless results. The vacuum comes with innovative AeroPro Silent nozzle which is optimized to deliver precise, powerful cleaning of different surfaces. lt features a brush, crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle.


The advanced technology inside the vacuum cleaner creates a cyclonic separation of the dust which goes into the dust container. The light weight AeroPro aluminium telescopic tube with its large cross section, and wide and smooth air tight channels enables an optimal air flow, maximizing performance and minimizing noise. In addition, AEG specially designed side angled brushes ensure thorough edge cleaning.


The Compact & Go vacuum also has ergonomic, soft and slim AeroPro Ergo handle, providing excellent control and ease of operation. It also equipped with industry leading, washable HEPA 13 allergy filter, that traps even the smallest particles and lets out nothing but fresh air.


Easy to maneuver, UltraCaptic has soft wheels and can be stored in vertical or horizontal setting. Comes with 7-meter auto reverse cord re-winder, giving you a 10-meter action radius. The UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner is in 4 models – UCOrigin for € 300, UCAllFloor for € 330, UCAnimal for € 360 and UCDeluxe for € 420. AEG.


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06 Feb 13 Grundig Bodyguard Eco vacuum cleaner


The powerful Grundig VCC 9851 Bodyguard is a 350 watt Eco vacuum that gives you extra strong suction with noise level capped at only 74.5 dBA. Grundig equips this vacuum cleaner with Soft Start motor protection with advanced continuous suction power adjustment and innovative 4.0 liter Microban protected dust bag.

Developed for consumers who wants the best cleaning results, Grundig Bodyguard has washable HEPA filter, washable motor protection filter and features 7 filter levels. Its adjustable 94cm telescopic metal tube, 9 meter operating radius, 4 rollers that preserve hard floors and green LED function indicator ensure simplicity of operation and top notch performance. Other key features and accessories of the Grundig Eco vacuum include automatic cable rewind, LED dust bag change indicator, vertical and horizontal parking system, vertical and horizontal carrying option with soft grip, overheating protection, built-in furniture protection strip, combination floor nozzle with an easy glide wheel for carpets and smooth floors, small nozzle, upholstery nozzle and suction brush for furniture cleaning. Price is around € 200. Grundig.


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06 Jan 13 Canister vacuum cleaner from Samsung


Samsung technology and smart design innovation are clearly displayed with the three canister vacuum cleaners, recently launched in the US. These Samsung vacuums make floor cleaning a quieter, quicker and healthier experience with reduced noise levels and innovative ergonomic design. Available in Champagne, Electric Blue and Black, the cleaners offer comfort and ease of use as well as easy storage and maneuvering on all floor types.

The innovative airflow design reduces excessive noise, cutting down on the roaring vacuum sounds that can disturb everyone in the house. Each Samsung canister vacuum cleaner also features unique design components with a carrying handle, designed to make it easier to move around the home and reduce the amount of pressure on the body, while transporting the device from one room to another. The ergonomic design extends to the control handle and is meticulously contoured to fit the palm of your hand. With unique airflow for less noise, multi-chamber technology and HEPA filters for cleaner air, these vacuums incorporate a number of innovative and convenient features that were designed to make vacuuming much more efficient.


Whether cleaning the floor, or hard to reach places like ceiling fans or under the seats of cars, these vacuum cleaners also include features that make them suitable for virtually any cleaning job. Each Samsung canister model has a telescope wand that extends close to 35.5 inches and down to 23 inches for the ideal length. The Electric Blue and Champagne vacuums include a 15 inch wide brush which is larger than the standard 13 inch brush on most other vacuums, and can be used on different floor types for faster cleaning. All three vacuums come with large dust bins designed to easily remove and empty the bin without spilling the dust. In addition, the 2.5 liter dust bin holds more than conventional canister vacuums so you can clean bigger messes without interruption.


The Champagne vacuum features an innovative MultiChamber Vacuum System which delivers improved efficiency with longer lasting suction power than conventional vacuums and catches up to 99.7% of even the finest dirt, dust and particles. The Black and Electric Blue vacuums feature a Twin Chamber Vacuum System, which offer an efficient and powerful design that catches up to 95.2% of dust and fine particles. All three Samsung cleaners have a HEPA Filter, which traps small particles, purifying the air and bringing relief to allergy sufferers.

The Champagne canister vacuum also features an Auto Dust Sensing System, which intelligently measures the amount of dust it needs to clean and adjusts suction accordingly, further resulting in cleaner air. It is also perfect for pet owners since it tackles pet hair on all surfaces, reduces pet dander with its HEPA sealed-gasket filtration system and eliminates pet odors with the Anti-Odor Carbon Filter.

The Black SC88BOH1K sells for 0, the Electric Blue SC88POH1B is available for 0 and the Champagne SC96POH1G is priced at 0. Samsung.


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