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31 May 13 Hitachi vacuum cleaner with multiangle cleaning head


A compact cyclone vacuum with high suction power, the new Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV-SU23V has a wireless infrared remote control system which makes it possible to adjust the power setting via the hand grip. The vacuum features Hitachi remarkable multiangle cleaning head, which rotates vertically at 90° either side and fits into narrow gaps and openings between furniture pieces, enabling you to vacuum dust quickly and thoroughly. The unique head also saves you the effort to move furniture further away from the walls.

The powerful 2.3 kW vacuum comes with easy to clean dust storage case, ensuring that you can avoid direct contact with the dust during disposal. The body style emphasizes its high power and the large indicator can display high quality images and graphics on the hand grip control area, making the interface more intuitive.

The infrared remote control of this Hitachi cyclone type vacuum cleaner lets you easily switch between High, Medium and Low power settings at just the right time when cleaning. When dealing with a lot of dirt, you can instantly switch to High for more power, then immediately shut power off if items other than dirt are sucked in. Another advantage of infrared remote control is that you don’t have to keep reaching for the main unit, so cleaning is easier than ever.

The CV-SU23V vacuum also comes with the 7-stage filtration and uses advanced HEPA clean filter. This innovative 7-stage filtration system captures even finest particles while antibacterial and deodorant effects clean exhaust air. In fact, Hitachi equipped this compact cyclone vacuum with a cutting edge TiO2 catalyst for a powerful deodorizing effect. Filter of your Hitachi vacuum cleaner is packed with the incredibly small, about 5 nm Nano Titanium particles to firmly catch and resolve odors.

Other features are telescopic One Touch zoom pipe, operated by ergonomically designed trigger, so you can easily adjust length of the pipe, One Touch swivel brush for easy cleaning in hard to reach, narrow and high areas, and Quick carrying handle for convenient and easy carrying when you clean stairs and convenient tool holder. Finished in Silky Red. Hitachi.


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25 Nov 11 Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 2

MSNBC’s Chris Hanson uses hidden camera’s to catch a local air duct cleaning company in the action. There goal is to uncover “Bait and Switch” tactics that are giving reputable Air Duct Cleaning business’ across the united states a bad name!
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25 Nov 11 Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 1

MSNBC’s Chris Hanson uses hidden camera’s to catch a local air duct cleaning company in the action. There goal is to uncover “Bait and Switch” tactics that are giving reputable Air Duct Cleaning business’ across the united states a bad name!
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Some of the stuff we do in our dojo. This clip mainly shows some of the conditioning aspects in our karate training. These methods are really quite common in most Okinawan karate. The nigiri-game (pots) train grip and wrist power, also trains stability when shifting rapidly from one position to the next. Wrist, waist, forearm and grip power is important in close-quarter fighting, grappling and throws and these make-up the majority of Goju-ryu techniques. The nigiri-game can be made heavier by adding stuff within the pots. The ones in this clip were about 9~10 kilos. The Chiishi (Stone hammer) also trains grip, wrist and forearm power. Throwing it in the air and grabbing it trains grabbing reflexes. There are several other ways of training with the Chiishi which isn’t shown here. The “tan” is the barbell with the thick wooden pole in the middle. Used as it was used in this clip and the thick pole having the thickness of a man’s forearm, trains grabbing power and reflexes. The Kongoken looks like a giant paper clip and weighs 30kg or more. In this clip, thrusting it in the air and sinking down to Shikodachi trains stability, balance, grip, waist, arm and shoulder power. Randori is like sparring, but the idea is not to hurt or KO the opponent, but to practise your techniques whilst toughening up your training partner. The last section showed various ways of toughening hand and foot for striking, by jabbing into a bucket of small pebbles, or by striking the makiwara (wooden
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16 Nov 11 Condenser Cleaning at a school

Condenser cleaning. These units were only a little over a year old.
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DIY Homeowner Video of Trane XE80 Control board failure and replacement. Special Thanks to YouTubers hvacrepairguy mikie2501 DrZarkloff waynex2 Your Videos are Great Thanks.
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16 Nov 11 Rotobrush Air Duct Cleaning Machine Demonstration Part #1 of 4

This is a demonstration on how to use the Rotobrush Duct Cleaning Machine. The Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system is powerful, portable, and able to be run by a single tech. It’s a key element of our whole home air-quality and energy efficiency solutions.
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04 Nov 11 H2O Mop X5 – 5-in-1 Home Cleaning System

Use the power of steam to clean and sanitise your home from top to bottom. The H2O X5 is a 5-in-1 home cleaning system that is lightweight, extremely portable and suitable for all types of cleaning jobs. It also has adjustable steam so you can vary the amount of power you use for different surfaces to be cleaned. The X5 comes with an assortment of attachments that be used on a multitude of cleaning tasks. By using the power of steam you can get in those awkward and hard to reach area such as around the hob or kitchen sink, use it on your cooker to simply blast away the dirt and grease.and what about the soap stained shower? The X5 makes light work of all these jobs. So for ovens, hobs, floors, doors, mirrors, windows, tiles, ceramics and even the barbecue, there really only is just one cleaning system required…the H2O Mop X5. For further information call 01.4311360 or visit or
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Nothing wrong about it but … honestly, I do crave Tandir Bread sometimes. Tandor or Tandoori as it is better known in the US. Nothing comes close to the taste of fresh bread baked in clay ovens. In Azerbaijan bread is eaten almost with any food, it is always there on the table. I love hot Tandir Bread with white cheese. Try it with fresh herbs on the side. Yum! Read more:
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04 Nov 11 Highrise window cleaning experts

Dave Sandvik, Mark Masters, Mark Rutkowsky on BOA.

The flagship of the Okuma product line, Makaira derives its name from the genus name of marlin and billfish, representing ultimate strength, power and endurance. The platform of the Makaira series was designed around what Okuma calls its 4D concept, which incorporates the Design, Drive, Drag and Durability of the overall reel. The Makaira series represents the first Okuma project where Okuma worked jointly with Tiburon Engineering USA, setting out to build the ultimate game reel. The heart of the Makaira series revolves around the patented DFD or Dual Force Drag system that was designed by Tiburon Engineering. This unique drag system was engineered around a pull bar drag system principle that virtually eliminates the pressure commonly created by the alternative style push bar drag system, which completely relies on the strength of the reel frame for structural support. The DFD is a wet drag system utilizing dual Carbonite drag washers and Cal Sheets drag grease. To further enhance this ultimate drag system, Tiburon custom-designed a thrust bearing that is designed to absorb side load pressure. This abnormally large bearing allows anglers to fish extremely high drag loads without the increase in handle pressure. Enhancing the overall performance of this series, Okuma has equipped the Makaira with EZO Japanese ABEC-5 ball bearings that provide excellent freespool for live baiting and casting. The Makaira series sets itself apart from all other reels by offering Okumas
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30 Oct 11 EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaning System with CSS

Click here for more details: EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaning System with CSS Price: 8.70 Sale: 9.00 You Save: 9.70 (23%) EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaning System with CSS. WHY CLEAN WITH STEAM The new EnviroMate E5 is a powerful flexible and efficient cleaning device that is the natural alternative for those who seek an alternative cleaning and sanitizing method to using harsh chemicals.

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24 Oct 11 Trane – Spine Fin – Cleaning 3 of 4

How to clean a Trane or American Standard “Spine Fin” aluminum condenser coil that is clogged with cottonwood seed, using an acetylene torch. This is a procedure that is taught in class by Trane Manufacturing. GO HERE: Number One HVAC Contractor in the Aurora, Joilet, Naperville, Plainfield & Shorewood area of Illinois. Independent Trane equipment Dealer, EPA Certified, Fully Licensed & Insured, Over 24-years experience in Commercial & Residential air conditioning, forced-air furnaces, hot-water boilers, electric heat, water heaters, plumbing, piping, electrical. We also have a Licensed Plumber & Licensed Electrician available to meet all of your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs. 24-HOUR SERVICE 7-DAYS A WEEK.
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12 Oct 11 Make a water fed pole for less than £30 window cleaning Converting a decorators paint pole to a usable water fed pole
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