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12 Nov 11 Buiding a conditioned attic in a hot & humid climate the right way!

My name is Matt Risinger of Risinger Homes and welcome to my Video Blog on Green Building and Building Science topics. Check out our latest creation. This is a tour of a spray foam insulated attic in Austin, TX. I’ll show you the why & the how of conditioned attics.
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19 Oct 11 Smart roofs for a sustainable city- Managing climate change

Since roof areas of cities in India tend to be under designed and sterile zones what can be done on the roof to make it ‘productive’? The list goes like this – Harvest rainwater from the roof as a catchment – Harvest the sun using cookers,water heaters and photovoltaics – Grow food like rice and vegetables – Treat greywater using plants – Build an eco-san toilet to nourish the crop It seems if you have 50 square metre per person in India you could do a tremendous job for water,food,energy and ecological security.
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13 Oct 11 2012 NISSAN Altima – Automatic Climate Controls

Automatic Climate Controls (if so equipped) If your vehicle is equipped with Automatic climate controls, this is your control panel. It is made up of three multi-function controls and several buttons. The two outer controls consist of a centered digital temperature display and an outer ring that works like a dial. The Auto mode may be used all year round. To turn it ON, press this button for automatic cooling or dehumidified heating. The indicator light illuminates when the system is activated. It will automatically regulate and maintain fan speed, air flow and temperature in the cabin. The Auto mode can be turned OFF by changing the fan speed, pressing the DEFROST button, or any of the AIR FLOW CONTROL buttons. Your vehicle has separate temperature controls for the driver and front seat passenger. The driver’s TEMPERATURE CONTROL Dial, on the left, will set the temperature for both the driver and passenger if the DUAL button is not activated. Turn the outside ring of the driver’s side control. You’ll see the temperature setting change on the center readout as you turn the ring left for cooler, or right for warmer air. If you want to adjust the passenger side temperature independently from the driver’s side, press the DUAL button, or turn the passenger side TEMPERATURE CONTROL Dial. The DUAL indicator light will illuminate. Turn the dial left for cooler, or right for warmer air. The passenger’s side temperature will be displayed. To switch back to driver control, press
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05 Jul 11 BMW E46 HVAC Automatic Climate Control Functions Part 1

First Part showing the functions of the 9/1998 thru 3/2003 style automatic HVAC Cabin Climate Control. Specifically how to use the Front Windows and Cabin DeFroster/DeFogger/DeMister. Second part will discuss the 3/2003 thru 5/2006 version automatic climate control.
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The following video demonstrates how to set up a recovery unit on a refrigeration system for the safe recovery of contaminated refrigerant. A future video will demonstrate how to disconnect the recovery unit. Unfortunately the POV camera jumps around a little bit in this one. I plan to re-do the video in the near future utilising the POV1, and compare the difference.
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