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02 Feb 14 Panasonic fully automatic coffee machine


This compact fully automatic coffee machine from Panasonic comes with 3.5″ color touch LCD screen for easily personalized selection, 15 bar pump, memory function, milk frother and 5-stage step less adjustable grinder, allowing you to prepare your favourite coffee drink at the touch of an icon.


Everything is adjustable with the Panasonic NC ZA1HXE coffee machine – coffee strength, size, temperature, amount of milk, amount of foam, grinding finesse. You have 5 coffee temperatures, 4 programmable memory slots, 1.4 liter removable water tank with 6-cup capacity, 1-liter milk tank, 2-cup function, removable brewing unit, cup illumination, automatic shutdown, integrated cord storage, water hardness tester, descaling function, milk system cleaner and water filter adapter. Price for the Panasonic fully automatic coffee machine, the NC ZA1HXE is approximately € 1,000. Panasonic.


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02 Jan 14 Petra 2-cup coffee pad machine


The compact coffee pad machine, Petra KM 44.07 offers you a choice between one and two cups. Ideal for any household or a small office, the coffee maker fills two cups simultaneously if desired.

The Petra KM 44.07 comes with the Perfect Crema System, energy saving auto Sleep Mode when not in use fore more than 5 minutes, removable water tank, removable drip tray, automatic switch off after 30 minutes and optional decalcifier. The compact Petra coffee pad machine sells for around € 80. Petra.


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07 Dec 13 World’s First Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine: Bonaverde revolution is brewing!


You can call it the world very first real Bean to Cup coffee machine or if preferred, Farmer to Consumer, but the new Bonaverde coffee maker showcases some innovative German engineering and design, and is the first coffee machine that roasts, grinds and brews. Yes, it does roast raw, green beans right on your countertop. Basically, it is Tree to Cup coffee machine.


Founded by Hans Stier in Berlin, Bonaverde coffee machine roasts, grinds and brews at a single push of a button, delivering ready to drink, the freshest coffee possible in about 12 minutes. What is more, you know exactly where the beans come from, because you talk with the farmer who grows them.


Think about it, coffee is grown in some 70 countries and is one of the hottest commodities on New York Board of Trade. Estimated staggering 2.25 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day around the world. You buying coffee directly from a farmer in Brazil or Vietnam, may make things quite interesting from at least two sides.


Money wise, you will likely save a lot, going direct to the farmer via Skype, phone or email, while enriching a real producer, not a trader. And the green beans will be shipped to you in small bags, with no plastics, foils and such, making a positive environmental impact.


Bonaverde has been crowd sourcing design ideas on Jovoto. Also, by contributing funds on Kickstarter, you are helping to bring the concept to production. With certain amounts of money, you can get the machine and coffee …. scroll down to the Packages to see your options. If everything goes according to plan, and there are close to 100 machines running already, Bonaverde shall start shipping October 2014. We will do our best to provide more insights shortly.


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24 Oct 13 Kuppersbusch fully automatic built-in coffee maker


The German engineered and made, bean to cup, fully automatic built-in coffee maker, Kuppersbusch EKV 6500.1 offers 5 programmable cup sizes, 1- or 2-cup dispense and genuine milk function for cappuccino, latte macchiato or white coffee. Removable milk container with cleaning function, ability to work with coffee beans and ground coffee, height-adjustable coffee dispenser, decalcification program and automatic cleaning ensure pleasant, long lasting operation of this coffee maker.

Other key features are 15-bar pump, lights, central switch-off function, 3 selectable coffee temperatures, 5 preset coffee strengths, separate boilers for coffee and for hot water, automatic cleaning when switching on and off, hot water function, front removable water container with telescopic rails for easy refilling, electronic timer with time of day clock, programmable starting time, programmable standby function, red clear text display, LED lights, central switch-off function and small cappuccino pot. Comes in black or white with Design Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, Gold or Black Velvet trims. Price for the Kuppersbusch EKV 6500.1 fully automatic built-in coffee maker is around € 1,850. Previously, Kuppersbusch fully automatic integrated Profi-Coffee Center.


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25 Sep 13 Siemens EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine


Finished in exquisite brushed stainless steel with blue-lit TFT display, the EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine belongs to the popular Siemens EQ range, that includes Siemens EQ.7 coffee centre and Siemens macchiatoPlus EQ.5 bean to cup espresso machine. The EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine offers striking design, sophisticated technology and an assembly of highly desirable features.


The aromaIntense feature produces an even more intense taste and the intuitive colour TFT display is very easy to use. The new superSilent sound design makes the Siemens EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine virtually silent.

In the heart of this machine is Siemens unique sensoFlow System and Intelligent Heating Technology, which ensure the perfect, 90°C to 95°C temperature, consistently maintained for every cup throughout the entire brewing process – probably the most important attribute required to achieve that perfect coffee aroma.


The EQ.8 fully automatic coffee machine allows you to make drinks exactly how you like them, thanks to the aromaIntense 2-stage adjustable brewing speed, which has Intense setting to extend the extraction time for a more intense flavour. In addition, Double Shot is perfect for the lovers of extra strong coffee drinks. The 2 grinding and brewing processes reduce bitterness for a full bodied, very rounded flavour.

You can also choose different cup sizes for milk, milk froth and hot water. The 3 preset cup sizes of Small, Medium and Large can be adjusted to 5 different levels. The rest of the process is performed at just the touch of a button. The oneTouch function serves up exceptionally thick milk froth for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. Of course, the Siemens CreamCleaner ensures that the milk system is perfectly hygienic.



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05 May 13 Wilfa Svart Presisjon automatic coffee machine


Calibrated for precise control of every essential step of coffee preparation process, Wilfa Svart Presisjon automatic coffee machine is the result of a close and fruitful collaboration between the leading barista Tim Wendelboe and Denmark based Designit. Equipped with advanced patented heating system that delivers optimal water temperature between 92°C and 96°C to get the most flavor from the coffee, and a unique Italian pump that allots the right amount of water at the right time, Wilfa Black Precision automatic coffee makes perfect coffee each and every time.


The 2.2 kW coffee machine features detachable tank that ensures fresh water, precise flow control valve that lets you regulate the amount and strength of the coffee, Keep Warm function and electronic controls.

The Wilfa Svart Presisjon automatic coffee machine comes in 2 models, aluminum and black, priced at kr 3,000 and kr 2,500 respectively. Wilfa.



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09 Apr 13 Gilda coffee machine


The elegant and streamlined Gilda is made in Switzerland, equipped with 15 bar pump, stainless portafilter and advanced PID temperature controller for hot water and steam. Gilda is ideally suited for the preparation of everything – fine espresso, delicious cappuccino, latte macchiato, café crème or hot tea.

The semiautomatic coffee machine measures just about 28W x 37H x 32D cm, yet is rather heavy at 13 kg, because of the highest quality stainless steel exterior case.

Gilda reduces waiting time to an absolute minimum as the boiler heats up and is ready in just 3 minutes. The sophisticated temperature control system allows you to set the exact temperature, pressure and flow rate for each cup of coffee or espresso, always delivering consistent, high quality coffee drinks.

The coffee machine also ensures a rapid changeover between coffee making and milk foaming, and with 40-second heating time for steam, you can have your cappuccino or latte with a tempting milk foam within a few minutes.

If you want some tea, Gilda features a separate water tap where the pressure, temperature and flow rate can also be adjusted individually.

Here are the key features of Swiss made Gilda coffee machine in a nutshell,
– variable temperature and pressure settings
– temperature and pressure display
– flow meter with flow adjustment
– adjustable automatic switch-off
– decalcification and rinsing program
– boiler drainage


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07 Apr 13 JURA GIGA 5 fully automatic coffee machine


The GIGA 5 is the first JURA automatic coffee machine that can make the Caffè Latte at the touch of a button. In reality, with its electronically adjustable 5-level ceramic disc grinder, cappuccino frother, hot water function and 19 individually programmable specialty coffees, JURA GIGA 5 prepares virtually every imaginable coffee or espresso drink, including Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Ristretto, Espresso Macchiato, Café Crème, Cappuccino, Mango Lassi, Shakerato, Viennese Coffee and Irish Coffee. You, of course, will get hot water with 3 temperature levels. The stylish machine comes with 3 mm thick aluminum front panel and sets a new standard in performance and design aesthetics.


GIGA 5 features two adjustable 5-level ceramic disc grinders, two heating systems, two 15 bar pumps and two fluid systems, producing two different coffees at once. You can quickly prepare your favourite coffee drink with the help of an intuitive TFT display. Other key features include Intelligent Pre Brewing Aroma System, thremoblock heating system, integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs, adjustable water hardness, Zero Energy switch, programmable amount of water and switch on/off times, Active Bean Monitoring function, 5 programmable coffee strength levels and maintenance status display. JURA. Previously, JURA ENA Micro 9 One Touch espresso machine.


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08 Jan 13 TURMIX Just Touch – the simplest automatic coffee machine


This is one simple coffee machine that lets you have all sorts of sophisticated coffee specialties with a light tap of a fingertip on its touch-sensitive control panel. The fully automatic TURMIX Just Touch does it all and is as easy to use as you could wish for. The user-friendly touch screen allows you to select your favorite coffee specialty as well as other options like cleaning, descaling, etc. It also has icons that remind you to refill water and replace the water filter.

TURMIX Just Touch makes seductively fragrant and very tasty coffee. The automatic coffee machine is available in two models – the classic TURMIX Just Touch and TURMIX Just Touch + Milk with the sophisticated yet simple system to supply fresh milk for your drinks.


The TURMIX Just Touch + Milk delivers that delicate and perfectly balanced flavor of Italian cappuccino or caffè latte, automatically producing about two-inch thick, fine-pored foamed milk, making this machine a must have for every real cappuccino lover. Even better, there is no milk container to clean, because the milk flows directly from its original packaging.

Other features include easily accessible and removable grounds container and infuser, and tightly sealed coffee container that keeps coffee beans fresh and flavorful. Price is around 600 CHF. TURMIX.


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31 Dec 12 Retro coffee machine and microwave oven from Restart


If you like the cool retro look of Restart antique appliances, you can now have it in built-in 60cm wide coffee machine and microwave oven. Can be yours in any RAL color or, by special order, entirely in in burnished brass.


Inside of the retro coffee machine and oven are modern and very advanced Miele systems. The coffee machine can make espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino from already ground coffee or whole beans, and features self cleaning cycle and 15-bar pump. You can also create and store several custom profiles, so everyone has espresso or latte exactly to his or her taste . Both ‘A’ rated retro appliances come with Miele Navitronic control display that guides you in plain text in some 20 different languages.


Built-in retro microwave oven offers 15 methods of cooking, including microwave plus, thermovent, grill, top and bottom heat, bottom heat, grill and fan, intense cooking, roasting, automatic, thaw and 4 combined modes. You also get numerous presets programs and over integrated 100 recipes. Restart.



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