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13 Feb 14 Houndstooth Collection from New Ravenna Mosaics


New Ravenna Mosaics introduces the Houndstooth Collection, designed by founder and creative director, Sara Baldwin. Handmade in Virginia, the Houndstooth Collection consists of 4 colorways, including a classic black and white, a luxurious gold and red, an iridescent purple and pink, and a pastel combination of aquamarine and white.


The Houndstooth Collection is a continuation of Baldwin’s explorations in designing mosaics inspired by textiles. Her prior designs have included ikat, suzani, paisley, kuba cloth, gingham, and plaid.

Houndstooth was originally created in the Scottish lowlands in the 19th century. The pattern was first used in American menswear in 1933 and has made a significant statement in the international fashion scene this season. Baldwin says, a classic pattern never really goes out of style. It is perennial, with cycles of popularity, like the one we are witnessing now. The broken-check pattern of houndstooth was a natural to adapt to mosaics. The challenge was to create unexpected modern colorways that allow you to see the traditional pattern with completely fresh eyes. This collection pays homage to my Scottish McCaleb family roots and my love of uninhibited color combinations.


The Houndstooth Collection is available in jewel glass or natural stone. In glass, it is suitable for vertical interior installations. In stone, the mosaics can be installed indoors or out on both floors and walls. New Ravenna Mosaics tile is available in showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Dubai, and Russia.


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22 Nov 13 clé 17th Century tile collection


clé introduces the 17th Century tile collection, designed by Deborah Osburn for Tilevera. The collection of 12″ x 12″ limestone tile was inspired by 17th century delftware that had its origins in China and made its way across Europe. Tilevera honors the classic combinations of blue and white, yellow and magenta while bringing delft into the 21st century.

quatrefoil in magenta

Osburn has expanded the original delftware colors to a modern palette of pink, grey, green, teal and persimmon. Each 12″ x 12″ limestone tile is either hand painted or hand lithographed in one of 6 patterns – acanthus, holly, tulip / carnation, diamond / circle, fleur de lys and quatrefoil. In the 17th century method of creating patterns, four tiles meet in the center to comprise a singular design. The tiles can be installed indoors or out, on walls and floors.

diamond / circle in delft blue

Osburn says about her collection, I’ve always loved the historic floral patterns found in European tile, the lyricism is captivating. With this collection I wanted to punch up elegant four hundred year old designs with the pop of contemporary colors and an amplified 12″ x 12″ size. The tile can still be hand painted just like it was centuries ago or we can use a lithography process, adding a little technology to the mix. With the resurgence of delft in fashion and design, I’ve recently been asking myself, is delft the new black?

fleur de lys in yellow

Osburn, who has her BFA in sculpture, has been designing and manufacturing tile for the past twenty-five years for her company Tilevera. In 2012 she started clé, the international artisan tile e-boutique. The tiles on clé are as distinct as the artists who create them. It is Osburn goal to provide a forum for discovery and conversation about what she loves most, tiles created by impassioned artists creating remarkable surfaces. The 17th Century collection is available exclusively from clé.

holly in grey

acanthus in teal

tulip/carnation in turquoise


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15 Aug 13 BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection


The original Sorpresa Collection consisted of 9 designer hoods in island, wall and ceiling models. The BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection adds 4 new designs – Intrigue, Sphera, Sun and Fusion. With these 13 stunning range hoods, Sorpresa, which means surprise in Italian, offers modern shapes and designs that will immediately become the focal point of your kitchen. The Generation II 4 hoods have internal blowers, 2 halogen lights and 4-speed electronic push button controls with heat sentry, Delay Off, filter timer.


Available in a white or black glass backdrop with a stainless steel disc center, Sun is a wall mounted range hood that creates a dramatic centerpiece on any kitchen wall. Available for both ducted and non-ducted applications, Sun features perimeter extraction, allowing this wall range hood to capture smoke and odor more effectively. Sun is ideal for installation above 30″ or 36″ wide gas, electric or induction cooktops. Designed primarily for recirculation, the hood can be installed with optional flues and an optional flue cover for a ducted application, where it reaches 490 CFM.


With its smooth lines and flowing intersection of dark and light, glass and steel, Fusion brings soothing elements of nature to your kitchen. The appearance of a midnight sky meeting the horizon or of a breeze whispering against a silver wave brings a sense of calm to the kitchen like never before. Stainless steel and reflective glass meet dramatically in the Fusion range hood, forming a yin and yang connection. The wall hood works as ducted or recirculated hood and offers 490 CFM with an optional duct. The fusion between the two dissimilar surfaces of this range hood provides a natural and peaceful feel in the kitchen.


Intrigue looks more like a piece of floating artwork than a functional range hood. This innovative design by BEST will leave your guests intrigued by the very nature of the hood. Its upside down question mark shape and shelf-like appearance are sure to be a conversation starter in the kitchen. Available in stainless steel, Intrigue can be painted from the flue to the chimney to make this portion of the hood nearly invisible against the wall. This wall rage hood available for ducted or recirculated application, and a convenient multispeed control allows a perfect performance selection from a powerful 460 CFM blower.


Sphera from BEST Sorpresa Generation II Collection offers a fully functional island range hood disguised as an elegant sculpture effortlessly suspended from above. With the appearance of a bold, glossy pendant light, Sphera, available in white or black luxurious, rich finish, is sure to become a central feature of your modern kitchen. This island hood functions as a recirculation hood and with 250 CFM blower is ideal for a compact 30″ wide cooking surface. For larger cooktops you should install 2 Sphera hoods side by side for optimal functionality – and twice the design. BEST.


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19 Jun 13 New Ravenna Mosaics new Delft Collection


New Ravenna Mosaics is proud to introduce the new Delft Collection in a blue and white palette of jewel glass. Dutch Deltfware was inspired by Chinese porcelain which was brought to the Netherlands by the United Dutch East India Company in 1620. Emulating the crisp and vibrant color combinations, the Dutch potters covered their earthenware pottery in a white tin glaze and used a cobalt, a metal oxide pigment, to add decorative motifs of daily life.


Inspired by both Asian and European ceramics, Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna Mosaics, has created five new mosaics depicting floral, 17th century French Chinoiserie and classical Roman pineapple border designs. Each uses the traditional hand cut method to shape individual pieces of glass and is made to order in the New Ravenna Mosaics studio on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The Delft Collection is available in jewel glass or natural stone. In glass it is suitable for vertical interior installations. In stone, the mosaics can be installed indoors or out on both floors and walls. New Ravenna Mosaics.


Jewel glass water jet mosaic
Jewel glass and stone mosaic
Mosaic tile backsplash


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01 Apr 13 Philips air fryer from Viva Collection


The new air fryer from Philips Viva Collection is a perfect fryer for the selective home cooks who want their favorite fried foods significantly less oily than the ones cooked in a regular fryer. The Viva air fryer features Philips Rapid Air technology and unique starfish design on the bottom, allowing for greater circulation of hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket. So very little or no oil at all is required, no matter if you fry, bake or grill.


This Philips air fryer is equipped with integrated timer, allowing you to preset cooking times for up to 30 minutes. You can freely adjust temperature for your food up to 390°F. The auto-off function includes a Ready sound indicator. And the removable drawer and food basket feature a non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean up.


In addition, the Philips air fryer from Viva Collection comes with a recipe booklet, written by a culinary expert, offering over 30 delicious and easily cookable recipes as well as numerous cooking tips and tricks. Price is around 0. Philips.


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14 Mar 13 KitchenAid Premium Collection blenders


The latest KitchenAid blenders are so well made, so powerful, so multifunctional and so easy to use, you will want them on the counter tops all the time, rather than stow these Premium Collection blenders away, only for making the occasional smoothie or icy cocktail. KitchenAid new 5-speed blenders are coming in June 2013 in 2 models with light-weight, durable, BPA free pitchers, offering the best overall performance of any blender ever produced by the company.

The new models include a Classic 5-speed blender with a 56 oz pitcher and a 5-speed Diamond blender with a 60 oz patented diamond pitcher design, with stainless steel blades that create a powerful vortex to thoroughly blend ingredients. Other features include a comfortable, no-slip grip handle for greater pouring control and a Stay Put lid with a removable 2 oz ingredient cap.

The 5-speed Diamond blender offers Stir, Chop, Puree, Liquify and Pulse options, and can Pulse at any speed. The versatility of these blenders can handle everything from blending salsas and liquefying tomatillos, to pureeing vegetables. The Premium Collection blenders are built with a patented 4-star blade system and Intelli-Speed Motor Control that ensures exceptional performance, no matter the density of the mixture. An Automatic Soft Start technology pulls ingredients into the blade rather than splattering them outward, keeping them together for controlled blending.


Additional features include a Crush Ice function that automatically stops and starts, and is capable of turning ice cubes to snow, as recently noted in the Wall Street Journal. The control pad with LED lighting provides better visibility for selecting a designated speed. The shatter resistant pitchers are dishwasher safe and can be placed vertically in a standard dishwasher. Clean touch panels are easy to wipe down after use.

The 5-speed Diamond blender with 60 oz. pitcher is offered in a range of colors including Cobalt Blue, Contour Silver, Crystal Blue, Empire Red, Espresso, Green Apple, Majestic Yellow, Metallic Chrome, Onyx Black, Pink, Raspberry Ice, Tangerine and White. Suggested retail price will be 0. KitchenAid. Previously, KitchenAid Pro Line Series cordless hand blender.


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21 Feb 13 De Dietrich oven collection with interactive display


This 60 litre De Dietrich oven comes with proprietary Eolyse air purification system that reliably removes even the most persistent smells. The DOP1190B features Intelligent Control System with 15 automatic cooking programs, cooking guide with 60 recipes and 9 low temperature cooking modes – all digitally controlled and observed trough the TFT Animated touch screen display.

Also available in stainless and white, the pyroclean De Dietrich oven comes with electronic clock and programmable oven timer, digital minute minder, auto-safety shut off, child lock, cool-touch glass door, removable glass inner door and high grade enamel interior for easy cleaning, and 2 interior halogen lights. For your convenience, 2 anti-tip shelves, full width meat pan, grill shelf, rotisserie with trivet, multiposition telescopic shelf, deep low temperature cooking tray and baking tray are included.


The De Dietrich DOM1195B is Premium Collection compact multifunction microwave oven with interactive illuminated display and 40 litre cooking capacity. 13 oven functions, 11 pre-programmed recipes and 7 defrost options allow you to experiment with your cooking creativity. This elegant appliance neatly combines the 1.75 kW grill and 1.00 kW microwave, offering unlimited cooking possibilities. Key features are digital temperature control, electronic clock and programmable oven timer, digital minute minder, child lock, drop down grill for easy cleaning, enamel interior, interior light and cookery book. Comes with full width meat pan with grill trivet, anti-tip shelf, and glass tray. Other finishes are stainless and white.


The 40 litre De Dietrich DOS1195B is compact oven with steam function, 1 litre electronically controlled water receptacle, 1.00 kW microwave, 1.75 kW grill, digital temperature control and digital touch controls, 14 pre-programmed recipes, 3 defrost options and 8 pre-prepared dishes. The interactive display oven has electronic clock and programmable oven timer, digital minute minder, child lock, high grade easy clean enamel interior, cool-touch glass door, full width meat pan with grill trivet, anti-tip shelves, baking tray and shallow meat pan. Also available in stainless steel and white. De Dietrich.


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17 Nov 12 Zephyr wall hoods from Essentials Europa Collection


The new Essentials Europa Collection of designer range hoods from Zephyr brings elegance, performance and fun into your kitchen. The beautiful and functional Angolo wall hood is highlighted by its slightly angled, downward canopy electronic LED controls, a 600 CFM motor and bright, rear mounted dual level halogen bulbs. Available in 30- and 36-inch widths.



A Europa Classic, the 36″ wide Firenze wall hood is characterized by architectural stepped canopy, previously seen in high end European hoods, such as this Siemens island hood or Gaggenau AI 200. These wall hoods offer a 600 CFM blower and upgraded lighting of Bloom HD LED light bulbs. The steel stepped canopy can also serve as a display or a convenient storage for matches, lighters, openers, small jars or your favorite pepper and salt mill.




Resembling a floating steel and glass island, the wall mounted Modena has a 715 CFM motor to address every extraction need you ever encounter. The hood also houses Zephyr very advanced DCBL Suppression System, which delivers 30% more power while decreasing noise level and energy consumption by 77%. Available in 30- and 36-inch models, Modena features Bloom HD LED light bulbs and electronic LCD controls. Zephyr.



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26 Aug 12 Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection


The Blanc Collection by Kenwood offers functional and sophisticated breakfast appliances, made of high quality, white premium plastics. Elegant eco friendly design, rounded contours, precise controls and patented brewing technology are sure to enhance your everyday breakfast experience.


This direct serve citrus juicer, the JE370 features chrome base, non-drip spout for clean, easy pouring and space-saving design, ideal for smaller kitchens. With this Kenwood juicer, you can squeeze all types and sizes of citrus fruits, including grapefruit.


The white CM300 coffee maker from Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection comes with ThermoGen heating system, ensuring your coffee is brewed slowly at the best suitable temperature, while the OptiTemp hot plate keeps your coffee warm without any loss of flavour or aroma. The coffee maker SureGrip finish provides excellent grip and its handy storage area warms up your cups before serving.


The TTP310 2-slice Kenwood toaster has an integrated bun warming rack, SureGrip touch points, 1-slice toasting and push crumb tray with Peek & View technology to check browning without cancelling the cycle. Its quad heat feature delivers 4 elements for creating perfect and evenly browned toast, while the eco 1 slot option allows energy saving.


The Kenwood JKP350 is 1 litre kettle from Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection with SureGrip touch points and a flip lid for easy use and comfort. The kettle features the Kenwood Eco 1 cup option which allows you to measure up to 6 cups delivery, saving time and energy.


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13 Aug 12 Whirlpool Ice Collection


Signifying a shift in the culture of home appliances, Whirlpool brand introduces the Ice Kitchen Collection. Defined by silver accents, elegant lines, sleek handles and streamlined controls, the Ice Collection is a break from the uniform whites, blacks and stainless steel. You can have the new Whirlpool appliances in elegant White Ice or refined Black Ice. Ice Collection.






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