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11 Nov 11 Refrigerant Compressor Autopsy Pt1 – Bristol and Tecumseh

Pt 1 of working through the scrap compressors I have at the moment.
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27 Oct 11 Compressor Failure and Epic Motor Burnout – Full Vid

I used a VFD to drive the comp to seizure, then disconnected it and used mains 240V 50Hz power + 60-mfd run cap to burn it.
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24 Oct 11 Daikin Reluctance DC Swing Compressor

This is the compressor from the scrapped Daikin Condensing unit. it is a twin rotor unit that utilizes Daikins award winning swing design
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Air Conditioning Refrigeration parts

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18 Oct 11 Matsushita Mini DC Scroll Compressor

Tiny but efficient.
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Mark Donovan of shows how to install a programmable thermostat.

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16 Oct 11 Scroll Air Motor from Scroll Compressor

Trying Scroll Compressors as Air Motors wit their discharge valves removed

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24 Sep 11 Bitzer V4 Compressor 1Hp 3 phase VFD Run

We Need more Power Scottie!
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21 Sep 11 Testing compressor motor insulation to Ground: Contour HD POV.

In the following video I am testing the integrity of the winding insulation to ground. I am wearing both the Drift POV and Contour HD POV. This video is from the Contour HD.

In this episode about the YORK magnetic centrifugal chiller (YMC2), Buddy Doll (vice president of equipment sales, Johnson Controls) explains why people who have heard a YMC2 chiller in operation dont even believe its running. With a sound level that does not exceed the volume level of a telephone dial tone, the YMC2 is about half as quiet as other magnetic-bearing centrifugal chillers. To learn more about the YMC2, visit
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14 Sep 11 Roof Top Unit Compressor Change-Out

Changing a Trane RTU Comp.

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11 Sep 11 DIY Motorcycle Shock Spring Compressor

Here’s a handy tool for disassembling motorcycle and ATV shocks. This tool provides a reasonably safe way of dealing with the rather high forces involved in shock disassembly. The measurements in the video are specific to 2004-2006 Harley Davidson Sportsters. Other years, makes, and models may work with no changes. The basic idea should easily adapt to many applications. I used a CNC mill for the machining, but simpler tools can certainly be substituted. Tools required: A way to bore a 2-1/8″ to 2-1/4″ hole (mill/lathe/drill press, cutting tools, hole saws, etc) A way to bore two 7/16″ or 15/32″ holes (drill press and twist drill bits) Welder (most any machine will do) A set of wrenches or sockets Materials list: 5″ x 5″ x 1/2″ aluminum or steel plate Two 13″ lengths of 7/16″ all thread rod Two 7/16″ nuts & washers 5″ x 1/2″ bolt 1/2″ nut Two 1/2″ washers
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24 Aug 11 Hello, You Need a New Compressor on that Air Conditioner. NOT!

Tom Morgan of My HVAC Guy comes in as the second opinion on a quoted replacement by another company to find that it was just a simple repair not a replacement at all.

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