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16 Nov 11 Condenser Cleaning at a school

Condenser cleaning. These units were only a little over a year old.
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DIY Homeowner Video of Trane XE80 Control board failure and replacement. Special Thanks to YouTubers hvacrepairguy mikie2501 DrZarkloff waynex2 Your Videos are Great Thanks.
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08 Oct 11 12 Seer Rheem Condenser Clean-Up

12 Seer Condenser Clean-Up

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28 Sep 11 Carrier Infinity Condenser

4 ton carrier infinity 16.8 seer heat pump condenser
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26 Sep 11 Rooftop condenser cleaning part 1

Here’s an example of a dirty rooftop unit and the steps taken to clean the condenser and evaporator. Sorry about the camera shaking. Hope to hone my videographer skills. My son has been hired to video tape for me to allow me to concentrate on what I’m doing and not what the camera is doing.
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26 Sep 11 Three condenser in service

Here Three condensers two Rheems and a American Standard.

Designed by HVAC experts, Speedi-Boot™ Boot Hanger is easy to install in two minutes or less. Its heavy-duty galvanized metal frame — complete with an air-tight foam gasket and construction debris cover — eliminates boot deformation, fastens securely to improve energy efficiency and improve air quality, while giving it a one-hour fire rating, and prohibiting unwanted construction materials from entering the duct. Speedi-Boot™ Boot Hanger will help save on energy costs, keep indoor air cleaner and protect against unhealthy molds and allergens by providing a sealed ventilation system during construction and installation. The Speedi-Boot™ Boot Hanger truly is the new standard in vent boot installation. To purchase, visit

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16 Sep 11 Determining Condenser Sub-Cooling.

The following video demonstrates how to determine the amount of sub-cooling provided by the condenser of a refrigeration system.

This is the 1st hotel built in most beautiful city of Pakistan. It is located approx. 800 kms from Karachi. The HVAC system of this building was designed by S Mahboob and company. SeasonMaster successfully installed and commissioned entire system in year 2008. The delivery of material to this remote location was one of the difficult task. It is one of the most challenging job completed in company’s recent history.
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08 Aug 11 ANother sloppy condenser install – Can’t access hi side!

Here’s a video a fellow tech sent me where he couldn’t get his hi side hose onto the new condenser to check the pressure. Wam Bam Thankyou mam! That’s such the mind set of the Phoenix Area residential HVAC companies if you pay top dollar to have your HVAC replaced with a newer high efficiency model. Since non of them seem to have to pull a permit to install new HVAC equipment in the Phoenix, AZ area, who’s gonna catch this hackery? They’ll throw this sh*t in faster than you can say “Check Please!”

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07 Aug 11 SpeedClean CondenserNeedle (P# CN-03) Condenser Coil Cleaning Tool

HVAC AC Condenser coil cleaning tool that attaches to a garden hose. Built for HVAC contractors that regularly clean condenser coils. Use with standard water hose and Non alkaline coil cleaner for best results.
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Video I took about 3 months after an evaporator coil swap (due to leaks in original coil). System is less than 2 yrs old, but started making a hissing noise in the high pressure LL after the new coil was installed. Superheat & subcooling are on target. Contractor says everything is fine, what do you think? Links to discussions about this issue: My post: Other posts:

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06 Aug 11 Two stage condenser tutorial.

This is a video remake of my rasl036jez for Fritz hvac.
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18 Jul 11 HVAC – Another Condenser Move

Yup. Another one. I do a few of them every month. It’s boring for some but I totally get up for every single one. It’s cool to find a new angle or a new way to do the same ole thing.

These ‘tenants’ are forced to find a new home. I didn’t kill’em. Black widows eat the bad bugs and aren’t really dangerous to people. I went a little crazy with the MAPP torch and the gray PVC. It looks good, if I do say so myself.
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