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21 Nov 11 Construction Intervention: The Blarney Stone

Forty years ago, the Blarney Stone, a family owned Irish bar, opened its doors in the Financial District to much success. But, after the death of the Keane family patriarch and 9/11, business has suffered, leaving brothers Teddy and Joe struggling to carry on the family business. Now, after 40 years of wear and tear, The Blarney Stone desperately needs renovation in order to attract the new wave of young residents living in the Financial District. However, renovation has been out of the question and the bar is literally disintegrating around them! A construction intervention would resurrect the spirit of the Blarney Stone and bring in new customers to this much loved neighborhood institution. When someone new walks in, they almost immediately walk out because nearly everything is original from 1969! From the barely functioning steam table to the cracked tile floor, the kitsch of this bar is killing its revenue. Although these troubles haven’t stopped loyal regular customers from enjoying great food and cheap drinks, the grungy appearance has hindered the flow of new clientele that Joe and Teddy need to make up for the loss of business they suffered after 9/11. While the brothers try their best to keep profits up, they are barely making ends meet and fear losing the family business that was their father’s pride and joy. Nearly everything could use a facelift. The floors are dingy, the ceiling tiles are mismatched and water damaged, the air conditioning ducts leak, the
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04 Oct 11 Bailey Alu-Tech body panel construction, pt 1

Wood-free panel construction for the new Bailey Pegasus and Olympus ranges of caravans.
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09 Sep 11 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (GTA VCS, PSP – Cheatdevice) – Construction Mode Showcase

Here I am demonstrating the mighty Construction Mode of the VCS Cheatdevice! The Construction Mode is an ingame map editor which allows you to construct your own buildings and modify the map of Vice City in an endless amount of ways. You can create buildings, stuntparks, shooting ranges and whatever else you may like! Design nice new environments with all kinds of objects or build the ultimate deadtrap by placing tons of explosive red barrels onto some populated street. Get the VCS Cheatdevice here and play GTA VCS the COOL way:
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06 Sep 11 1-Outdoor Kitchens BBQ Grills Construction Premier Grilling Frisco, TX

Premier Grilling, LLC offers a wide array of outdoor products including: the finest stainless steel natural gas and propane grills, grill components and accessories, wood fire brick ovens, patio furniture, hearth products and BBQ smokers for your outdoor cooking and entertainment spaces in North Dallas. Whether you live in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, or anywhere in the greater Dallas area, Premier Grilling is only a short drive away. Our products come from the best manufacturers like Summerset, Chicago Brick Oven, KitchenAid, Summit, Traeger, Big Hat and more. Enjoy the fun and relaxation of a luxury vacation from the comfort of your own backyard living space by letting Premier Grilling help you create the setting that provides a lifetime of great food, great friends, great family, and great memories! Read more about us. We, at Premier Grilling, LLC have had a passion for outdoor cooking and entertaining for more than 30 years collectively. We have taken our enthusiasm for grilling, entertaining, and love for people and created the spaces that provide unforgettable experiences for your friends and family alike. We have design experts to help take your backyard ideas and turn them into a reality! Anyone who has hosted a party or backyard BBQ knows very well that the success of the gathering depends on the food as well as the environment in which it’s served. We make creating gourmet food in your own backyard simple and fun! With our guidance, our clients have been able

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22 Aug 11 Webasto Water Heaters for Construction Vehicles

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21 Aug 11 Rocket Stove construction instruction Lao

REEPRO training video on the construction of an rocket stove, a efficient cook stove using 70% less wood than open fire. The construction costs of this stove are about 1 USD in the Lao PDR. Produced in the frame of the IEE funded REEPRO project
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21 Jul 11 Hobo Stove Construction

How to build a hobo stove

Hi people… 😉 This time we’ll play with four gas ring reducer in order to build a simple and robust support for alcohol stove and big pots. As always, I’m pleased to share my videos with you. Good vision and to the next. ****************************** Ciao gente… 😉 Questa volta giocheremo con quattro riduttori per gas per costruire un semplice e robusto supporto per il fornello ad alcohol e grosse pentole. Come sempre, sono contento di condividere con voi i miei video. Buona visione ed alla prossima.
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27 Jun 11 The Greatest Beer Pong Table In Construction 2

larger sample of whats going on in the construction of the greatest beer pong table. music: george thorogood, I drink alone

Danby model DTT-420W 2-speed twin tub washing machine in action. This type of agitation was developed and patented (and seemingly licensed out) by GE. Twin tub washers were all the rage from the early 60’s to the early 80’s and a number of manufacturers made them. Danby is now the lone maker of twin tubs in North America. Of course, the machine is made in China – where else? This particular one was made in 2007 and I acquired it second-hand. Danby made some minor revisions later on that saw the wash tub door hinged on like the spinner door. It isn’t heavy and washes clothes very well. The spinner spins at a whopping 1600 RPM. Most top-load machines spin at less than 1000 RPM. It’ll wash up to 10 lbs. at once. The tub is actually bigger than you think. The target market for this machine is apartments, condos with no connections, country houses, students, dorms and the like. If you despise doing laundry, this is not the machine for you as you manually have to switch the cycles and such. It’s a different way of doing things but it doesn’t take long and works very well.

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01 Jun 11 Building With Awareness: the construction of a hybrid home

DVD available on The most comprehensive video ever made on the design and construction of a green home. This how-to DVD will show you how to use straw bale walls for insulation, interior adobe walls for thermal mass, earth plasters, 100% electrical generation by sunlight, and passive solar heating and cooling. This video could save you thousands of dollars in design and construction costs.

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30 May 11 “Building With Awareness” DVD Video Excerpt 1 on Straw Bale House Design And Construction

This is a six-minute segment from chapter 1 of the award-winning “Building With Awareness” DVD video on how to build a straw bale home. This segment gives a quick overview of some materials used in green building, including straw bale and adobe walls, earth plaster, natural materials, passive solar heating and cooling, and much more. More information about the home and how to purchase the entire DVD video can be found at

Sealing your home’s ductwork saves money, energy and your health. Find out why and how in this short video.
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