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19 Nov 13 V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob


Making your lives easier, the 77 cm wide V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob features fully automatic functions for cooking rice, for boil and simmer, and for general cooking temperatures.

You will also get preset temperatures for boiling and frying, so no longer will you stand over your induction hob, trying to figure out the right cooking parameters, watch the food like a hawk and worry about overcooking. Simply pick the program you want, prepare the food, then put it on the hob and walk away. The V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob will do the rest. Also see V-ZUG MaxiFlex induction hob.

This 4-zone hob also comes with RiceControl function, where an acoustic signal informs you when the rice is ready to serve. The function serves the best when you cook various types of rice that do not need to be stirred. The other 2 control features are TemperatureControl and CookingControl.

The former is best suited for cooking several portions of omelet, meatballs similar dishes – the hob stores the ideal temperature and calls it up again in an instant for every new portion, so you prepare evenly browned and perfectly cooked portions.

The latter informs you when is the best time to add the food, using an acoustic signal to indicate when the food should be put in the pan – perfect for frequently prepared side dishes like pasta, vegetables or boiled potatoes.

Other key elements include Powerplus, slider controls, timer, automatic shut-off, automatic warm-up function, Pause button, cleaning lock, Restore function. V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob. The GK46TIAKS is available flush fit, as a faceted glass or stainless steel edge profile. Seen in stores for around 2,100 CHF. V-ZUG. Previously, V-ZUG induction cooktops.


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03 May 13 Philips HomeCooker offers fresh approach to home cooking


The first in the new range of kitchen appliances co-created by Philips and Jamie Oliver, the Philips HomeCooker is a first of its kind, multifunctional device that does the preparation as well as the cooking, meaning you can cook fresh and stay fresh. Enabling you to prepare homemade meals even on your busiest days, the HomeCooker has been specially designed to achieve authentic home cooking with ease. It chops, stirs, steams and sautés and can be left cooking unattended, giving you some quality time back.

Developed to help busy families enjoy more tasty, fresh, home-cooked meals while being able to spend more quality time together, the Philips HomeCooker is matchless in its ability to perform multiple cooking functions, including stirring automatically thanks to new AutoStir technology. A unique stirring arm provides an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, keeping your food constantly moving for optimal cooking. HomeCooker PerfectTemp feature and QuickSet timer mean you can also control the heat to perfection and set times up to 99 minutes. So, say goodbye to standing at the stove endlessly and let your cleverly designed helping kitchen hand take care of the cooking.


Available in black or white, the HomeCooker also has its own Cutting tower for chopping directly into its stainless steel pot, at any point during cooking. Its 5-in-1 DirectCut feature means that vegetables, cheese and meat can be sliced, shredded or cut Julienne without you having to pick up a knife. Cooking truly fresh and flavor rich meals even after the longest and busiest of days simply couldn’t be easier. Choose your ingredients, pop them in and let the HomeCooker do the rest.


The perfect solution for a busy home cook, the HomeCooker switches off when your meal is ready, meaning you can help your children finish that last bit of homework, carry on a great conversation with friends or enjoy an extra soak in the bath without needing to worry about food catching or burning. A revolution in home cooking, HomeCooker does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.


The Philips HomeCooker comes with an exclusive cook book of delicious and bespoke HomeCooker recipes developed especially by Jamie Oliver to help you create a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to wow the family or impress guests. Additional recipes are also available to download from meaning you’ll never be without inspiration for family meals. Plus you can cook-along with Jamie himself as he demonstrates his favourite recipes using the HomeCooker in a series of videos available to view on the site.

An intuitive user interface on the Philips HomeCooker guides you through the recipes to guarantee a perfect result every time and give you true cooking confidence. From pasta meals to curries, risottos, stews, vegetables, soups, braised meals and more it couldn’t be simpler to produce fresh, mouth-watering meals from scratch, even on your busiest days. Buy Jamie Oliver Philips HomeCooker for £250.


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23 Apr 12 Dual fuel ranges – Capital Cooking Connoisseurian Series


Capital Cooking is debuting its new dual fuel range cookers at the 2012 KBIS which runs from April 24 to April 26. The new dual fuel Connoisseurian Series incorporates the best technology from company electric ovens and gas ranges, offering both open and sealed burner versions – all self clean in 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ configurations. As dual fuel range is getting more popular, Capital Cooking Connoisseurian Series is offering the best attributes of its built-in electric wall ovens and gas cooktops.

Capital engineers incorporated a two-speed cooling fan system in the oven of these dual fuel range cookers. The high, noisier speed is only triggered when the oven is at extreme high temperatures over a long period of time, such as operating the self cleaning mode. Under the normal cooking conditions with temperatures under 400°F for under 2 hours, only the low speed cooling fan that is very quiet and not noticeable in a busy kitchen environment is working.

In addition, Connoisseurian ranges feature the larger ovens, ranking them amongst the top usable capacity of all dual fuel ranges on the market. All primary ovens have Capital exclusive MoistRoast cooking feature that uses moisture, not steam, to produce perfect, moist roasting and baking, and also features Capital popular motorized rotisserie system. The secondary ovens in the 48″ and 60″ sizes are fully functioning with bake, broil, convection, roast and self clean. And for safety, the engineering staff tested the external temperature of a fully operational baking oven and found it to be up to 30°F cooler-to-the-touch than many competitive models.

Offering both open burner and sealed burner system options in the dual fuel Connoisseurian line will appeal to all cooking styles and preferences. The open burner system developed for Capital Culinarian line is ideal for the home chef looking for restaurant power and advanced cooking functionality made possible by the open flame. The sealed burner system that Capital uses in its Precision Series is the most common gas cooktop system where the flame is controlled by burner caps of different sizes. Customers can choose which style of Connoisseurian is appropriate for their own lifestyle.

The dual fuel ranges from Capital Cooking will be sold in 10 standard colors with custom finishes available as well, throughout the United States and Canada at specialty retailers during Summer 2012.

24 inch wok range top
Professional gas range
Outdoor gas grill
60 inch range cooker
30″ warming drawer


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21 Nov 11 GI canteen cup cooking – baking muffins for breakfast

Using rocks to buffer the heat in to a radiating force, baking bread or muffins is easy. Whether on a fire or using an alcohol stove
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A look at backpacking food for the newbee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Nov 11 Cooking Saldanha mussels on a Cobb BBQ

Chef David shows how to cook wonderful fresh mussels from Saldanha Bay, South Africa using a Cobb BBQ/oven. For more information about the Cobb BBQ go to

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15 Nov 11 Cooking Kit for Hotel Rooms Travel Tip Part 1 How Andy of a professional traveler of 10 years cooks in a Hotel with either an electric hot plate or alcohol stove. An explanation of all the cooking gear kit in my traveler bag.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video shows step-by-step instructions on replacing the main top on Frigidaire, Electrolux, Gibson, Kelvinator, Tappan, and Kenmore electric ranges. Buy part #316456238 now: Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver, 1/4″ nut driver

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11 Nov 11 Wii: Cooking Mama Cook Off – “Beef in Wine Sauce”

The excellent Nintendo Wii game for all budding chefs! Cook with fun yet safety. Can’t burn the house down, like with those Easy Bake ovens! Just the game for you, Alton and Rachael! My daughter and I love this game. Excellent use of the Wii-mote for cooking motions. Wii play Wii and wii have Wii stuff at too! Tom D’Alimonte Missing Pieces Nashua, NH
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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09 Nov 11 Eurostoves Cooking on the Capital Culinarian (New York Visiting Customer)

Tom and Susan drove from NY to Eurostoves test drive the culinarian range in Eurostoves.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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19 Oct 11 35P2 Cooking Test of a 35 Gallon Wood Cook Stove

Lanny Henson demonstrates the incredible efficiency of his 35 gallon wood fired cooker by cooking a 50 lb bag of rice (186.3 lb cooked) with only 10 pounds of wood, for an impossible score of 1 to 18.63, or 1 gram of wood cooked 18.63 grams of rice! See more details at
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This is a short video from the OTS ’08 at Stoneleigh of the Primus Eta Express Stove.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Oct 11 Trangia cooking set, ex swedish army cooking set, meths, alcohol stove

Review of the ex swedish army trangia alcohol cooking set
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Liverpool Eric’s Night Club-Video Documentary. All the best clubs are downstairs, everybody Knows that. NEW BOOK by Paul Whelan & Jaki Florek.

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