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12 Dec 14 Fisher & Paykel 36″ flush gas on steel cooktop


The new 36″ Flush Gas on Steel Cooktop from Fisher & Paykel offers a seamless design for the integrated kitchen, with 5 burners sitting below the countertop for a smooth line. This cooktop is subtle, unobtrusive and designed to match the family of Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances. The power levels are for cooking everything from a slow simmer for sauces, to an intense heat for steaks and stir-fries.

The 5 burners are designed to provide the utmost cooking flexibility and include
– 3,800 BTU auxiliary burner
– 8,500 BTU semi-rapid burner
– 8,500 BTU semi-rapid burner
– 9,500 BTU rapid burner
– 18,500 BTU dual wok burner

The brushed stainless steel offers a modernist aesthetic with design for durability, matching the rest of our family of kitchen appliances. And by turning the dials for the auto-ignition system, the flame ignites quickly and safely. Fisher & Paykel Innovalve technology allows you to adjust the flame with 180 degree gas valve rotation compared with 70 degree in most gas cooktops for accurate temperature control.

The control knobs glow red when on, and white when off, showing at a distance which burners are lit. The auto-reignition system means you don’t have to hold down a dial while burners ignite and if a burner goes out, it is automatically relit at the original flame setting.

The Fisher & Paykel 36″ flush gas on steel cooktops are designed as a single piece of laser cut stainless steel with quick component removal for easy cleaning. Durable and easy to clean, cast iron trivets provide a safe and stable cooking surface. Rubber feet prevent the trivets scratching the cooktop. Available in the United States and Canada in January 2015. Fisher & Paykel.


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22 Sep 14 Thermador trimless Freedom induction cooktop


The new trimless version of Thermador Freedom induction cooktop offers perfect integration with your kitchen countertop, thanks to its sleek, solid black surface.


The 36″ trimless version, the CIT36XKBB features the same patented technology and performance as the Thermador CIT36XKB stainless steel trimmed Freedom induction cooktop, taking induction cooking to new heights. With a natural mapping user interface, it intelligently recognizes cookware size, shape and position to deliver heat without boundaries, allowing culinary enthusiasts to place pots and pans of any size and shape anywhere on the surface. The Freedom induction cooktop also offers the PowerBoost feature that boils water faster than any other technology in its class. Maintaining a spotless surface is also effortless with the cooktop, as spills and boil-overs will not scorch onto the surface, and can be wiped off with just a damp cloth. Thermador.


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24 Aug 14 Caso dual zone induction cooktop with shared power


The portable Caso induction hob, the S-Line 3500 is a dual zone induction cooktop with a maximum output of 3.5 kW. You can use left or right zone only with a maximum output of 2.1 kW. It features modern control panel with digital display, 12 power and 12 temperature levels.

Other features are 180 minute digital timer, 60°C to 240°C temperature range, automatic pan detection, overheating protection, all glass surface, all-around brushed stainless steel trim. Price for this elegant Caso dual zone induction cooktop is € 190. Previously, Caso SlimLine induction hob.


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13 Jun 13 ILVE 36″ professional gas cooktop by EuroChef


EuroChef USA now offers the new 36″ professional grade gas cooktop from ILVE. Well known for its attention to detail, elegant design, Italian craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, ILVE continues its tradition of quality engineered home appliances with this all new 5-burner gas cooktop.

Available exclusively from EuroChef, the high-performance 36″ wide cooktop will certainly satisfy the needs of the most demanding home chefs in a way not found with any other cooktop in the market today. Along with its high-power brass burners and large cooking surface, the ILVE 36″ gas cooktop offers flexibility and convenience with an incredible Nine Ways to Cook.

Available in Fall 2013, the new ILVE cooktop offers incredible cooking functionality, featuring a convenient layout of 5 high efficiency brass gas burners, that burn up to 15,500 BTUs, including an oblong center burner that evenly heats the stainless steel griddle that comes with the cooktop. Precision burner controls each come with position accurate control and one-touch automatic electronic ignition. Other features include a flame sensor safety device and easy to clean, removable cast iron grates and burner caps.

Other Italian appliances you can get exclusively from Eurochef USA,
Verona Pro gas wall oven
30″ induction range cooker by ILVE


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05 Dec 12 All glass cooktop – Eisinger Profi-Line induction hob


This is something the industry has never seen before – the induction hob made entirely of glass. The EIK 870 T from Eisinger comes with particularly innovative integrated operating elements as they allow you to control the Profi-Line table top hood conveniently via the hob.

The all glass panorama induction hob is designed to support the best possible extraction performance. This unique flush-fitting hob has 4 cooking zones ranging from a universal zone to a 16cm diameter hob for smaller pans. The possibilities are virtually endless. The 3-piece set of pots from WMF Switzerland comprises a 16cm and 18cm saucepan with handle and lid and a 20cm casserole pan with lid. You can order your set free of charge together with your induction hob. All Eisinger cooker hoods are operable via remote control. This world first is ideal for those who want the cooker hood to disappear and kitchen odours to vanish nonetheless.

Key features of this all glass cooktop include residual heat indicator, child lock, timer, overheating protection, safety shutdown, Keep Warm function, pause function, combined function, touch control panel. Eisinger.


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07 Nov 12 OTTO coffee maker and its induction cooktop


You can now buy OTTO 240 volt, specifically developed induction cooktop for AU5. The 110 volt US version will be available somewhere in the middle of 2013. The US customers can buy the OTTO espresso maker now and use gas while waiting for the induction hob. The shipping to the USA is AU5. OTTO itself sells for AU0.


The best position for a gas flame is within 1.25″ radius of the OTTO center. Focusing heat as close to the center of the boiler as possible delivers the best results.


OTTO brewing system is completely sealed and is independent of the body, with steam and water passing freely between the body and brewing system, and occasionally exiting between the head, boiler and body. It is normal for water to pass between the body and the boiler at OTTO base. This is avoidable by filling the boiler accurately.


All the vital internal components of OTTO coffee maker as well as the body and coffee jug are made of stainless steel, save its steam assembly which is a precisely machined brass.


Other key features of OTTO induction cooktop are,
– a built in alert, sounding at the start of the extraction
– touchscreen controls
– an automatic power cut out
– 5 independent heat settings, ideal for suitable kettles and cookware
– small A4 page sized footprint


You can buy OTTO induction hob here. The shipping rates are here. And here is the OTTO itself.


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19 Jun 12 Franke Oversize 5-burner cooktop


The modern European version of the 30″ gas cooktop with 5 burners, Franke Oversize Maxi cooktop features AISI 304 stainless steel finish and cast iron pan supports.


The 75cm wide 5-burner gas cooktop has two semi-rapid 2.0 kW rear burners, auxiliary 1.0 kW and rapid 3.0 kW front burners, and powerful 5.0 kW dual center burner. Safety valve, electronic ignition and optional knob kit. Franke. Previously, Kuppersbusch gas hob – five burner cooktop.



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15 Apr 12 Blomberg gas cooktop


The elegantly designed 60cm wide Blomberg GEN23436E gas hob is made of modern stainless steel and features 4 gas burners, including 3.8 kW wok burner, cast iron pan supports, auto ignition front control knobs that match the knobs of the Blomberg ovens for a harmonious look, and one piece hob surface for easy cleaning. This Blomberg gas cooktop also comes with easy to use under-dial instant ignition and flame safety device which automatically cuts off the gas is the flame goes out.

Blomberg cast iron pan supports are designed to guarantee maximum stability and generous spacing between the burners. Its continuous straight design allows you to easily slide pots and pans from one burner to another. The efficient front-left triple crown wok burner helps you cook food rapidly without compromising any nutritional values. The crown ensures that the heat is distributed evenly, resulting in excellent cooking performance over a shorter period of time. Other burners are 2.0 kW rear left, 1.0 kW front right and 2.0 kW rear right. Price for the GEN23436E gas cooktop from Blomberg is £230.


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01 Oct 11 Dacor 30″ cooktop with the most cooking power on the market


The new 30″ Distinctive Dacor cooktop is designed with input from BMW Group DesignworksUSA and embodies Dacor innovation and quality, so you will never have to sacrifice style and performance for size. With top craftsmanship and a signature style design, the Distinctive cooktop offers power previously unavailable in 30″ gas cooktops. The DCT305 cooktop has the highest BTU of any 30″ gas cooktop in the luxury market with 54,000 BTU of overall heat output. Dacor equips this cooktop with 5 high power burners to meet every cooking need, including the SimmerSear burner with melting feature, which gives home chefs the option to simmer, sear or sauté with precision at ultra-high or ultra-low temperatures – up to 18,000 BTUs.

The Distinctive 30″ Dacor gas cooktop features a one-piece spill basin and exclusive, scratch-resistant, bead-blasted PermaClean finish. Dried-on spills clean up with ease and the cooktop surface will remain pristine no matter how much scrubbing it endures. The cooktop is also designed with die-cast stainless steel ergonomically angled controls for ease of use and Illumina Indicator Lights that glow in Dacor signature flame-blue when a burner is on, a modern, eye-catching safety feature.


The Distinctive 30″ gas cooktop contains all of the features and design details that made up the Distinctive 36″ gas cooktop, but with a smaller, more compact profile. It features the same high powered burners and exclusive design that Dacor is known for, allowing homeowners with any size kitchen to enjoy the benefits of a Dacor cooktop.


Designed and manufactured in California, the DCT305 features heavy-duty continuous platform grates to provide an optimum cooking surface when using many large pots and pans at once, Smart Flame technology to preserve the finish and the life of the grates and flexible installation options to allow configuration over an oven and with a raised ventilation system. Dacor.


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14 Aug 11 How to Clean Your Cooktop / Stove

Tips on how to clean your ceramic glass cooktop or stove. This 7 minute video covers how to clean some of the toughest burnt on stains. Applicable to electric and gas cooktops.

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