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26 Oct 11 Ceramcor Xtrema Cookware

What solution to a common problem does Xtrema Cookware solve? Xtrema non-stick cookware clearly addresses todays growing desire for a healthier cooking alternative to metal non-stick cookware and their coatings, which can eventually deteriorate and peel or flake off into foods. Xtrema also addresses the desire for greater functionality in terms of usage with multiple cooking appliances. No metal cookware can be used in the microwave oven and most are not recommended for use under the broiler. On the contrary, Xtrema can be used safely and effectively in both the microwave oven and under the broiler. More versatility means fewer pans to use and clean. Xtrema is made of Extreme Temperature Ceramics which provides the consumer with the healthiest non-stick cookware ever made. This cookware promotes healthy cooking; nutritional cooking and flavor enhanced cooking. Healthy Cookware Healthy Cooking Healthy Food Healthy Bodies What makes your Xtrema unique? Xtremas uniqueness is a combination of its material (high temperature ceramic), its low thermal expansion coefficient (ability to withstand sudden and extreme temperature changes), its thermal conductivity (for even heating), its ultra-durable Nano-glaze non-stick coating (inside & out), its versatility (freezer, oven, microwave, toaster over, broiler, table serving capabilities) and its cooking process (far-infrared cooking from the inside and outside at the same time). In addition, foods cooked in Xtrema will simply taste

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29 Jun 11 Emile Henry Flame Top cookware

Jacques Henry, President of Emile Henry, presents the new Emile Henry Flame cookware manufacturing process including a cooking demonstration by Patrick Lobo, Sales Manager at Emile Henry. The Emile Henry Flame cookware is designed to be sturdy and durable for cooking in the oven; gas flame, electric or halogen stove top; or over an open flame on the grill. Products include various sizes of dutch ovens / stewpots, braiser, fondue set, tagine, rectangular roasting pans, oval stewpots, and tarte tatin set. This innovative ceramic cookware comes in a variety of colors: red, black, blue, green, and fig (dark purple). The clay cookery locks in the flavors and cooks evenly. Compared to cast iron cookware, they’re just as strong but weigh 30% less. It is microwave and dishwasher-safe where metal cookware is not. Its surface cleans up easily and it is so durable that a cook can cut directly in the cookware even with an electric knife without fear of scratching, chipping or cracking the surface. Flame-Top goes under the broiler and directly from a freezer or refrigerator into a hot oven. Emile Henry flame cookware can be purchased online at
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My husband put this solar oven together using 1 large storage jar glass with cover —- .00 1 black, glazed ceramic jar —-.00 white nylon strings ( for sling) & small car sunshade( we already happened to have) We’ve spent only an extra .00 to make this homemade solar oven.
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22 Apr 11 Optimus Crux Stove and Optimus Terra Solo Cookware

Optimus Crux Stove and Optimus Terra Solo Cookware
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