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14 Oct 13 Coway Juicepresso CJP 03


The new Juicepresso CJP 03 from Coway is a slow juicer. The Juicepresso CJP 03 features Coway Smart Extraction System, that does not grind but squeezes ingredients for higher extraction rate and juice that does not become separated.


Juicepresso CJP 03 comes with the specially designed, light yet powerful DC geared motor and patented integrated squeezing technology. The Smart Extraction System of Coway Juicepresso consists of screw, mesh screen and rotating brush. Durable, easily cleaned and eco friendly, the system delivers outstanding juicing results. Safety sensor automatically stops the juicer if hopper is opened or system is clogged. Coway.



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12 Sep 13 Coway OXY generator and humidifier


Coway OXY works as both, oxygen generator and humidifier. This stylish dual function device provides the simultaneous supply of moisture and oxygen, which is particularly beneficial to your health. The decorative OXY is fitted with mood illumination and a wake-up lighting to rouse you at a predetermined time.

Unlike zeolite-based oxygen generators that often deliver very dry oxygen, the Coway OXY supplies a combination of moisture and pure oxygen. The oxygen generator can either be docked on the main body or can be disconnected and used as a separate unit.

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08 Sep 12 Coway air purifiers and humidifiers with real pine scent


These elegant and uncomplicated air purifiers and humidifiers, Coway AM-1012AD shown above and Coway APM-1211GH are multifunctional air purifiers, equipped with a 4-stage filter system which removes fine dust, viruses and toxic gases, as well as with a humidity filter to moisturise and dry the air.


The beautifully shaped air purifiers come with the eco-friendly active sterilization, certified by Korea Forest Research Institute. You get the fresh, completely natural atmosphere of a forest, brought into your room through the release of antimicrobial Phytoncides – naturally sterilizing substances which are extracted from pines and cedars. Coway.


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04 Aug 11 Coway Juicepresso slow juicer


Coway Juicepresso delivers low speed juicing for maximum nutrition and taste. The unique Smart Extraction System of this slow juicer gently extract all nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and preserves flavour from fruits and vegetables. With Juicepresso, you simply get the most nutritious juice.


Unlike a typical masticating juicer or blender that grinds or rips apart fruits or vegetables, Coway slow juicer gently presses juice out, often yielding up to twice more juice and delivering up to four times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. And by minimising friction and heat, Juicepresso delivers live nutrition and preserves flavour and colour. The juicer is also characterized by low operation noise and very easy to clean. Price is around € 400. Coway.


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