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20 Dec 13 Sirius Booming decorative wall extractor


Another modern model from Sirius collection of the modern wall hoods by Fabrizio Crisa, the Booming is stylish rectangle-shaped decorative wall extractor with 800 m³/h blower, progressive charge 3 speeds + light control panel, a 6 Watt LED strip and anodized aluminium filter. Made from top quality painted stainless steel in RAL colors. Sirius.





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27 Oct 12 Whirlpool Art Gallery decorative range hood


This beautiful decorative range hood from Whirlpool works in either recirculating or exhaust mode, instantly turning your kitchen in a must-see for friends and neighbours. Featuring 3-speed blower with top extraction rate of 570 cubic meters per hour, Whirlpool Art Gallery is a decorative hood with stainless steel structure covered by a colourful etched glass panel. Available with 6 interchangeable decorative panels – Cocktail, Imagination, Shadow, Harlequin, Monochrome and Vintage, the wall range hood comes with 2 halogen lamps, charcoal filter and is quiet, reaching only 60 dB of noise level. The glass panels are quite simple to change, affixing them to the steel structure just like a painting to the wall. Price for Whirlpool Art Gallery decorative range hood is around € 750, with each additional panel going for € 250.






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15 Feb 12 Decorative LED lighting fixture – Hera L-Pad luminaire


The elegant, decorative L-Pad LED lighting fixture is designed for the illumination of kitchen worktops. Made from anodised aluminium to enable adequate cooling of the diodes and allow for under wall installation, these Hera L-Pad luminaires are finished in high-gloss black, grey or white colors. The rectangular and extremely flat shape holds a square printed circuit board with 36 high-power LEDs. An optional touchless IR switch operates the luminaire and the integrated Hera Nightlight System guides your way through the dark night. Very long life of 30,000 hours ensures that you will enjoy this decorative LED lighting fixture for quite a while. Hera.




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05 Jan 12 Decorative island range hoods from Sirius


Looking like an expensive designer lamp, Sirius SILT21 is one of the quintessential Sirius decorative island hoods, available with white, black and stainless canopies. Equipped with LED lighting, washable anodized aluminium filter, carbon filter and 550 cubic-meter per hour motor, these remotely controlled island range hoods will hold their own when clearing your kitchen air from undesirable fumes and smoke.



The SILT18 is another elegant decorative island range hood that Sirius recently introduced. Made of white or black fiberglass and chromed stainless steel, these island vent hoods come with remote control, 6-layer aluminium anodized washable filter, carbon filter, 550 cubic-meter per hour motor and ambient LED lighting.


Made of AISI 304 polished stainless steel, the round MOD406 is decorative island range hood, designed for those who like simple lines and minimalist Italian design. The 800 cubic-meter per hour blower delivers top notch extraction. Anodized aluminium grease filter, LED lighting, remote control, black or white finish. Sirius.


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28 Dec 11 Decorative wall hood by Silverline


This elegant decorative wall hood simply demands attention, making the kitchen an instant center of your house. Equipped with Silverline 4-speed plus Intensive blower, the Polaris Lumina Deluxe wall ventilation hood can reach 800 m³/h airflow and features 15-minute follow-up extraction to completely purify the air.

Able to keep up with the best decorative wall hoods, Polaris comes with electronic controls, filter cleaning indicator, dishwasher-safe grease filters, 4 LED lights and 2 ambient 25 watt lamps. Price is around € 750. Silverline.


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29 Jun 11 Decorative stove hoods by Fabita

Founded in 2010, FABITA makes decorative stove hoods and modern cooktops in Fabriano, Italy. When it comes to the design, you can clearly see the influence of Elica and Falmec, but the decorative hoods from FABITA use proprietary air extraction technologies which are among the most advanced available today. The result are powerful, quiet and efficient stove hoods that feature 4-speed electronic touch controls, timer, halogen lights, 800 m³/h maximum extraction rate and can be installed virtually anywhere. Fabita.




Wall mounted decorative hoods,
Decorative range hoods
Decorative ventilation hoods


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25 Mar 11 Amica decorative cooker hoods


The new Amica decorative cooker hoods eliminate all unwanted smells and impress with their elegant design. The hoods provide maximum headroom while their clean lines of black glass and stainless steel fit perfectly into a modern kitchen environment.

Amica offers two new cooker hood models with round black glass canopies – Ellipse Black 80 and Moon Black 80. These stunning and technically advanced decorative cooker hoods are quiet and powerful, capable of working as recirculated or ducted extractors. Amica. See also Amica Scandium oven.


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