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23 Nov 11 Bumble and bumble. Silicones: Defrizz, Straight, and Bb.Shine

DeFrizz DeFrizz does just what its name says it does and though it boasts the most concise ingredient list of all our products (with only two types of pure silicone), it has a long list of potential uses (not the least of which is to lubricate sliding doors). It coats the hair with an ultra-light emulsion that creates a barrier against humidity and helps control curl, frizz (of course), and flyaway hair. It has a lovely, silky feel and sheen and it’s much lighter than most oils or emollients. DeFrizz is a perfectly neutral base for many of our stylists’ favorite styling product ‘recipes’ for natural looks. It lends some lustre or softens hold, especially on finer hair where oils or waxes can be too heavy. Straight In typical grass-is-always-greener fashion, naturally curly women often wish they had anything but. We endured a period when early ‘friends’ of Jennifer Aniston were burning out our blow-dryers in pursuit of her suddenly famous hairstyle. They came in droves, and being New Yorkers, they wanted it faster, better and cheaper, not to mention straighter. So we came out Straight away with a win-win solution. A blend of no fewer than five types of silicones, it makes short work of the curliest client, and properly coached in the art of the blow-dry, sends them home with a valuable tool. Bb.Shine Brilliant glimmer. Sleek texture. Sultry movement. This versatile, high sheen styling product offers endless shimmer and polished elegance. Inspired during photo shoots where
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