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25 Nov 11 Dirty Electricity all Around Us Part 2

Cordless Phones Health Rsks : Blue tube headset : If you want to get a major dose of dirty electricity, use a hair dryer. This device uses up to 500 times more dirty EMR than microwave ovens, electric ranges and washing machines. This past week I also used a GPS device to keep me from getting lost in Boston. It showered me with electrical signals from 2000 satellites in outer space. Most people are not aware of this invisible fog of EMR and its implications on our health. But it’s not fooling wildlife. Birds, bats and bees are known to abandon regions where cell towers are built. Scientists in Russia have been at the forefront of EMR research. During World War II they noticed that radar operators often suffered from symptoms that we now attribute to EMR. And during the height of the cold war they secretly bombarded the US embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation causing radiation sickness in American staff. Later, in 2007, a collaboration of scientists from the US, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and China released a 650 page report citing 2000 studies that detailed the toxic effects of EMR. It concluded that even low level radiation could impair immunity and contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and heart disease. Other studies have linked EMR to miscarriage, birth defects, suicide, Lou Gehrig’s and Parkinson Disease. But in addition to these disorders there’s evidence that EMR triggers cancer. In Australia in 1956, when television was

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27 Jul 11 Cam’ron- Killa Kam (dirty)

ma’ favorite track off Cam’s album, Purple Haze (2004). Classic joint

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15 Jun 11 How to wash dirty dishes by the Master Poet

The old Master Poet just hates washing dishes, but you know what, he does it anyway…why? Because if he doesn’t they pile up real high in the sink, and start to stink. Hey I just rhymed. Anyway, old Irvin shows us the best way to wash them dirty dishes up. He tells you all his life long secrets about how to warsh them babies. Well, I hope you all learn something.

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03 May 11 Dirty Jobs – High-Rise Window Washer – Mike On The Edge

Dirty Jobs returns Tuesdays @ 9pm EP on Discovery! Check out Mike’s funniest, grossest, goofiest, most ridiculous reactions: Window washing a high-rise office building sounds like just the job for Mike. He dangles precariously off the side in preparation for the dirtiest and possibly scariest job yet! In the October 13th episode of Dirty Jobs, Mike travels to Hawaii and joins the crew of Worldwide Window Cleaning where he harnesses up and hops into a bosun’s chair to clean windows 40 stories above downtown Honolulu.

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18 Mar 11 What’s My Range Again? (quick and dirty guide to figure out your vocal range)

In response to this thread on ScoreHero: Link to the online keyboard: Wikipedia page on pitch notation: And I don’t know, maybe this will be of interest to somebody. I had never actually checked my range before this thread got put up, so I thought it was kind of a fun exercise. 😛

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