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03 Aug 15 Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 36″ French Door Refrigerator


Introducing the next generation in Fisher & Paykel refrigeration. With new flush-fit design and the ability to easily slide into existing kitchen spaces or be integrated behind kitchen cabinetry, these family-size refrigerators offer a seamless look to the kitchen while providing excellent food care with ActiveSmart technology.

ActiveSmart consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations accordingly to deliver a consistent and stable temperature. Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart adjusts to the way you live. Its ability to respond to daily use means that it only uses the energy needed to keep your food fresher for longer.

Contemporary kitchens are living spaces. Part of this evolution is increasingly refined design, flush fit cabinetry and appliances that enhance ergonomics as well as provide options to either showcase through crisp stainless steel or combine through custom panel finishes. Our built-in series is designed to be seamless.

The Humidity Control System, together with the cool and consistent temperature delivered by ActiveSmart Technology, creates the perfect microclimate for your produce.

Sensors constantly record changes to fridge and freezer compartments, including when the doors are opened and when new items are introduced, ensuring temperature in each compartment is kept constant.

Independent variable-speed fans control airflow through multiple air ducts to all compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to ensure food safety and maintain food quality. Fisher & Paykel.


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16 Nov 14 Siemens iQ700 French Door fridge freezer


This innovative French Door design of Siemens iQ700 fridge freezer offers many functional benefits and also looks very cool. With its expressive eye catching linear design the iQ700 French Door refrigerator is a real attention getter.


Its impressively orderly interior shows ingenious use of space and includes technical features that are simply state-of-the-art – Siemens vitaFresh keeps food fresh 3 times as long, the iceTwister delivers a constant supply of ice cubes and noFrost means never having to defrost again.

The French doors with solid, vertical bar handles on top, 2 drawers with integrated horizontal handles on the bottom deliver the smartly planned space allocation The new Siemens iQ700 fridge freezer is available with fronts in frameless black glass or high-quality stainless steel, offering a truly distinctive mark on your kitchen.

The iQ700 fridge freezer has 5 very clear benefits for better storage conditions. The doors need less space to open, ideal for tight spaces or small kitchens. Second, in spite of the divided doors, the interior is a single contiguous space with room for platters and other large items. The third benefit is that the entire refrigerator compartment is in an ergonomically accessible position, so foods that are frequently needed are at eye level and easy to find. On the other hand, frozen foods are stored for the long term in the 2 drawers at the bottom, which and that brings the fourth, can be conveniently filled and emptied from above. Last but not least, the French doors save energy – often only one side needs to be opened, so less cold air can escape.

The proprietary Siemens cooling system also meets the highest standards. With vitaFresh, the iQ700 uses technology from professional refrigeration facilities. It extends the storage time for all foods by cooling them almost to the freezing point. A dry climate zone keeps fish, meat and soft cheeses fresh much longer at just over 0°C. In the vitaFresh Dew Point zone with its high humidity, salads and most fruits and vegetables retain their vitamins, nutrients and fresh appearance much longer. That saves time for the owners of Siemens French Door refrigerators as they can shop less often.

Other convenient extras include the long lasting and energy efficient LED interior lighting and the iceTwister integrated in the freezer section. And thanks to noFrost, no unwanted frost can form on the walls or the stored food, so defrosting can be struck from the list of unloved household chores. Available spring 2015 in 2 models – Siemens KM40FAI20, iQ700 French door fridge-freezer with stainless steel front and Siemens KM40FSB20, iQ700 French door fridge-freezer with black glass front. Siemens.


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24 Jul 14 Haier French Door fridge freezer with curved door panels


With its distinctive outer design finished in titanium gold shade, gently curved door panels and overall straight lines, this Haier REF 728 French Door fridge freezer makes an instant eye-catcher in your modern living quarters.

Designed for the most demanding buyers the French Door refrigerator uses transparent crystal handles with hexagonal light patterns, fused with innovative S-shaped curved lines and straight lines.

Technologically, the Haier REF-728 offers unique Air Blast technology, variable frequency DC compressor, Soft Touch LED temperature controls, interior LED lighting, automatic 3 in 1 Turbo sterilization which kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, touch activated Human Sense door opening, My Zone drawers with convertible zones where temp can vary from -18°C to +5°C and Multi Dimensional drawers. Haier. Previously, Haier French Door refrigerator.


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26 Jun 14 GE Monogram French Door wall oven


The new French Door wall oven from GE Monogram brings GE professional cooking technology to aspiring home chefs who want nothing but the very best in their kitchens. The oven is the industry first connected French Door wall oven that combines exceptional ease of use with GE advanced technology and cooking performance.

Because the oven doors open in the middle instead of the top, you can stand closer to the oven when lifting items in and out, while maintaining distance from the hot doors. The French Door wall oven doors open together for added convenience, especially helpful when juggling multiple cooking tasks. As a benefit for small kitchens, the French Door design requires less space in front of the oven, making it ideal for areas with limited floor space.

Additional Monogram French Door wall oven features include,
– the industry first connected technology in a French Door oven that allows you to control the functions remotely from your smartphones
– True European Convection with Direct Air system that envelops food, delivering evenly cooked results
– Pro Design with industrial appearance that aligns with today appliance design trends
– theater style LED interior lighting that helps you easily gauge cooking status visually
– largest French door wall oven capacity at 5 cubic feet

The Monogram French door wall oven, the ZET1FHSS is available in Professional Style in stainless steel finish and has an MSRP of ,699. Anticipated availability date is February 2015. GE Monogram.


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23 Jun 14 Haier French Door refrigerator


The stylish and beautifully finished Haier French Door refrigerator, the HB25FSSAAA makes a bold statement in your modern kitchen with its solid design and brushed stainless look. The standard depth, 685 liter double drawer, Total No Frost fridge freezer offers plenty of space and advanced cooling technology to meet and exceed all your cooling needs.


The ‘A++’ rated Haier French Door refrigerator features 6 spacious door bins, 3 shelves and 4 fresh food, humidity-controlled drawers, all illuminated by bright yet gentle-on-the-eyes LED lighting to make sure you can promptly find the foodstuffs you are looking for.

Other key characteristics of the Haier HB25FSSAAA include Turbo Fresh system, Multi Flow system, Super Cool and Super Freeze functions, antibacterial system, My Zone compartment, automatic ice maker, electronic controls, fuzzy logic, Holiday function and 3D freezer drawers. Price is around 3,000 €. Haier.


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22 Apr 14 Samsung French Door refrigerator with integrated Soda Stream module


The 31 cu. ft. French Door, double drawer refrigerator with automatic sparkling water dispenser, the Samsung RF31FMESBSR gives you the crisp delicious taste of sparkling water straight from your refrigerator door. The 4-door refrigerator uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 carbonator installed in a small, concealed yet easily accessible area inside the refrigerator.


With Twin Cooling Plus which uses two separate cooling circuits for refrigerator and freezer sections, the refrigerator air is kept at higher, near commercial grade humidity levels to keep food fresher longer. Dryer freezer air means less freezer burn for better tasting frozen foods.


The Samsung RF31FMESBSR Ice Master produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day and stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice. This space saving design leaves more room in the refrigerator.

The French Door refrigerator comes with counter height FlexZone Drawer to create 4 flexible size compartments with Samsung adjustable Smart Divider. Features 4 customizable temperature settings – Meats 29°F, Cold Drinks 33°F, Deli / Snacks 37°F, and Party Dishes 42°F. Plus, the convenient, counter-height drawer is easily accessible for kids.

3-way Slide-in / Flip-up Shelf accommodates all storage needs, You can use it like a standard shelf, slide-in for more space and flip-up for even more to fit taller items with ease.


Sleek LED display for settings and temperature display, water, ice and soda dispenser.


High efficiency LED lighting design beautifully lights up the interior so you are able to quickly spot what you want. Sleek design saves more space than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

The Samsung RF31FMESBSR SodaStream refrigerator sells for around ,900. In Europe, the similar RF24HSESBS model will be available for suggested price of € 3,900. Samsung.


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17 Apr 13 GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser


More details on the new GE Café French door refrigerator, the CFE29TSDSS, that has hot water dispenser. Previously covered in GE French Door refrigerators for 2012, this 29 cubic foot fridge freezer heats up to 10 ounces of filtered water in minutes, using customized 90°F to 185°F temperature range or 4 preprogrammed settings, which are 90°F Keep Warm, 150°F Cocoa, 170°F Tea and 185°F Soup.


GE is betting on the rapidly growing tea popularity in the U.S. The tea industry has steadily increased from under billion in 1992 to over billion in 2012. And coffee drinking remains very robust. Thus, if you are a tea aficionado, there is no need for a thermometer and a sophisticated electric tea kettle to get a precise temperature at which to brew your favorite tea. More on GE Cafe Appliances.


In addition to hot water, this Café French door refrigerator features the most advanced water filtration system in the industry. The easily replaceable filter, the RPWF model is used in all latest GE French door refrigerators and certified by an independent third party to remove 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen and progesterone.

Other main elements of this GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser include,
– a full width, adjustable temperature controlled drawer to store meats, beverages, produce, cheeses and citrus foods at optimal storage temperatures, from 32°F to 40°F, with red, green, blue, aqua and purple LED lights in the drawer giving visual cues of the temperature chosen
– an innovative odor filter designed to allow you at the touch of a button to reduce unwanted odors within the fresh food section
– TwinChill Evaporators for separate air flows and climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to help maintain temperature and humidity levels to keep foods fresh
– a drop down egg tray, door storage for gallon sized products and adjustable shelves in the fridge section, and 3 freezer baskets and a space saving door ice maker in the freezer section

The suggested retail price of GE CFE29TSDSS Café French door refrigerator is ,000. GE Cafe.


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09 Oct 12 Mirror glass door fridge freezer from Daewoo


Black mirror glass finish or white, either Daewoo mirror glass fridge freezer, the RNT405GB or the RNT405GW the brings a unique sense of style and 365 litre cooling capacity together with ‘A’ energy rating, electronic touch control and LED lighting.


The Daewoo fridge freezer features spacious 245 litre fridge and 120 litre freezer sections, no frost and multi-net cooling functionality, door open alarm, extra large vegetable compartment, ice cube tray and 4 door bins for various foods. Other attributes include flush finish, concealed door grips and reversible door. Daewoo.


Daewoo refrigerator with black mirror doors
Daewoo fridge freezer


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10 Apr 12 GE French Door refrigerators for 2012


GE is about to offer new 29 cubic foot American-made French Door refrigerators. Featuring the most advanced ice and water technology on the market today, the new GE French Door refrigerators offer intelligent home technology that makes your world work better. Breaking new ground, the GE Profile model Hands-Free Autofill system eliminates the need to stand and wait, automatically filling any container with filtered water. In addition, the GE Cafe refrigerator is the first refrigerator to feature a hot water dispenser, capable of serving up tea and oatmeal in minutes. And in yet another industry breakthrough, the model easy-to-access advanced filtration system is the first to remove harmful pharmaceuticals from water and ice.


An industry-first, the 29 cubic foot GE Profile refrigerator features a Hands-free Autofill system that fully fills a glass, water bottle, coffee pot or pitcher. The dispenser pull-out tray holds a container so you can press the button and walk away while it fills up automatically. The technology behind the feature uses sound waves from ultrasonic sensors and proximity detectors similar to those used to fill up fuel tanks in locomotives. The French Door refrigerator also includes a PreciseFill feature that dispenses filtered water in accurate measurements for easy food and drink preparation.


The 29 cubic foot GE Cafe French Door refrigerators is the first refrigerator in the industry to feature a hot water dispenser, which can heat up to 12 ounces of water in two minutes – ideal for oatmeal, a cup of tea, or a bottle of baby formula. The hot water dispenser lets you accurately choose the perfect temperature or select one of the four pre-programmed settings to simplify hot food and drink preparation.


The new GE French Door Profile and Cafe refrigerators include a full-width, adjustable temperature-controlled drawer with five settings for meat, beverage, produce, cheese and citrus and temperatures ranging from 32°F to 40°F. The drawer is designed to keep specific foods and drinks at the proper storage temperature, but can also be set as the same temperature as the overall refrigerator. Colored LED lights in the drawer – red, green, blue, aqua and purple – can be set to remind you of the temperature setting you have chosen.

The French door refrigerators also feature TwinChill evaporators, which separate airflow and climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to help maintain temperature and humidity levels to keep foods fresh. The separation of the air limits the amount of humidity in the freezer, reducing freezer burn while keeping freezer odors from mixing with refrigerator odors.


As concern for water quality grows, all of the new GE French door refrigerators feature the most advanced water filtration system in the industry. The system has been tested and verified by an independent third party to remove 98% of five trace pharmaceuticals from drinking water and ice. The GE Profile model filter is conveniently and newly located on the inside of the refrigerator door, allowing for quick and easy filter replacement.

Some GE French door refrigerator models will also feature GE Brillion connected home technology. On this product, Brillion technology, when coupled with a GE Nucleus, enables a consumer to receive maintenance and service alerts, monitor energy consumption, and adjust some appliance settings remotely.

Additionally, showcase LED lighting produces lighter, crisper illumination throughout the refrigerator interior. And the line includes many extra storage features, such as a drop-down tray, three freezer baskets, a second icemaker in the freezer and a space-saving icemaker in the door.

The new GE Profile French Door refrigerators will also be available in 27 cubic feet models. The GE Profile refrigerators will be available in June, and the GE Café models will be available in the fourth quarter of the 2012. The range of estimated retail prices is from ,700 to ,000. GE Appliances.


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02 Apr 12 AGA French Door refrigerator


The ‘A+’ energy rated AGA French Door refrigerator, the AGA DxD double drawer offers 510 litre net refrigeration capacity, combined with an array of cleverly engineered features to provide an ultimate food storage for your family. Available in cream, black and stainless steel, the stylish French Door refrigerator features Super Freeze function, allowing you to freeze the food extremely fast, which helps keep the nutrients and minerals at best conditions much longer. In addition, the 90cm wide refrigerator is equipped with electronically controlled water dispenser with easily replaceable filter, so you have cold fresh filtered water at the touch of a button. And automatic ice maker always has clear ice cubes, unless you choose to turn it off to create additional freezer space.


The 121 litre frost-free double drawer freezer of this Aga refrigerator has -16°C to -22°C temperature range, keeping your items neatly separated among 5 compartments (2 upper, 3 lower), and can freeze 10kg of food in 24 hours. The refrigeration section features 6 spill-proof safe-glass shelves including 4 adjustable, 2 transparent acrylic drawers, a wide drawer, and 4 door racks and 2 compartments. Temperature range is between 1°C and 7°C.

Other features of the AGA DxD French Door refrigerator are door open alarm, control panel child lock, adjustable front feet and adjustable rear castors. AGA.


AGA refrigerator
AGA side by side fridge freezer
AGA undercounter refrigerator drawer
AGA refrigeration


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