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25 Nov 11 How to Grill Pizza – From Dough to done! pt 2 Gary House, The “Outdoor Cook” presents “How to Grill Pizza – From Dough to done!” We are making Pizza dough from scratch and grilling four easy pizzas on the grill. Episode 10 Part 2 Spices provided by http Keeping things simple the Cooking Everything Outdoors way! The how-to show of backyard and camp cooking. If it can be cooked indoors, I can show you how to cook it outdoors! If you want to learn how to use Dutch ovens, Barbecues, Fire Pits, Foil cooking and Camp cooking, then this is the show for you! Great product review and new ideas. Grill it, bake it, smoke it, fry it, we can do it. Questions? Comments? Email Gary: Please leave a comment and a rating, thank you! Visit for even more recipes, tips, tricks and really good times! “Get Out of the Kitchen, Light the Fire and Start Cooking Outdoors!” “Cooking Everything Outdoors” © http


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08 Sep 11 Making Pizza – Part 4 – Preparing the Dough

In a home environment, we do not have 700 degree pizza ovens. We have regular home ovens. So we need to prepare the dough accordingly so that will be crispy on the outside, and soft in the inside. The dough recipe is formulated to get the best out of a home environment. When it comes to the dough the most important thing to remember is: -Always pre-bake the dough until you see golden spotting on the top. About 10 min. You can let it golden a bit more if you choose. -Do not flour the dough. Use oil to grease the pan and roll out the dough. And that’s it! The texture of your dough may look different than mine. That’s ok. Yours may be more elasitcy. Just keep rolling it out until it cooperates. If you use too much oil it might retract back too much after you roll it out. I suggest wiping off the excess oil with a paper towel or such.
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25 Aug 11 Home Pizza making in Tokyo Japan – post dough & sauce 04

Important note: 220 C = 428 F (Not 500) I often make pizza for family and friends to avoid the high cost of delivery pizza in Japan, which runs about $ 45 for a large with two toppings. Most homes here do not have built-in convection ovens, so few people bake or make pizza at home, although specialized bread-making machines are popular. I happen to have a built-in convection oven. My friend was curious about pizza-making and wanted to record the process.

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05 Jul 11 Dough Roller-sheeter Demonstration, 2 pass. 877-354-1265 Toll Free

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27 May 11 Part 2 of 5 How To Make a Pizza Base – Kneading the Dough

Part 2 of 5 How To Make a Pizza Base – Kneading the Dough Learn how to knead pizza dough to get the best rise from your pizza with Mark Gill from Little Creatures
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18 May 11 Part 3 of 5 How To Make a Pizza Base – Shaping the Dough Balls

Part 3 of 5 How To Make a Pizza Base – Shaping the Dough Balls Learn how to shape the dough into dough balls ready for to make into a pizza base with Mark Gill from Little Creatures
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