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28 May 14 AEG OKOKombi Plus washer dryer and OKOMix washing machine


AEG introduces the first ever washer dryer with heat pump technology, the ÖKOKombi Plus, and its most efficient, high performance washing machine ever, the ÖKOMix.

Designed for the most efficient combined washing and drying performance in the world, the ÖKOKombi Plus uses 40% less energy compared to other ‘A’ energy rated washer dryers. It is best in class when it comes to energy and water usage, and the ‘A -40%’ energy rating equates to a saving of up to £70 per year in energy costs alone, compared with an ‘A’ rated model.

In addition to its very high efficiency and performance, the robust yet gentle ÖKOKombi comes with the 9 kg Protex Soft Drum that has tiny rounded holes, enabling it to treat even the most delicate of fabrics, like silk and wool, with the utmost care and attention.

Heat pump technology also enables drying at around 70°C, which is much lower than in conventional washer dryers and tumble dryers that use standard condenser technology. This means that fabrics are handled incredibly gently and are subjected to less heat during the drying process, meaning they are much less likely to shrink and fade. These superb performance and fabric care attributes have been certified with the Woolmark Blue accreditation, meaning that you can safely wash and dry Hand Wash Only garments to an exceptionally high standard.

The ÖKOKombi Plus also features the soft steam programs to deliver fluffy, crease free results, making ironing incredibly easy and hassle free. Steam is also the perfect solution for freshening up worn-once items and for giving delicate garments the attention and care they deserve.

Up to 6 kg of laundry can be washed and dried non-stop in one single cycle. All you have to do is activate the drying program at the start of the wash cycle, and drying will begin automatically when the machine has finished washing. This means that there is no need to separate the laundry or manually start the drying program.

AEG ÖkoKombi Plus L99695HWD 9+6kg washer dryer is equipped with the Permanent Magnet Inverter Motor which is up to 50% more efficient than a standard inverter motor, and is incredibly durable and very quiet. This washer dryer also employs the SilentSystem Plus for incredibly quiet operation.

The OptiSense system automatically adjusts program settings to maximize performance and minimize energy and water consumption, ensuring colours stay rich and vibrant for longer and energy costs are kept to a minimum.

Other features include,
– AutoOff automatically switches the machine off 10 minutes after the wash cycle ends
– intuitive LCD touch control and stainless steel panel
– 1,400 rpm max spin speed
– 5 year warranty
Price for the AEG ÖkoKombi Plus L99695HWD is £1,300.


The new AEG ÖKOMix washer offers an ‘A+++ -50%’ energy rating and Woolmark Platinum Accreditation. This washing machine comes with the innovative Pre-Mixing technology and the ÖKO Inverter Permanent Magnet Motor. You can wash everything from large 9kg cotton loads to the most delicate of Hand Wash Only garments such as silk and cashmere, while keeping a green conscience.

Unlike with the majority of washing machines that mix laundry, water and detergent together, so the detergent takes a rather long time to dissolve and get to work, with ÖKOMix Pre-Mixing technology, the detergent is first added to water to make an instant, concentrated wash mix. Then AEG DirectSpray system delivers the mix directly into the heart of your laundry, where it begins to work immediately. This results in a more thorough, yet gentle wash, that uses less energy and is just as effective at 30°C as it is at 40°C.

A full 9 kg load of soiled laundry can be washed perfectly at ‘A+++ -50%’ in under 3.5 hours, while smaller loads will be cleaned using the optimum amount of time, water and energy, as determined by the ÖKOMix washer many intelligent sensors. In comparison, other models available today promising the same extraordinary energy efficiency rating can take as long as 7 hours to complete the same wash.

The ÖKOMix washing machine comes with the Woolmark Green certificate for its exceptionally gentle care of woolen and cashmere garments. It treats all Hand Wash Only garments, no matter how expensive or delicate, with expert care.

The designated steam program can refresh Dry Clean Only suits and dresses, saving time and money.

The AEG L89499FL ÖKOMix washer perfectly complements the AEG ProSteam dryer, with matching large glass door, control panel and sleek silver frame. The LogicControl touch display is made of high quality stainless steel and has an anti fingerprint coating. Thanks to the intuitive menu guide, the washing machine is also extremely easy to operate.

The ÖKOMix washer features 16 programs including Super Eco, Delicates, Dry Clean Only. Price is £800. AEG.


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25 Mar 13 Bosch HomeProfessional dryer


The 8 kg Bosch WTY88701 is HomeProfessional self cleaning condenser heat pump dryer with ‘A++’ efficiency rating and Bosch SensitiveDrying drum structure for uniquely smooth and gentle drying. Equipped with the EcoSilence compressor, the machine is also very quiet, operating at just 63 dB.


With the top speed of 1,400 RPM, 14 humidity controlled drying programs including Wool, Synthetics, Sportswear and 2 Timed, and advanced ActiveAir Technology, your laundry will be handled swiftly yet with utmost care. In addition, Bosch HomeProfessional dryer is quite easy to work with through the touch control electronic display and Bosch trademark illuminated selector dial with integrated On / Off switch.


Other features are 24-hour start delay, anti-vibration design, interior light, child lock, end of cycle signal and reversible door hinges. Bosch HomeProfessional dryer sells for around € 900. Bosch. See also Electrolux EcoCare dryer.


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04 Nov 12 Miele Flacon tumble dryer


Your freshly dried clothes will now smell like roses. Well, not exactly but the 8kg T8866 WP Flacon tumble dryer from Miele comes with Cocoon fragrance pods which you can place in a designated holder to have fresh smelling laundry each and every cycle. Additional Cocoon as well as Aqua and Nature perfume pods sell for around £10.


The ‘AAA’ rated Flacon condenser dryer features Plus LCD display that shows settings and programs in different languages, sculptured honeycomb drum, environmentally friendly heat pump, delay start, anti-crease option, extended drying option and 12 programs – Automatic, Cottons, Minimum Iron, Woollens Handcare, Express, Denim, Shirts, Outerwear, Sportswear, Silks Handcare, Gentle Smoothing and Timed Drying Warm Air & Cool Air.


In addition, Miele Flacon tumble dryer has Perfect Dry function on sensor controlled drying programs that measures the residual moisture in the load as well as the conductivity level of the water to gauge exactly when the laundry is perfectly dry. Price for Miele T8866 WP is around € 1,900.


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28 Apr 12 Meson shoe dryer and deodorizer


There are many far less pleasant things in life than sweaty socks and shoes. Still, the new sock and show dryer and deodorizer from Meson will certainly come handy for many athletes and the rest of us.

Electric shoe dryer from Meson uses constant, electronically controlled temperature to dry wet and sweaty shoes. It also employs negative oxygen ions to sterilize socks and shoes, effectively removing moisture, mould and killing bacteria in the process, without damaging shoes and socks. Comes in several colors.


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21 Nov 11 Repaired Dryer Heating Element

My Maytag electric dryer’s heating element broke. I reconnected the coil using a bolt and two washers. This was the test to see if it worked, it did.
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06 Nov 11 Bosch EcoLogixx dryer


The Bosch EcoLogixx 7 S is the elegant condenser dryer equipped with energy saving ActiveAir heat pump, helping this Bosch dryer to achieve ‘A’-40% energy rating, which essentially means it is 40% more energy efficient than comparable ‘A’ rated dryers. With 7kg drying capacity, EcoLogixx dryers also feature a quite sophisticated stainless steel drum design, ensuring that laundry is treated with the greatest possible care.

The intuitive touch control panel of the self cleaning dryer which can be paired with your favorite Bosch washing machine, offers access to 15 programs with adjustable drying temperatures, 3 drying levels and options including Mixture, Shirts & Blouses, Sportswear, Super Quick, Timed Programs and Woollens Finish. In addition, this top performing dryer has advanced moisture monitoring system, 24-hour start delay, drying progress indicator, digital countdown indicator, blocked filter indicator, drying time selector, anti-crease, interior light and reduced ironing option. Price for the Bosch EcoLogixx dryer is around £460.


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08 Oct 11 New washer and dryer

I received my new Samsung 448 washer and dryer today. The gas outlet wasn’t quite within reach so the appliances had to be positioned in a sub-optimal orientation. The small hole for the gas line and the larger hole for the dryer exhaust don’t look like clean cuts. Perhaps I’ll cut out the plaster, extend the gas line with some black pipe, then fit some drywall in with better openings.
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24 Aug 11 Working on a GE Dryer pt.1

GE class on there appliances

There are only 4 steps you need to know to upgrade your cisco asa ios and asdm. 1- copy the cisco asdm and ios to disk 0: copy tftp disk0:/ 2- delete the old version delete disk0:/ 3- upload the new versions conf t boot system disk0:/newiosversion asdm image disk0:/newasdm 4- reload

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03 Aug 11 Troubleshooting ge gas dryer that has no Heat

If your Ge style Dryer has no heat wacth this video. For more free videos, service manuals, expert advice, parts visit
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17 Jul 11 Home Appliances : Things to Check If a Dryer Doesn’t Heat

Oftentimes, if a dryer doesn’t dry clothes completely, it’s because the wrong setting has been selected. Learn about the two sides to the line for an electric dryer with help from the president of a factory-authorized appliance service company in this free video on home appliances and dryers. Expert: Paul Dodge Contact: Bio: Appliance Service by Paul proudly serves the Salt Lake County, Utah County, Park City Dear Valley area, parts of Southern Davis and parts of Tooele County. Filmmaker: Michael Burton Series Description: Care and maintenance of home appliances can go a long way towards achieving optimal efficiency and longevity. Find out how to keep washers, dryers, refrigerators and more working effectively with tips from this free video series on home appliances.
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