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06 Dec 14 Ariete Pastamatic machine, 1950 Edition ultimate pasta maker


This is your authentic Italian pasta maker that would satisfy the most demanding past lovers. The automatic Pastamatic machine from Ariete is a practical and simple to use must-have for every pasta enthusiast.


First, you prepare the dough, then the 1950 Edition pasta maker does the rest. You need water, flour, fresh eggs and spices, and within minutes, the machine prepares your favourite type of pasta. With 6 different attachments and a special disc you can make every type of pasta as well as professional grade cookies and tarts. Ariete.


Pastamatic Gourmet 1950 Edition kitchen machine with glass blender
Ariete Pastamatic Gourmet kitchen machine, 1950 Edition





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01 Aug 14 JURA J500 Anniversary Edition espresso machine


The Jura J500 Anniversary Edition features the high resolution, 3.5-inch color TFT display and the convenient rotary switch for self explanatory, intuitive operation. With the help of new animated icons, you can save and name up to 6 coffee drinks. Whether it is latte macchiato, espresso or cappuccino, your favorite drink is just a button push away. The espresso machine celebrates the 20th anniversary of JURA high quality technology and Impressa line.

The modern screen graphics not only make the coffee selection easy. The TFT screen, bright silver front, sleek black sides and high quality glass cup platform project sophisticated, contemporary design.

The new JURA J500 also features the Intelligent Pre Brew system, the ultra fast multilevel flavor grinder grinds, the integrated fine foam technology and the rapid thermoblock technology – all to ensure optimal preparation conditions and perfect taste. In addition, the JURA Anniversary Edition is equipped with programmable power saving mode ESM and the Zero-Energy Switch to eliminate unnecessary standby power consumption. Price is € 2,000. JURA.


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05 Dec 13 illy X7.1 limited edition


The new illy X7.1 iperEspresso is a limited edition of this Francis Francis X7 espresso machine. Designed by Italian architect Luca Trazzi, the illy X7.1 is a modern take on the classic, at the touch of a button espresso machine, that makes a first class barista out of your ordinary coffee lover.


All you have to do is insert an illy iperEspresso capsule into the X7.1 portafilter and push Start. In less than 30 seconds, you enjoy authentic, full bodied, balanced, café quallty Italian espresso. Also, illy Francis Francis Y3 iperEspresso,


iperEspresso capsules yield the best extraction results every time. illy X7.1 limited edition is equipped with an integrated, professional steaming wand for silky, frothy cappuccino. Because the ground coffee never comes into contact with espresso machine, cleaning and maintenance are quite minimal.


Key features are 15 bar pressure pump, programmable volume settings, automatic stop, Pannarello wand, hot water option, automatic shut off, quick cooling process from cappuccino to espresso, automatic decalcification program and touch keypad. Price is € 210 in Europe and 5 in the US.




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23 Jan 12 Whirlpool Limited Edition MAX Microwave


The Limited Edition Max Microwave was released to celebrate 100 years since Whirlpool establishment. This microwave comes with 6th sense technology and features both Steam and Crisp functions together for the first time. In addition, this microwave has an ambient lighting system to help quickly and easily identify which program the microwave is on. The White Light for example, indicates that the microwave is ready to use.

The MAX Limited Edition retains all the innovative features of Whirlpool popular MAX microwave range including the sleek design which allows it to elegantly fit in virtually any kitchen. The uniquely curved back allows it to be placed directly into corners, unlike traditional microwaves, freeing up a valuable worktop space.

The Whirlpool microwave comes in three finished – Moonlight, Platinum Bronze and Caffeine – and with an extensive range of high tech functions.


The Red Light indicates that the microwave is cooking using one of the following functions,
– 6th Sense Crisp, a quick and easy way to prepare deliciously crispy foods like bread, quiche and pizza
– Manual Crisp, an exclusive function of Whirlpool microwave ovens, which uses the patented Crisp plate, 3D microwave system and quartz grill to provide perfect crispy and crunchy food, both on the surface and on the underside in just a few minutes
– Microwave, Whirlpool 3D patented microwave distribution system, the only one able to guarantee the perfect three-dimensional distribution of microwaves inside the oven
– Quartz Grill, a fast, efficient self-cleaning grill that reaches high temperatures in very few seconds and uses less energy than a traditional grill yet cooks 3 times faster
– Combi, microwave and grill combination that ensures browning results as good as those expected from a traditional oven


The Blue Light means the 6th Sense Jet Defrost function is in operation, taking advantage of Whirlpool exclusive 3D microwave distribution system to ensure high-speed, uniform defrosting, due to the three-dimensional movement of the microwaves that easily reach every part of the food.


The Green Light indicates that the 6th Sense Steam function is in use, carefully controlling the steaming process to cook vegetables, fish and many other types of food in the healthiest possible way.

In addition to ambient lighting, the MAX Limited Edition Microwave features flat mirror glass door and integrated handle for the sleek modern style Whirlpool is known for. The smart round back makes the oven compact externally but very spacious internally. With a width of just 39cm, the clever design means the Limited Edition MAX can hold plates up to 28cm in diameter, leaving you more usable space without any bulk.


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27 Nov 11 Kuppersbusch range hood from Black Chrome Edition


Black Chrome Edition brings this stunning Kuppersbusch range hood with bright halogen lighting, rim suction technology, electronic controls and 4-speed blower. Designed to work with duct, the KD 9570.0 BC range hood can function perfectly well in recirculation mode with charcoal filter and a few simple adjustments.


Equipped with washable metal grease filter and high power setting for that extra punch, the height adjustable 90cm wide Kuppersbusch range hood perfectly fits with the EKI 8840.0 BC Kuppersbusch cooktop, delivering powerful 800 m³/h airflow, and featuring filter saturation indicator and automatic delay stop. Price is around € 1,420. Kuppersbusch.


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24 Aug 11 whisky review 99 – snow and Lagavulin Distillers Edition

… a Winter time favourite with many frosty Maltsters (in need of heating up) is the sweeter sherried Peat Monsters including this one here !
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Check out the latest single from Yung Tone heating up clubs and mix shows near you. The video was shot by Tommy Smalls and features cameos from Indiana’s finest.

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30 Jun 11 Till I Collapse [Home Edition] (An Eminem Parody)

This is a parody of Till I Collapse by Eminem It shows the importance of finishing your chores And how these people take it very very seriously It’s an old day commercial Brought to you by Mrs. Buttersworth Lmao Download: Lyrics: I wont collapse aint takin a nap, til i am finished with all of these house chores ones that youd think were a bore like dishes Theres laundry galore and so therefore get baskets And I jam to hip-hop as I sort whites and darks I got spoons and forks, when Ima start cleaning them. my dishwasher dont work, by hand imma wash them Cleaning is a sport and i should get an award for all of my hard work. vacuumings hardly clean enough. I clean when im bored clean when it pours i dont stop when thunder roars and work is not a chore to me. I’m pro at dusting, and i can mop, youre gonna shit yourself or slip on my tiles i mopped perfectly. You hear it a lot, and it dont shock. But when you see my spotless carpet my vacuum tactics you wont mock Fa shizzle my wizzle these are my socks, see they’re white… You bizzles cant top kizzle’s quick shot of detergent Til the stains come out Til the dishes washed Til the dirts swept up Wont take a rest Til the dogs are fed Til I organize I’mma do this shit Til my house look nice [Verse #2:] Cleaning is like magic theres a certain feeling you get when you vacuum carpet and and when you clean yer dishes. These are your chores man and every single minute you spend tryin take ya time with it cause you may

In this video I show how Miele dishwasher’s baskets are flexible.

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04 Apr 11 Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition – A Fragile Hope – Tatooine cutscenes

This video is brought to you by Galaxies and Comics forum. – where science fiction and fans meet together. The first mission in this new setting consists of Marek being sent to Tatooine to find information regarding the stolen Death Star plans. Carving his way through numerous Jawas and Tusken Raiders, Marek breaks into Jabba’s palace and cuts down numerous thugs in an effort to gain a meeting with the crime lord. His destructive spree impresses Jabba, and he agrees to meet with Marek. Marek inquires about two droids; a protocol droid and an astromech droid; who are thought to hold the plans. Jabba initially denies any knowledge of these droids, but a foolish blunder on the part of his current translator droid gives away his deception. Enraged by this latest development, Jabba drops Marek into the Rancor pit. However, Marek kills the Rancor and escapes through the palace incinerator, encountering a salvaged and hobbled PROXY along the way. PROXY helps Marek bypass the garbage disposal security, allowing him to escape to the Palace hangar, where he is confronted by Boba Fett, who is looking to collect on the bounty on Marek’s head. The two engage in a lengthy battle, but Marek ultimately prevails when he telekinetically throws one of Fett’s rockets back at him, apparently killing the bounty hunter. Following the information inadvertently revealed by Jabba’s translator, Marek travels to Mos Eisley and storms in on Docking Bay 94 just as the droids
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