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30 Aug 14 Electrolux UltraOne Quattro vacuum


The new Electrolux UltraOne Quattro vacuum is an ‘AAAA’ graded vacuum cleaner, according to the new EU energy labeling and eco design regulations. The Quattro has ‘A’ grade in 4 categories – energy efficiency, dust pickup on both carpet and hard floor, and dust reemission.

The new energy labeling and eco design regulations apply in the EU from September 1, requiring vacuum cleaner manufacturers to grade the corded products using an ‘A’ to ‘G’ scale on energy efficiency, dust pickup on carpet and hard floor with crevices, dust reemission and the sound level measured in decibels.

Powered by the 800 watt, Eco Force motor, the Electrolux UltraOne Quattro offers better dust pickup performance than a much higher wattage vacuum cleaner on both hard floor with crevices and on carpet, but with significantly lower energy consumption. See Electrolux UltraOne Mini.

The new vacuum cleaner also features Electrolux innovate SilentAir Technology for quiet operation, specially designed ergonomic handle and brand new AeroPro Parketto Pro nozzle with front lights for thorough dust pick on hard floors with crevice. The Pro nozzle comes with the sealed brushes around the edges.

Other features of the ‘AAAA’ rated Electrolux UltraOne Quattro vacuum are 12 meter operating range, 5-liter dust bag and washable Allergy Plus air filter. Available fall 2014 for around € 550. Electrolux. Previously, Siemens Q8 Series vacuum cleaner.


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10 May 14 Electrolux Expressionist Collection


The new Electrolux Expressionist Collection comes with many smart features, including 24-hour auto start for the coffee maker, variable temperature control for the water kettle and a countdown timer for the toaster.

The collection includes a drip coffee maker, a water kettle, a toaster, a tabletop blender and an immersion blender. It is designed to match the larger Electrolux kitchen appliances like the Inspiration and Gourmet ranges.

The Expressionist Collection will be launched in Europe in May and in Asia later this year. Some of the key functions and benefits of the collection appliances include,
– coffer Maker has AromaStrength selector and PureAdvantage water filter for a superb taste every time, and the intuitive programmable HighContrast LCD display for simple and quick operation
– 1.7 liter kettle offers variable temperature control and a realtime temperature indicator to let you choose and control the right temperature for tea; with the OneCup Turbo function, you can boil one cup of water in less than 60 seconds, making the kettle quick and simple to use
– the Expressionist toaster has a DigitalVision timer that counts down the time left for toasting and a XL toast capacity makes it versatile for toasting thick cut bread, as well as buns or bagels; the smart Lift and Check with digital pause function lets you check your toast without resetting the toasting time
– the 900 W tabletop blender makes short work of ice or nuts; its TruFlow titanium blades ensure a top blending performance and long lasting durability; the 5 program settings, including ice crush and smoothie, make it simple and quick to use
– the stainless steel designed immersion blender from Electrolux Expressionist Collection with TruFlow titanium blades delivers an effortless and consistent blending performance in less time; a 700 W powerful motor quickly blends soups, shakes or smoothies, while the dishwasher safe foot is quick and easy to clean


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16 Apr 14 Electrolux Ergorapido third generation


The third generation of the instant battery stick cleaner Electrolux Ergorapido is now being launched around the world. More than 9 million Ergorapido vacuum cleaners have been sold in 70 markets since the its introduction in 2004, with the 3 top selling countries being USA, France and Japan.


The 2-in-1 Electrolux Ergorapido features unique functions like the Brush Roll Clean, a patented solution for removing tangled hair from the brush and nozzle headlights making it easier to see dust hidden in dark places.

The new third generation model has more power, more run time and more time saving features, all wrapped up in a more stylish and sophisticated package. In the new range, 4 different models are topped off by an 18-volt version with a long-lasting, lithium-ion battery.

Tests by Electrolux show that 85% of consumers prefer the new generation to the previous model, which was already the most popular vacuum cleaner in its class in several markets.

In the latest generation, a larger motor fan gives up to 20% more suction power and 10% more run time. A new, 50% larger pleated filter significantly reduces clogging, and Electrolux has introduced several smart new features to make the world most convenient vacuum even easier to use,
– 180 degree maneuverability
– new nozzle design with large wheels in the back and optimized nozzle joint for improved maneuverability, especially motion resistance on thicker carpets
– parking slot for easy access to accessories
– more intuitive control buttons


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03 Mar 14 Electrolux dishwasher with IO controls


The new Energy Star rated, 24″ built-in dishwasher from Electrolux features innovative IQ-Touch controls with a digital Countdown Display Timer. The IQ-Touch control panel displays all of your options, at all times. Available in the EIDW6305GS stainless steel and the EIDW6305GB black models, this dishwasher provides the largest usable capacity in its class and professional level cleaning.


The IQ-Touch dishwasher from Electrolux comes with 9 wash cycles including Auto Wash, Heavy, Normal, Quick, Delicate, Eco Wash, Perfect Stemware, Rinse Only and My Favorite as well as 5 wash options including Hi Temp, Air Dry, NSF Certified Sanitize and up to 24 hour Delay Start. The Quick cycle allows you to thoroughly wash and dry dirty dishes in 30 minutes. In addition, the dishwasher features Smart Soil Sensor technology that determines how long the wash cycle should run, for a more effective operation. See Electrolux induction cooktop.

Electrolux also equips the dishwasher with its unique AquaLux washing system that uses alternating wash arms for a quieter and more efficient operation, and Luxury-Dry System that employs a high efficiency fan for outstanding drying results.

The upper and lower racks feature Electrolux Luxury-Glide technology, and extend smoothly and effortlessly. The Sure-2-Fit Racking System is the most versatile and adjustable racking system on the market today, with place for over 180 items, from chopsticks to stockpots to stemware. In its lowest position, you can fit 10″ dinner plates in the top rack and 12″ dinner plates in the bottom. Price is around ,500 for the stainless steel and around ,050 for the black dishwasher. Electrolux.


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23 Dec 13 Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher


The compact dishwasher from Electrolux Inspiration Range has a distinctive, modern look. This premium dishwasher requires little space, while its clean architectural lines, unique material and sleek handle gives it an iconic look that fits in any contemporary kitchen.

Available in stylish glossy white, black or red, Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher comes with the intuitive LED interface, discreetly hidden on the upper edge of the door. In spite of its compact design, you have 6 full settings and 6 auto programs activated at the push of a button. Electrolux.


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21 Oct 13 Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest winner


The winner is Mab, an automated cleaning system consisting of hundreds of flying mini-robots, envisioned by Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia.


Inspired by the controlled flight of bees pollinating a flower, Mab flying robots clean surfaces by touching them with a drop of water. Mab scans the house, determine the areas to clean and sends the robots flying. Electrolux. Previously, Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest finalists.


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18 Sep 13 Electrolux Poggenpohl Gourmet Range


Electrolux is launching a new range of super premium kitchen appliances to be offered with Poggenpohl Goldreif kitchens, positioning Electrolux as the preferred partner of the Poggenpohl Group. The new Electrolux Gourmet Range will be made available as a built-in component of Goldreif kitchens, a brand which is being reintroduced by Poggenpohl this autumn. Tested by professional chefs, the Electrolux Gourmet Range complements the company ultra-luxury Electrolux Grand Cuisine Appliances and the premium Inspiration Range.


The Electrolux Gourmet Range represents company first offering within the super premium segment. Even more significant, this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership and a new series of initiatives that Electrolux and the Poggenpohl Group will drive together in the future.


Electrolux Gourmet Range combines modern stylish design, cooking functionality and enhanced performance. Sous-vide capability is offered through a vacuum sealing draw and combi-steam oven that offer precision temperature settings to the nearest degree. The range also includes a side by side refrigerator and wine cooler as well as an induction wok and teppanyaki hob. Exclusive design is ensured throughout with the considered application of steel and glass to provide an aligned visual identity and premium professional appearance. Electrolux.



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04 Mar 13 AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic Compact & Go vacuum cleaner


Emptying out vacuum cleaners, bagless or not, is one of the least appealing routines. The new UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner has Compact & Go written on its carrying handle, reminding you that it compacts the dust before emptying for a simple controlled disposal of compacted dust, ensuring not only powerful vacuuming, but cleaner and easier emptying.

AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic has powerful suction to ensure quick, spotless results. The vacuum comes with innovative AeroPro Silent nozzle which is optimized to deliver precise, powerful cleaning of different surfaces. lt features a brush, crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle.


The advanced technology inside the vacuum cleaner creates a cyclonic separation of the dust which goes into the dust container. The light weight AeroPro aluminium telescopic tube with its large cross section, and wide and smooth air tight channels enables an optimal air flow, maximizing performance and minimizing noise. In addition, AEG specially designed side angled brushes ensure thorough edge cleaning.


The Compact & Go vacuum also has ergonomic, soft and slim AeroPro Ergo handle, providing excellent control and ease of operation. It also equipped with industry leading, washable HEPA 13 allergy filter, that traps even the smallest particles and lets out nothing but fresh air.


Easy to maneuver, UltraCaptic has soft wheels and can be stored in vertical or horizontal setting. Comes with 7-meter auto reverse cord re-winder, giving you a 10-meter action radius. The UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner is in 4 models – UCOrigin for € 300, UCAllFloor for € 330, UCAnimal for € 360 and UCDeluxe for € 420. AEG.


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14 Oct 12 Electrolux Go Colour! small appliances


One of the fastest ways to brighten up a kitchen can be with a splash of color against the typical white or stainless background. Electrolux offers a fun yet practical way to do that with its new Go Colour! range of small appliances.


The limited edition Go Colour! coffee maker, toaster, water kettle, hand mixer, blender and stick mixer come in playful shades of red, purple and yellow.


The intention is to spread happiness, energy and joy into the kitchen. And the fun colors of the appliances also make them useful gifts. So next time, give a stick mixer to a special someone instead of flowers. Electrolux.



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19 May 12 Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezers


The new colourful Electrolux Inspiration Range fridge freezers that should be available in UK in a few weeks, will keep fruit and vegetables fresh up to a week longer. Glossy red, chocolate brown, lime green and ebony black stainless steel fridge freezers from Electrolux are designed to give your kitchen a lift. While the others are painted, the ebony black model gets its colour from a unique finishing process enabling a true colour stainless steel.

Electrolux, which has equipped the kitchens of about half of Europe Michelin chefs, says that beneath the surface, the design of Inspiration fridge freezers is based on the needs that professional chefs have for the freshest possible ingredients.

These fridges have dual cooling circuits called TwinTech. With TwinTech, humidity can be kept at 65-90%, compared to 25-40% for single-circuit frost-free fridge-freezers. Salad stays fresh for a week with almost no loss of moisture. Vitamin levels in fresh fruits and vegetables show no drop after 10 days.

FreshPlus models take this a step further with MultiFlow, a forced-air system that ensures consistent humidity and temperature at every level within the fridge.

As well as the distinctive colours, the 60cm wide fridges also offer intuitive, touch-sensitive LCD displays with white digits for temperature and function setting. The displays are visually aligned with those of the other appliances in the Inspiration range.

The Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezers also offer LED lighting with a premium Fade In effect in which light intensity grows smoothly for 2 seconds. From a practical point of view, LEDs create brighter light and better visibility, while consuming less energy and resulting in no heating inside the fridge.

Key features of the new Electrolux fridge freezers include,
– Fresh FrostFree
– FreshFlow MultiAirflow Technology
– CrispFresh drawer with Humidity Control
– Taste Guard air filter
– In Door LCD touch controls
– Fridge capacity 249 litres
– Freezer capacity 91 litres
– FreshZone chiller compartment with SuperChill
– ‘A+’ Energy Rating
Price for the new colourful Electrolux Inspiration fridge freezers starts at £ 900.



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