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15 Jun 14 Vinaera electronic aerator


The innovative Vinaera electronic aerator is based on some 5 years of research. The aerator offers full and fast aeration though a pressurized air and wine mixture, delivering an incredibly effective aeration effect – more than 6 times compared to the aeration achieved with funnel style wine aerator.


The Vinaera aerator processes 4 ounces of wine every 8 seconds, increasing oxidation of naturally occurring tannins, improving taste and eliminating bitterness. It also enhances flavour of younger wines. Simply insert the electronic aerator into the bottle, press the top button and it will dispense fully aerated wine.


Vinaera electronic aerator works on 6 AAA batteries. Each set of batteries aerates and dispenses more than 250 bottles of wine. The company is also working on the separate electronic decanters for wine and spirits. Vinaera.


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23 Aug 11 Clearwave Electronic Water Conditioner

Smarthome Product # 3260 – Remove scale build-up due to hard water – Works on both hot and cold water systems – Makes it asier to wipe clean ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal surfaces – Scaly crust or stains in toilets or under faucets will be significantly reduced – Use less soap, and remove scale from your pipes – continuously, automatically and for only about in electricity a year. Clearwave is the most advanced computerized anti-scale device available today. Its computer chip is programmed to bombard water passing through your pipe with over 200 different electromagnetic low frequency pulses. These electromagnetic pulses have been scientifically proven to increase the electromotive attraction potential of the water to mineral salts. The result is that the mineral salts (mainly calcium bicarbonate) stays dissolved in the water instead of converting to insoluble calcium carbonate and attaching itself to the inside of pipes as scale. Existing scale in pipes, water heaters, toilets and faucets begin to soften and dissolve away, as well. Recommended for dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, and boilers.
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20 Aug 11 Spring Plumbers, Electronic Leak Detection, Foundation Leaks, Houston, TX 281-353-7257 Spring Plumbers – A licensed plumber in Spring, TX, USA Leak Detection services plumbing customers in the Houston metro area. We specialize in water, sewer and gas pipeline leak detection but do all other plumbing repairs as well. If you need electronic leak detecting of a copper loop system, USA Leak Detection can help you find that water leak. When looking for plumbers, call USA Leak Detection Plumbing Services at 281-353-7257. We will install new water fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen remodel as well as repair or replace older fixtures such as toilets, faucets and clogged drains. We install new hot water heaters, including tankless water heaters. We do re-plumbing and commercial as well as residential plumbing. We service Northwest Houston, Houston metro, Spring, Tomball, Kingwood, Humble, Jersey Village, Katy, Memorial, The Heights, The Woodlands, Champions, FM 1960 and other Houston suburbs. http USA Leak Detection 21415 Golden Dove Spring, TX 77388 281-353-7257 Local SEO by 832-381-7830
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17 Apr 11 Replacing a Oven Electronic Control

This video will walk you thru testing and replacing an ovens main control also called the ERC Electronic Range Control.

It’s a known fact that using microwave to heat up food has negative effects on the human body. Listen to Dr. Group explain the dangers of using microwaves to heat up your food. For more info visit
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10 Mar 11 HVAC Cleaning a electronic air cleaner.

Been busy the last couple of weeks so I neglected my air cleaner.

I show how to do some basic troubleshooting on a heat pump defrost board. Please visit Becky’s channel at:
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