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04 Dec 14 clé Elements Collection


clé has introduced the Elements Collection, handcrafted by British ceramicist Boris Aldridge. The Elements Collection is comprised of square and hex shapes of hand formed stoneware tiles in 7 nature inspired elemental colors. The 4″ tiles are either solid ceramic or filled with crushed glass, either turquoise or recycled white, that has been melted and cooled, creating a crackled effect.


Boris Aldridge mixes his own glazes, brushing each tile with several layers of color to achieve a painterly effect of depth and complexity. The tiles can be installed indoors and out, on vertical and horizontal surfaces. See clé Rorschach Tile Collection by Timorous Beasties.

The new Elements Collection is filled with the nuances of Aldridge hand. From his surface undulations and glaze flow, to the pooling of their recycled glass interiors, Elements is aptly named. Each of these surface characteristics are full of the forming, painting and carving of a master craftsman whose expertise allows for a porcelain collection of masterful modern imperfection. clé.


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01 Oct 13 Skantherm Elements Stove System


Designed by Professor Wulf Schneider, the unique and incredibly versatile Elements Stove System from Skantherm consists of only 3 elements. Using a special magnetic technology, you can create an endless number of upright or horizontal layouts to suit your available space and taste, positioning 2 elements of different widths which are opened at one side, above, below or at the sides of the 5.0 kW combustion chamber. In addition, the combustion chamber is optionally available with a 180° turning device, so you can use Elements Stove System as a room partition. And for a long lasting heating retention, you can install optional Skantherm thermostone storage module.




Skantherm Vision modern stove
Skantherm Emotion wood stoves
Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove
Skantherm Archetyp iron stove



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24 Nov 11 Unilock Elements – Prebuilt Landscape Features

Pre-built modular fireplaces, grill islands, bar islands, pillars, water features, brick ovens and more!
Video Rating: 5 / 5 is where our product is at, check it out! We are the Revenge crew. We Want Revenge is a web series documenting our adventures while we film for our full length video, Skate Revenge. Webisode 2 Skate Jace Skate – Ok so this one is skate heavy. We had trouble rounding up everyone at the same time this week, but here’s 2 days worth of footage to make up this episode. Jace is getting soo good. I’m really eager to see how his part turns out in the video. He’s progressing so fast that I’m not even going to worry about filming him until mid summer when he’s trained up a bit and even better. Revenge is: Me (Andy Schrock), Alex Buening, Wes Prichard, Bangarang!, Tyler Maschinot, and Jace Johansen
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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08 May 11 How to Replace water heater Elements


The fire in a GE water heater recorded with iPod Nano compared to Nikon D-90

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