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03 Apr 15 AEG Magia Espresso machine


The new AEG Magia Espresso machine delivers strong and delicious coffee in compact form. This stylish espresso machine means you can create barista style coffee in the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you need a quick cup for those early mornings, this machine gives you three coffee choices and two temperature settings, plus quickly delivers your morning pick me up without compromising on quality.

The Magia uses the Lavazza A Modo A Mio capsules, the No.1 coffee in Italy, for that authentic Italian coffee shop taste. Available in 3 stunning colours, whether you would like to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or complement your existing cabinetry, there is an AEG Magia perfectly suited for every kitchen.

AEG Magia Espresso Machine features 9 minute auto shut off function, Thermoblock Technology for optimum coffee temperature, dishwasher proof stainless steel drip tray and capsule compartments, one litre water tank, 10 capacity used capsule holder, 3 coffee recipes including espresso, espresso lungo and caffe crema, Favourite cup program, 15-bar pump pressure, height adjustable drip tray for different cup sizes and 2 different coffee temperature settings. Price is £130. Comes in Ebony Black, Rubin Red and Latte Cream.


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18 Oct 14 Nespresso Inissia espresso maker


Designed for use with Nespresso coffee capsules, the compact, lightweight Inissia espresso maker offers tiny footprint and features an ergonomic handle, fitting perfectly into any room or office space.

Available in several colors, Nespresso Inissia has 19 bar high pressure pump, 25-second preheating time, advanced compact brewing unit technology and 24 ounce removable water tank. The energy ‘A’ rated espresso maker shuts off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. It has 2 programmable buttons for espresso and lungo making.

The capsules are easily inserted and used capsule container holds up to 11 used ones. Folding cup tray accommodates tall glasses. The price is around . You can also have Inissia espresso maker with Aeroccino Plus milk frothier for rapid one-touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for around 0. Nespresso.


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04 Aug 14 Breville Oracle espresso machine


Breville Oracle espresso machine, the BES980XL is the first automatic manual espresso machine that allows you to prepare some incredible coffee right at home. You can now get the quality similar to the one achieved by Third Wave movement of specialty coffee, driven by artisan roasters and professional coffee houses.

The Breville Oracle espresso machine solves all the tricky aspects of making the highest quality espresso coffee at home by automating the most difficult tasks – grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing.

The Oracle is equipped with the integrated grinder and rotary tamp for seamless dosing and tamping in one operation. The tamp chamber of this automatic manual espresso machine encloses the portafilter to contain any mess. The fixed height motorized augur fan distributes and tamps the grinds into the portafilter, ensuring the correct volume of coffee is provided for each and every drink. All while a special torque sensor measures the resistance of the compacted grinds and automatically stops the operation at the ideal tamp force.

The milk texture is very important for a true coffee connoisseur and need to be adjusted for different drinks, from silky-smooth less textured latte to creamy more textured cappuccino. The automatic milk texturing system employs a dedicated pump that injects air directly into the steam, creating milk texture with the wand immersed in any position. The electronically controlled pump allows the air / steam ratio to be adjusted for different drink styles. A sensor in the wand stops the flow of air / steam when the desired milk temperature is reached.

Designed with the US consumers in mind, Breville Oracle features the one touch Long Black / Americano – just the coffee you get with your drip filter coffeemaker but of much superior quality without over extracted bitter and burnt flavour.

At the heart of this espresso machine is a dual stainless steel boiler heating system and embedded element group head featuring electronic Proportional Integral Derivative temperature control, ensuring the entire coffee making process maintains a precise consistent temperature and delivers the espresso shot within +/- 2°F. See Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine.

To make a perfect espresso you also need a near perfect pressure control. The Oracle dedicated espresso boiler temperature is adjustable for different bean roasts and origins. The separate steam boiler offers instant powerful steam on demand allowing coffee extraction and milk texturing simultaneously. Programmable low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction.

The Breville Oracle espresso machine combines the taste benefits of an artisan manual machine with the simplicity of an automatic. Price is ,000. Breville.


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01 Aug 14 JURA J500 Anniversary Edition espresso machine


The Jura J500 Anniversary Edition features the high resolution, 3.5-inch color TFT display and the convenient rotary switch for self explanatory, intuitive operation. With the help of new animated icons, you can save and name up to 6 coffee drinks. Whether it is latte macchiato, espresso or cappuccino, your favorite drink is just a button push away. The espresso machine celebrates the 20th anniversary of JURA high quality technology and Impressa line.

The modern screen graphics not only make the coffee selection easy. The TFT screen, bright silver front, sleek black sides and high quality glass cup platform project sophisticated, contemporary design.

The new JURA J500 also features the Intelligent Pre Brew system, the ultra fast multilevel flavor grinder grinds, the integrated fine foam technology and the rapid thermoblock technology – all to ensure optimal preparation conditions and perfect taste. In addition, the JURA Anniversary Edition is equipped with programmable power saving mode ESM and the Zero-Energy Switch to eliminate unnecessary standby power consumption. Price is € 2,000. JURA.


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03 Apr 14 Jenn-Air espresso machine


The new Jenn-Air espresso machine, the JBC7624BS, is the precisely engineered, built-in coffee system designed for the most demanding coffee connoisseurs who prefer a cabinet integrated model instead of a countertop espresso machine. You can set the strength of the brew, size of the drink, finesse of ground coffee and water temperature. You can even customize the frothing system.

The Jenn-Air espresso machine offers 13 different levels for grinding beans and can brew two cups of most delicious coffee at the same time. It is equipped with sleek touch controls for ease of operation, and has fast automatic cleaning and decalcification options, making maintenance of this sophisticated machine a breeze.

You can prepare coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte at the push of a button. The Energy Star rated built-in espresso machine by Jenn-Air also features advanced frothing system with integrated milk container, integrated conical bean grinder, dual dispensing spouts, removable brewing unit, LCD display, rinse function, water hardness setting, LED lighting, fill water tank and bean container alerts, empty waste container alert, hot water dispenser and auto shut off. Jenn-Air.


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27 Mar 14 Nespresso VertuoLine espresso machine


Made in Switzerland, the new Nespresso VertuoLine of fine espresso machines will certainly score high with Consumer Report. Using completely redesigned coffee capsules, and equipped with a new and improved brewing system, VertuoLine lets you enjoy freshly brewed coffee and authentic espresso at the touch of a button.


Available in red, chrome and black, the Nespresso VertuoLine features revolutionary Centrifusion technology, which instantly recognizes each capsule and automatically adjusts brewing to bring out the best of each blend for truly impeccable results.

And you don’t have to wait too long, this espresso machine heats up under 20 seconds, so your delicious coffee arrives very fast. Add a fully customizable size option, according to your needs, from as little as 0.3 ounces to up to 17 ounces – you wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning without Nespresso VertuoLine sitting on the countertop.

The redesigned coffee capsules are easily inserted and automatically ejected into a container that holds up to 20 used capsules. The high capacity water tank allows you to brew more without refilling. After 9 minutes of inactivity, the machine automatic shuts off.

Price for Nespresso VertuoLine espresso machine is around 0. Also available with Aeroccino Plus frother for cappuccino and latte drinks at around 0. Previously, Nespresso U espresso maker.


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01 Nov 13 Victoria Arduino Theresia espresso machine


Designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, and finished in Super Mirror stainless steel, the compact Victoria Arduino Theresia looks more like a sculptural object of perfect geometric proportions, than a fully functional espresso machine. The name, Theresia, is a tribute to the brand creator, Pier Teresio Arduino, who in 1905 founded the Victoria Arduino company in Turin.

This espresso machine is created for a home with glamorous and exclusive décor. Advanced coffee making technology of Victoria Arduino Theresia ensures that everyone can prepare coffee like a professional barista.


Theresia incorporates T3 technology, which sets new standards of accuracy in thermal water supply. You can set, with maximum flexibility, the outlet temperature of the group through 3 different variable parameters – water, group, steam. The electronics of the machine do the rest. Digital temperature probes instantly send the information to the control unit which, through 3 independent PID, actively manages each variable.


The intuitive touch screen control panel and 5 buttons with LED lighting, mean that programming is extremely intuitive, so the machine can be used by anyone. Multifunction LCD Display controls electronic temperature adjustment, grind check, shot time, on/off programming and maintenance programming.


The upper part of the machine has a cup warmer that is not immediately visible but which can be seen by lifting the cover panel by up to 90 degrees. The machine is completely made of stainless steel – Super Mirror stainless steel for the body, stainless steel for the frame, the nozzles and the thermally insulated heating systems.


Victoria Arduino Theresia espresso machine comes equipped with High Efficiency Extraction System or HEES for optimized espresso extraction. You get the industry heaviest 5 kg brew groups for the ultimate brewing temperature stability. Other features include,
– automatic back flushing program for fast and easy group cleaning
– raised groups fit 20 oz cups
– Cool Touch steam wands
– Teflon coated portafilters for easier cleaning


Steel processing is carried out entirely by hand. After cutting the steel with a laser, experienced craftsmen work it by hand for a total of 110 different folds. Then the steel is welded and assembled to form a single body. Price is approximately € 5,000. Victoria Arduino.

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29 Oct 13 Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT espresso machine


The Swiss made Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT combines user friendly operation and precise craftsmanship with captivating design, preparing cafe house coffee quality right in your kitchen. The elegant automatic specialty coffee machine features high-resolution 3.5″ TFT color display, allowing you to make espresso, coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino or other specialties.

The modern frother technology prepares milk foam of unprecedented quality with a creamy consistency and a subtle sweetness. The frother has 2 separate chambers in which the milk is frothed twice. Any air bubbles will burst, compacting the foam and making it very fine. 3 bars in the frother spout slow down the foam as it exits the frother, pouring slowly and evenly into the cup.


Fully preserving aroma of the beans is pretty much the most important component of exquisite coffee making process. To accomplish this task, Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT is equipped with advanced Aroma+ grinder, which is now twice as fast. It is also reduces noise levels by up to 50%, thanks to its geometry and finer teeth. Aroma+ grinder delivers consistent grinding results throughout the lifetime of the machine.


Rotary switch and high-resolution TFT color display make operation intuitive. You can arrange and name 6 coffee specialties individually on this screen. The rotary switch has some 11 types of coffee drinks, and together with Jura Café à la Carte function, the range of possibilities is nearly endless, as you can adjust the settings in an instant according to your liking.


Operation and programming of Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT espresso machine is very straight forward. The automatic coffee machine guides you through all the menus and programming with text and images. No matter whether you want to customize your latte macchiato or be guided through a maintenance program, the interactive navigation makes it quick and easy.


The cup illumination feature is another nice touch, ensuring the final result of Impressa Z9 hard work is always presented in the best possible light. Price is in vicinity of € 2,000. Jura.

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27 Oct 13 Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione V2 espresso machine


Made by Rocket Espresso Milano, Giotto Evoluzione V2 is basically a Giotto Evoluzione V230 GEV23, one of the 7 professional-grade Giotto coffee machine models, engineered by Espresso Coffee Machines of San Giuliano Milanese, which is around 7 miles southeast of Milan, sometime in 1980s. Rocket Espresso purchased the rights to make ECM espresso makers and now these are readily available in the US.


Close to 30 years old, Italian espresso making technology still gets very high reviews. Featuring AISI 304 stainless steel body, this semi automatic machine comes with internal water reservoir, but you can also connect your Giotto Evoluzione V2 directly to a water source.

Rocket Espresso equips this hand-made machine with quiet rotary pump that features a special device to eliminate back pressure from the boiler, easily readable dual gauges for boiler and brew head pressure readings, energy saving and thermally stable insulated 1.8 liter copper boiler, high quality metal tamper and patented E-61 brew group.


In addition, Giotto Evoluzione V2 has dual pre infusion system, that comprises a progressively working piston and static pre infusion chamber, resulting in smooth coffee extraction and superior aroma, body and crema.

Other main components are stainless steel nozzles, removable cup rack, easily accessible 98 ounce water reservoir and low water sensor. You can buy it for ,300. Rocket Espresso Milano.


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16 Oct 13 DeLonghi EC 680 espresso machine


The new EC 680 espresso machines from DeLonghi will transform even the smallest kitchen into the Italian coffee bar. Being less than 15 cm wide, makes the EC 680 espresso machine the slimmest DeLonghi has offered.


Finished in stainless, black, red or chrome with professional filter holder and integrated crema device, the EC 680 DeLonghi espresso machine has modern, sophisticated appeal, and works equally well with ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso pads. Every ESE pad contains exactly 7 grams of carefully selected and ground to perfection coffee.


Advanced Thermoblock heating system, simple electronic controls, 15 bar pressure pump and DeLonghi adjustable cappuccino system that mixes steam and milk into a creamy froth, delivers wide variety of top quality coffee drinks.


Other features of this DeLonghi EC 680 espresso machine include,
– fast heating time, self-priming system
– flow stop function to personalize your coffee length
– cup warmer, cup shelf
– On / Off button with automatic stand-by after 30 minutes of non-use
– descaling alarm, anti drip system
– removable water tank
– removable drip tray with water level indicator
– optional water filter
You can also dispense hot water, in case someone wants a cup of tea instead of coffee. Price for the DeLonghi EC 680 espresso machine is around € 220.

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