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05 Sep 13 ESSE EL 13Amp electric cooker


ESSE has been making some pretty cool stoves, like the log burning ESSE 990 range cooker or the multifuel Ironheart. The latest ESSE EL 13Amp is a beautiful, traditionally styled electric range with modern functionality and advanced controls, offering the perfect combination of ESSE iconic style and high end, energy efficient performance.


ESSE EL 13AMP features 2 ovens, a full-width grill, cast iron hotplate, induction zone and a plate-warming cupboard. Top and bottom ovens feature patent pending surround elements which give even oven temperatures and allow cooking on directly on the bottom of the oven. The surround elements also avoid the grilling characteristic, associated with ovens heated by elements placed above the ovens. The main cooking oven has a maximum temperature of 250°C for perfect roast potatoes.


With its patent pending energy-efficient design, the EL 13AMP is simply plugged it into two 13amp sockets – without having to worry about chimneys, flues or gas pipes. Each oven and heating surface can be independently adjusted to the temperature you require. If a particular cooking area is not needed, you can turn it off or down without affecting the other areas.


The cast iron hot plate has a maximum temperature of 400°C making it a versatile hotplate for boiling and frying or – used at lower temperatures – for simmering and direct hotplate cooking. The induction zone offers rapid boiling and economical energy usage. The ESSE EL 13AMP can be used in a slumber setting to provide swift heat up times or simply used as an On/Off appliance. Each cooking area is independently controlled.


Like all ESSE range cookers, the EL 13AMP is made in Britain and is available in a choice of 14 standard colours – Black, Cream, White, Salmon, Classic Green, Pastel Green, Teal Green, Oxford Blue, Royal Blue, Powder Blue, Lavender, Dusky Violet, Pewter, Cocoa, as well as in 6 custom – Fern Green, Wedgwood, Copper Brown, Claret, Saffron, Primrose.


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12 Nov 11 Esse Iron Heart Wood

The Esse EW Iron Heart Slow Combustion Wood Stove (Wood Cooker) by Pivot Stove & Heating Available with or without Hot water wet back Perfect for the open plan kitchen by offering 8Sqrs of heating Check out
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Save your fresh water and related costs with the latest in environmental friendly cleaning technology. DeLaval wash down systems deliver a high volume of water at a moderate pressure. These ideal manure-flushing combinations provide a fast, effective daily wash down of your parlour and are gentle on milking equipment.
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23 Oct 11 Moving An Esse Ironheart With An ESCALERA Part 1

Here Obadiah’s shows you some tricks on moving heavy cook stoves like an ESSE Ironheart. We’ll show you how we do it using a floor jack and an Escalera. Part 1
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Obadiah’s looks at the ESSE Ironheart controls to operate the stove. We even show you a few tricks in operating an Ironheart Cooker.

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18 Aug 11 ESSE Ironheart Wood Stove / Wood Cooker by Pivot Stove & Heating

ESSE Ironheart Wood Stove / Wood Cooker by Pivot Stove & Heating
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these are fantastic affordable heaters this is a 15 kg gas bottle with a large fire bed burn what u want on it give me a ring iff you want one different styles different prices this stove will cost you £60 PICK UP FROM BURNLEY CALL 07875632485 GARTH PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS
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22 May 11 How to light a fire in a wood burning or multi fuel stove. Featured stove is an Esse 200.

Chris at Fahrenheit Stove Installation & Chimney Services in Leeds shows you how to light a fire. The stove is an Esse 200 at Monk Fryston Stoves. As you can see it’s very quick and easy. The most crucial bit is having access to dry wood. Start with smaller pieces and build it up. Check out
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These stoves are designed to save fuel by blossoming fast without the aid of a primer tape on the outside or a dish underneath. These stoves are strong enough to support the largest pan. My stoves are pressed together and crimped without the need for rivets or glue. They do not need to be primed and will blossom in about 10 seconds. 1 ¼ oz of fuel ( Heet or denatured alcohol ) will burn for 12 minutes. 2 cups of water will come to a rolling boil under 6 minutes. Measured burning time is with a pan on top of stove. The fuel will burn out faster without a pan.

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