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09 Jun 15 Fagor pressure cooker


Fagor premium pressure cooker is the electric pressure cooker that offers the capability to not only pressure cook and rice cook delicious meals, but it can also simmer, sauté, steam and brown foods in this all-in-one cooking vessel.


Available in 6 quart and 8 quart capacities, this pressure cooker prepares your meals to perfection with just a touch of buttons, and has breakfast, lunch and dinner ready in up to 70% less time than traditional cooking methods. The cooker will be sure to be a staple in any kitchen space.

Panel has preprogrammed functions with recommended preset timings that can be easily adjusted. Pressure Cooker high and low, Rice Cooker with White Rice, Brown Rice and Risotto options, and additional cooking assist function with Simmer, Sauté, Steam and Brown.

The premium pressure cooker from Fagor also features the 4-digit LED screen with soft-touch control panel with added plus and minus button as well as high and low pressure signals that will go solid and beep to inform the user that pressure has been reached. Other attributes are,
– pressure cook time up to 99 minutes
– keep warm up to 12 hours
– time delay up to 6 hours
– self-locking lid that will not open when pressure is inside the cooker
– automatic pressure release setting regulates the pressure inside the cooker
– anti-overheating system for a safe and user friendly pressure cooker
– removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe


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13 Jun 14 Fagor range cooker collection


The new stainless steel European style range cooker collection from Fagor runs on both natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum. These powerful ranges can be installed seamlessly flush to the kitchen cabinetry or placed free standing. They are designed with a European convection fan system, which prepares your meals faster, and a built-in rotisserie feature for a unique in-home cooking experience.

Fagor stainless steel ranges are designed with cast iron grates, come in a 24″ and 36″ size option, are energy efficient, operating on only 15 amps of power and are engineered to perform for a lifetime. They have up to 5 gas burners, electronic ignition on all burners and flame failure safety device. The Fagor range cookers offer an efficient cooking option, allowing you the choice of using natural gas or LP gas.

LP gas is one of the most common alternative fuels used in the world. It is a cleaner, lower carbon, more efficient and innovative form of energy. Fagor supplies a converter kit for easy install. Fagor ranges can be installed directly next to existing kitchen cabinetry. For seamless integration, all Fagor ranges are equipped with adjustable legs, allowing for a perfectly leveled installation.

The range cookers are designed with 7 preset cooking programs, allowing for ultimate cooking convenience and making it easier to cook meals to perfection. Bake is recommended for baking bread and cakes, Pizza is used to cook pizza and other dishes requiring underside / bottom heating, Top Cooking is used for browning food after cooking, Broil is recommended for a quick, toasty broil, Convection Broil is uniquely designed for cooking large red meats, pot roasts and poultry. Turbo Plus works with built-in central fan heating element that distributes heat evenly and quickly and Defrosting is used to thaw frozen food in minimal time.

Fagor range cooker models feature unique rotisserie feature allows the range to be used in the most versatile manner possible. Imagine, creating deliciously succulent meats, perfectly seared on the outside, right in your own home.

The European style convection systems that are built into the ranges feature a unique third heating element that surrounds the convection fan, allowing for better circulation of preheated air for even distribution, thus allowing for faster cooking. Fagor 36″range is equipped with two convections systems, each one featuring 1,690 watt heating elements, for a total of 3,380 watts of power. Fagor stylish stainless steel trimmed ranges can be installed flush as it has adjustable legs for seamless assimilation.

Each range is built with 3 layers of insulated glass to keep the cooking area safe. In addition, they are all equipped with a thermocouple safety system, sealed burners and an easy to clean enamel interior. It also has a built-in timer that is programmable for up to 11 hours and 59 minutes. Fagor.


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27 Nov 13 Fagor freestanding dishwasher


Fagor makes one of the most economical dishwashers of today, the freestanding LVF32X, finished in stainless anti-fingerprint steel. The dishwasher comes with WaterSaver, a revolutionary technology which holds the water from the final rinse of washing cycle to reuse it in the prewash phase of the next cycle, thus reducing water consumption to just 5.5 liters per wash.


The ‘A++’ rated Fagor freestanding dishwasher features high-visibility LCD screen with easily readable icons, offering intuitive navigation for simple and precise operation. The Fagor LVF32X has 13 settings and its detergent compartment is located in the top basket, for a convenient loading.

Other key features include VarioScan technology that ensures variable consumption according to load, time reduction function which shortens up to 50% the duration of any program at normal washing and drying effectiveness, quiet operation, AquaStop security, 9 wash programs, up to 24 hours deferred start, ESPACE basket, height adjustable upper basket with folding supports, lower basket with folding supports and 6 special programs – Hygienizer, Cyclone, Automatic, Aqualisis, OptiA 60 and Fast 30.

There is also Wash Plus option, developed for those occasions when within a normal load there are some dirtier pieces. This ‘A’ rated option is an energy efficient alternative to the Intensive program, as it runs a 50ºC prewash and adds a 30% higher pressure in the lower basket. Fagor.


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18 Jul 12 24-inch integrated refrigerator from Fagor


Fagor Appliances is about to launch the new 24-inch Energy Star integrated refrigerator that assimilates itself into most kitchen cabinetry for a seamless kitchen display. The Fagor integrated fridge is also easier to install, as it includes template guides and sliding doors that make installation effortless. The refrigerator utilizes Fagor No Frost technology that keeps food fresher longer, in addition to an anti-bacterial cavity that helps to maintain a healthier and cleaner food environment.


The integrated refrigerator stands 24″ x 79″ in size, contains the freezer on the bottom, bottle shelves, 2 bottle holders, adjustable glass shelving and adjustable vegetable drawers. This Fagor fridge freezer also features reversible left and right doors making it adaptable to any kitchen, in addition to independent sliding doors that allow for space between the kitchen and cabinet doors. The heavy duty hinges holding the doors together withstand up to 200 lbs. and the door opening of up to 115° achieves maximum accessibility to inside compartments.


The LCD control panel allows you to ensure the cooling is constant by managing an entire range of pre-selected temperatures and alert warnings. The icons let you know if the fridge freezer goes off its desired temperature and if the refrigerator door is left open. The energy consumption is very low on the unit. The price for the Fagor integrated refrigerator is ,200.

Fagor side by side refrigerators
Fagor dual zone wine cooler


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27 May 12 Fagor Torre fridge freezer


The FFJA4845X modern fridge freezer, Fagor Torre features contemporary square design and with its 24″ depth, fits perfectly flush with the surrounding cabinetry.

This Energy Start rated 24″ wide apartment size refrigerator has special anti-fingerprint stainless steel coating for a clean modern appearance and sleek contemporary stainless look with little maintenance. You can also choose the FFJA4845B Torre fridge freezer in black.


The Fagor Torre fridge freezer also comes with a built-in temperature control panel that allows you to control and select the perfect refrigerator and freezer temperature. The panel has icons and alarms to inform you of any changes in refrigeration climate.

The fridge freezer is equipped with the independently controlled Multi Fresh and Double Fresh drawers that provide two unique environments within the refrigerator, with optimum humidity conditions and stable temperature. These drawers are ideal for keeping vegetables crisp while meats and seafood can simultaneously be stored at their ideal level of moisture.

Other key benefits include Fast Cooling, Super Freezing, and Vacation modes. Both Fast Cooling and Super Freezing allow you to introduce large quantities of food into either the refrigerator or freezer at once, while The Vacation function is used when you want the freezer to work normally while the refrigerator remains empty and set at 57°F, to prevent odor and bacteria.

Anti-bacteria drum, freezer temperature indicator, sound alarm and warning light temperature indicator, open door alarm, anti-spill glass trays, reversible doors and optimal storage conditions. Fagor. Previously, Black Art refrigerator.


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24 May 12 Fagor side by side refrigerators


The new side by side refrigerators from Fagor offer a new larger capacity and provide easy access to your foodstuffs. With almost 46″ of additional space, this Energy Star rated, no frost side by side refrigerator line has the same features and benefits as the popular Fagor slim refrigerator line models but with much needed additional storage space. The Fagor side by side refrigerator is the first model that is almost 36″ wide, as Fagor is known for its slim line designs of 24″ units like the Fagor Torre. The efficient side by side refrigerator comes in stainless steel and has the option of an automatic ice and water dispenser.


Fagor America, globally recognized for their sleek and efficient kitchen appliances, continues to push the envelope by creating innovative refrigerators like the Fagor Side by Side. The unit maintains a constant control of humidity in order to keep the cabin in a No Frost environment, and it also has multi-fresh draws that keep the ideal temperature (low humidity and a temperature just above freezing) to perfectly preserve meats and fish twice as long as traditional refrigerators.


You Fagor side by side refrigerator has a Turbo-X cooling feature that cools food almost twice as fast as conventional refrigerators. An internal water filter system has been included which allows to reduce the presence of lead, cysts and other unhealthy particles found in drinking and ice water. The refrigerator also maximizes storage space by adding convenient Multi-Plus Zones which are adjustable bins that accommodate your daily needs including milk and 2-liter bottles, helping to free up your shelf space. The Fagor Side by Side is designed with an electronic temperature regulation system, so the internal temperature of both the refrigerator and the freezer are constantly monitored and automatically corrected.


The Fagor side by side refrigerators are designed with a Magic Cooling Zone which is an independent cooling fan and temperature control settings that preserve your produce. The LCD control panel allows you to ensure the cooling is constant by managing an entire range of pre-selected temperatures and alert warnings. The icons on the Side by Side LCD panel let you know if the unit goes off its desired temperature and even if the refrigerator door is left open. The energy consumption is very low on the unit, making it suitable for an Energy Star seal, saving you energy and money.

Suggested retail price for the Fagor side by side refrigerator without the automatic ice and water dispenser is ,000 and ,200 for the model with it.


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22 May 12 Fagor wine cooler


The modern dual-zone wine cooler from Fagor is designed for complete versatility in wine storing. The 24″ stainless steel wine cooler has two separate cooling zones to cool a variety of wines at one time. It also comes with an electronic touch-screen control on the glass door, allowing you to adjust the temperature and other operational functions through the glass door.

The new stainless steel 24″ wide dual-zone Fagor wine cooler is built with 5 glide out wooden racks, an exceptional for its size 44 bottle capacity, soft interior LED lighting in each zone and an elegant blue LED display showing the real-time temperature of each wine zone. The racks hold all bottle shapes and fully extend at 90° door opening, while a child safety lock prohibits any unnecessary tampering with temperature. Its temperature range is from 38°F – 68°F which is perfect for all types of wines, red, white and sparkling wine, allowing you to chill an ice cold bottle of Champaign and a room temperature Pino Noir in the same space.

This Fagor wine cooler also has an ultra-powerful compressor and forced air cooling with dual fans that constantly maintains stable temperatures, in addition to a Vibration Neutralization System that offers triple layer protection against harmful exterior vibrations. The cooler also has a low energy consumption rate, making it energy efficient.

The door hinge can be placed on the left or right side of the cooler for a full flexibility in kitchen design. Fully front breathing with a flush back, this Fagor cooler can function as a freestanding wine cooler, an under counter unit or integrate into existing cabinetry in any home. Available in Fall 2012 for ,000.


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16 May 11 Fagor Driron the world’s first dryer that dries and irons

Fagor, European maker of dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and washing machines, recently launched the world’s first dryer that dries and irons. Just take the clothes from the washing machine and hang them in the DRIRON. Your clothes will come out looking fresh and pressed. The system comes with a drawer for small items that don’t need to be ironed, like undergarments and socks, hangers for shirts and pants, and even inserts that fit neatly inside dress shirt sleeves to ensure that even the sleeves are properly pressed.
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20 Apr 11 FAGOR – One of Europes Largest Appliance Manufacturer Available at Realistic Renos, Australia Fagor appliances are now available in Australia. One of Europe’s largest appliance manufacturers, their products exude quality. The inventors of induction cooking, their range of appliances, now being sold exclusively on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, AUST, is now available for the discerning household chef or cook.

Tutorial on how to cut patina copper sheets and adhere them to a wood surface using contact cement.

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