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18 Nov 11 Faulty txv and pump down

Call to a bulk milk tank that is used as an ice builder, the iced water is pumped through a plate heat exchanger to cool milk. It was slow to cool because one of the three expansion valve had failed, you can see how the liquid line feeding the bad one is cold due to there being no flow in the pipe. The pump down was aa bit tricky because the compressor has a bad head so it leaks back when its stopped, you can hear it whistle after a few minute sometimes. Forgot to film the new txv once installed….
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20 Jul 11 The Faulty Airgap

How to correct when water spills from a dishwasher airgap.

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05 Apr 11 The People’s Court- “Hiding a Defect” [Faulty air conditioner turns deal frigid!]

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