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This is a original 1971 Buick GSX 455 car. Yes this is a original, NOT A CLONE, 1 of only 124 ever made in 71 that includes 350, 455 and 455 stage 1 cars all together. This car is registered in the GSX registry. This car was not known to exist until it was discovered a little while ago. There are 3 known so far out of all 1971 GXS’s to have a paint code of 62 which is Bittersweet Mist. The others Bittersweet Mist GSX’s are restored one is only a 350 engine and 350 auto tranny car. The other is a stage 1 455 car. So this is the only 455 engine 1971 GSX made in the color Bittersweet Mist to date. I have talked to the original owner and have a document that has been signed by him and notorized stating that this is a true 1971 GSX, which he bought on march 12, 1971. I have the original protecto plate This car is a 4owner car, and can be traced to every owner and all the owners are still alive. This was bought brand new at Key Buick & Opel in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/12/71. It stayed in Florida until mid 1979, then it went to the last of the 3 owners in Alabama where it stayed until about a month ago 2/1/08. Now it resides with me here in Pa. This was always a southern car and is about 98% rust free. It has just a little around the back rear window and a pin hole in the rear seat pan and where the battery box is, that was because of a leaky battery but thats it. I have alot of picture of the doors, trunk, floors, fenders, rad support, frame, etc and all of that is 100% solid
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18 Nov 11 Finished homemade HHO cell

Here are my homemade HHO cell made from stainless steel washers an nuts++ It seems to produce a lot of HHO gas, but my problem it that my supply gets quite hot after a short run. Keep watching WARNING: HHO is very flammable and may explode if ignited!

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19 Sep 11 Fujitsu 12RLS 25 SEER Finished installation Video

Fujitsu 12RLS is an 25 SEER high efficiency mini split air conditioner / Heat pump systems, provide heating and Air conditioning Qualified for Tax credit up to 00 year 2010, We offer the entire system includes HVAC installation and electric for 00 Act know! To take advantage of the Tax credit, it takes no more than 4 hours to complete the installation include electric, Contact us: PACIFIC HVAC Air conditioner, Authorized Fujitsu contractor Tel: 201-266-0049
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