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22 Jan 15 Kalamazoo artisan fire pizza oven


Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet launched a new version of its popular countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, offering the performance of the original oven in a built-in design.

After years of popular demand, Kalamazoo created the built-in version for people who want an oven set into a wall or masonry structure.

Offering the same performance as its popular countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, the built-in version is ready to cook after just 20 minutes of warm up. A Neapolitan-style pizza bakes in less than three minutes after the oven reaches its highest temperature of 800+ degrees Fahrenheit. The oven also has the versatility to roast meats, fish and vegetables.

People want to cook amazing pizzas at home. They crave the kind of rustic pizza experience they get from a pizzeria – the kind of experience that used to require a massive brick oven, said Russ Faulk, vice president of design for Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Our Artisan Fire Pizza Ovens deliver the extreme heat needed for making that perfect pizza, but without the extra time and skill a wood fire demands.

Like the traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, the built-in Artisan Fire Pizza Oven is stone-lined. Pizzas cook directly on a hollow-core baking deck. Its honeycombed interior is designed to rapidly change temperature. A ceiling stone radiates heat down to quickly brown toppings.

Two independently-adjustable burners deliver 250 degrees F to more than 800 degrees F of heat that can be tailored for different pizza styles, breads and meat or fish dishes.

Priced at ,295, the oven uses natural gas or liquid propane, and is made by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan of stainless steel. It will withstand the rigors of a Midwestern winter, or the saltwater breezes of a coastal environment.


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18 Jun 14 Custom designer fire pits

Up North

These fantastic looking and quality-built custom designer fire pits will enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of the outdoor living space. The handcrafted fire pit is constructed from ¼” thick, US made steel, ensuring that you and your guests will be enjoying incredible fire displays for years to come.


Your custom fire pit comes with a numbered plate, assuring that it is completely unique. Each designer fire pit is hand cut and finished in beautiful iron oxide patina. Comes with lifetime warranty against rust. Price is ,800 including shipping. Woodland Direct.




High Mountain





Mountain Sunset


Red Lake


Another Day in Paradise


Hidden Outdoor




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29 Apr 14 Campfire fire pit by Arte Puro


Designed by Katrin and Norbert Weber, and made from high-end oiled steel, the portable campfire fire pit weighs just 20 kg and can be set anywhere in your garden. Its simple rectangular shape, sturdy yet elegant built and ease of maintenance appeal to the homeowners with the weakness for modern design and love of outdoors. The small foot print of 45W x 38H x 45D cm combined with light weight make the modern fire pit easy to transport to your favourite nature spot, be it the deep woods, beach or forest preserve.


The Arte Puro fireplace consists of 4 side panels and an ash box, held together by a stable plug-in system that also makes disassembly a very easy task. The oiled steel emphasizes the minimalist design language and develops over time a noble rust patina, making the steel fire pit an attractive piece of decor in your yard. You can safely set the campfire fire pit on your lawn because tall legs will protect your grass. Price for the fire pit from Arte Puro is € 400.

lateNight patio stove
Stainless steel grills


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16 Mar 14 Palazzetti Lady Fire wood burning stove


The latest from Palazzetti, the traditional style Lady Fire wood burning stove has sturdy steel structure for solid, uncompromising build, and is entirely clad in beautiful, decorated ceramic. Lady Fire features Palazzetti dual combustion Magnofix firebox with almost silent opening mechanism, the VDF patented system for perfect draught management and the rounded door with large glass window for panoramic view of the fire.


Palazzetti Lady Fire offers just under 8.0 kW heat output at 81% burning efficiency and is available in 4 stunning ceramic models – Mikonos, Capri, Ischia, Boston. Palazzetti.

Hi Fire panoramic fireplace from Palazzetti
Pellet burning stove from Palazzetti
Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves


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25 Oct 12 Hi Fire panoramic fireplace from Palazzetti


The beautiful Hi Fire from Palazzetti is a contemporary panoramic fire place, characterised by innovative technical features that reflect the latest trends in modern fireplace design. You can set Hi Fire in the centre of the room or mount it on the wall – whatever your choice will be, the wide panoramic view of the fire, a glossy black glass and Palazzetti Hot Stone shell surely make the fireplace a focal point in the house.


Besides being aesthetically pleasant, the versatile Hot Stone is ductile and transformable material, capable of storing a lot of heat which is gradually released into the environment, keeping you pleasantly warm for quite sometime. The heart of the fireplace is a gas-fired Monoblocco model firebox, fully backed by Palazzetti. It is produced according to the most stringent industry regulations, giving your instant peace of mind. And thanks to the coaxial vent pipe of Hi Fire, the panoramic fire place does not draw air in from the room. Palazzetti.


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03 May 12 xeoos stoves with Twin Fire System


These are very likely the most efficient stoves in the world today, with burning efficiencies up to 93%. xeoos makes 6 X5-Series models with 5.0 kW output – Style, Natur, Classic, Pur, Elegance and Harmony as well as 4 X8-Series stoves with 8.0 kW output – Classic, Pur, Basic and Elegance. In addition, 3 Special Edition wood burning stoves – X5 Country, X8 Country and X8 Unique – are also available.


In the heart of the German designed and manufactured contemporary wood burning stoves is unique Twin Fire System with 2 combustion chambers. The top chamber burns the wood like a standard stove. But when you press the side lever, the flame direction is redirected downwards into the second chamber where extremely high temperatures are achieved with ash acting as catalyst, resulting in the most thorough wood burning with almost no ash left.


So efficient and smoke free the xeoos stoves are, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs known as DEFRA, has approved them for burning wood in smoke controlled areas. What is more, the very low emission values ​​are significantly better than those required to meet the 2015 European environmental standards.


Other features include airwash to keep the glass clean, thermally decoupled silicone handle which always stays cold, uniquely shaped grate, optional lower steel gate and the highest quality stainless steel, aluminum, glass, stone and wood. xeoos.



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15 Nov 11 Accutech Flood & Fire Restoration

Accutech is the area’s largest emergency water removal and restoration company. We help people who need emergency water removal services due to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, or due to everyday problems like leaky pipes, busted water heaters or overflowing toilets and sinks. Most people who hire an emergency water removal company don’t even realize there are major differences between companies. Before hiring someone, you need to know how quickly an emergency water removal company can be on site, how fast they can remove the water and what is the company’s ability to identify hidden problems like mold growth and water damage to the building structure.
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(713) 776-8009 Air Conditioning Houston Beltway TX Heating Residential Energy Management Reduction Solar Power Factor Correction Systems Pool Commercial Attic Ventilation Radiant Barrier Laundry and Trash Chutes Panels AC Williams Air Technologies LLC Solar Aided Systems specializes in Solar Systems and Air-Conditioning. We are registered and located in the State of Texas, USA. We are encouraging the use of renewable energy and the practice of energy conservation. We ship solar components and systems worldwide; we supply, install and maintain solar electric systems and solar house and pool water heating systems. Williams Air Technologies LLC / Solar Aided Systems install and maintain Air-Conditioning Systems, residential and commercial. We are certified by Carrier Sycracuse New York in Air-conditioning Systems Design and Carrier Miami in VVT & CCS controls. For residential applications we install the White Rogers zoning system. We are a manufacturers rep. for Rudd Air Conditioning in the Houston Market. Our solar systems include our solar generators. These units are mounted on trailers, enabling our customers to hitch to a car, van or truck and tow to where needed. The items are equipped with solar panels, regulator, batteries, and 110 volt outlets. We provide three sizes; the M3 is rated at 2 – KW, J2 – 4 KW and J1 – 5 JW. Williams Air Technologies / Solar Aided Systems installs radiant barrier using material developed by the space program. We
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09 Nov 11 How To Make A Fire Starter

When Jay and I got a wood stove last fall, he surprised me with his Boy Scout knowledge, and made these little wax fire starters to help get the stove rockin. Remember to be careful when heating up the wax, especially if you are working on a gas stove with a flame.
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08 Nov 11 Ring Of Fire? Man’s Cell Phone Turns On His Oven (Sony Ericsson PDA)

Ring Of Fire? Man’s Cell Phone Turns On His Oven It’s amazing, it’s peculiar, and it’s dangerous. So says a Brooklyn man who’s experiencing some weird occurrences with his cell phone and his stove. Andre’s cell phone starts his Maytag oven whenever someone calls and the phone is sitting nearby. CBS 2 watched the bizarre phenomenon happen. These days it seems like cell phones or smart phones can do just about anything. Just ask Andrei Melnikov, whose smart phone apparently has an unintended “app” unlike any other. That’s because when Melnikov’s Sony Ericsson PDA is near the stove in his kitchen and happens to light up with a call, his Maytag Magic Chef oven lights up to a broil. “The over turns on by itself,” he told CBS 2. “If I want to bake some pie, I just put the pie inside and ask a friend to give me a call. That’s all I have to do.” He said he noticed it last week when the cell phone was just a couple feet from the stove. It rang, and the stove began to beep, indicating the broiler was on high. Gas flames came on from the burners, torching his meat thermometer that was inside the oven. “I see the flames and the smoke coming from here. I was shocked the first time,” he said. Melnikov said this whole thing is beyond dangerous and that he and his wife can’t sleep, fearing that another incident might happen again.” “It could be a fire. If I leave the house and didn’t smell the smoke it could be dangerous,” he said. The company sent a repairman to his home on Monday, but

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24 Oct 11 Cold Fusion: Fire From Water

Follows the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion and free energy, once debunked but now questions again are asked.
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