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17 Sep 11 Corn / Pellet Stove or Fireplace Venting Demonstration: Part 2

Excellent demonstration of venting options and instructions for your stove or fireplace insert. Request your “Free Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Renewable Energy Appliance” here:

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28 Jul 11 Firerock FIreplace kit with BBQ Brick Oven – By Josh Link of Masonry Art, LLC – we build just about anything using bricks and stone…….. we used a 48 inch Modified Count Rumford firebox from “Firerock” for this install.
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21 Jul 11 Gas Fireplace

Are you wondering how to start the pilot light on your gas fireplace?

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13 Jul 11 TTU2700 Tulikivi – Fireplace Works – Masonry Heater Design House

This is a stop action video of a see through Tulikivi fireplace built in Wisconsin by Fireplace Works in Beaver Dam. You can contact Bill at if you have any questions about Tulikivi fireplaces and ovens.
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The first Rex made work considerably easier for bakers without requiring them to alter their traditional processes, craftsmanship and product quality.The launch of this unit marks the beginning of the success story of König. Thanks to consistent and innovative efforts in the field of development, König and its customers achieved a lasting competitive edge, making the company the market leader in processing equipment for rolls and similar products.Head machines and bread roll plants from König have become standard equipment in bakeries all over the world. Bakers trust König. Its equipment is therefore in use in small family bakeries where only a few hundred rolls are produced per day, as well as in industrial bakeries where hourly output rates of up to 36000 units and more are achieved. König honours this trust by continuously improving and further developing its machines as regards weight accuracy and range, gentle dough processing, methods for the processing of “difficult” doughs, hygiene, low-maintenance design, user-friendly machine operation, etc.Distributed by Food Makers Bakery Equipment Feel free to contact us with any questions. Visit us at Phone: 626-358-1343 With over 45 dedicated employees, Food Makers Bakery Equipment is committed to you, the Bakery Professional. More than 20 years of excellent service has contributed to our clients success. Food Makers Equipment understands that your business loyalty is earned and we go

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15 Jun 11 Outdoor Fireplace, Brick Oven, Gas BBQ, by Masonry Art, LLC

one of our favorite backyard projects, designed and erected by Josh Link and Masonry Art, LLC in Kansas City

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27 Apr 11 Fireplace fitting and stove fitting, use our stove and fireplace fitters

This is an animation to show how not to fit a fire and shows what a chimney fire can do. It shows the importance of sealing a fireplace, installing vents and using our stove and fireplace fitters. We are HETAS registered and sign off our chimney flue, stove and fireplace installations with your local building authority. Our highly trained HETAS staff install woodburning stoves, multifuel stoves, smoke exempt stoves, taking pride in the fitting of your stove. See our website for our full product range of cast iron fireplaces wooden surrounds, baskets and stoves.We sell Aga, Dunsley Heat, Carron, Esse, Firebelly and Terma Tech stoves, We are chimney flue lining experts who fix leaking chimneys, install twin wall flue systems and offer a full supply and installation service. If you chimney leaks smoke or you cn smell fire up stairs or in your loft you need to stop using the fire and call us, we will line your chimney after a consulation, where we will go over the stove or fireplace installation options available to you. We cover London and the South.
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Testing the GSI Pinnacle Soloist on the Bongo cab, a larger version of the Banana Boat side jet stove, and a boil test with the Amazing Wilderness Survival Candle(Buddy Burner) in -8C
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02 Apr 11 Corn / Pellet Stove or Fireplace Venting Demonstration: Part 1

Venting demonstration; types and kinds of venting, for biomass, corn, and pellet burning stoves and appliances. To buy a pellet stove go to The most popular place to go online for help is our forum at http
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02 Apr 11 Wood Burning Boiler Stove & Fireplace Installation

A Wood Burning Stove installation by The customer came to us wanting to link a boiler stove, an AGA cooker with a back boiler and a central heating system. He also wanted his fireplace knocking out and his chimney lining. The work took us 3 days and all heat sources were connected to a heat exchange panel which prioritises the customers heat sources depending on their usage. The work we carried out: Installation of Heat Exchange Panel New Hot Water Tank Knock out and rebuild of entire Fireplace Lining of the Chimney Installation of Firefox 12 Boiler Stove New Slate Hearths The customer was extremely happy with the installation and our fitter stayed to explain or answer any queries that they had.
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This video can be downloaded here: GERES won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2006. To find out more visit the link above and check out the Ashden Awards Blog The Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités (GERES) set up the Cambodian Fuelwood Saving Project (CFSP) which has developed a cheap charcoal stove, the ‘New Lao’ stove. This uses at least 22% less charcoal than the ‘Traditional Lao’ stoves which are commonly used in Cambodia. More than 130000 New Lao stoves have been produced by 14 entrepreneurs and sold in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, over the past three years. About 95% of Cambodians cook with biomass fuels. This is costly, has adverse health effects and is bad for the environment. Cambodia’s great natural biodiversity is threatened by uncontrolled wood consumption. Much of this demand is for timber and a significant amount is turned into charcoal which is the preferred cooking fuel in cities, used by 40% of the population of Phnom Penh. The area of forest is diminishing but the price of charcoal has hardly increased over the last ten years, reflecting a thriving (but largely illegal) trade, and lack of taxes and other constraining factors. One way of reducing the unsustainable wood consumption is by reducing the demand for charcoal. CFSP have worked with stove users and producers to develop a stove which is more efficient and durable than the conventional bucket-type stoves
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