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07 Jan 15 Chazelles wood metal fireplaces

Chazelles Frog

The wood burning, modern wall mounted fireplaces from Chazelles are made of high quality metal and offer sweeping views of roaring flames.

Chazelles Kylen

Though not overly efficient, these wall fireplaces bring a clean minimalist look and are perfectly suited for smaller contemporary living spaces. Chazelles.

Chazelles Vinkle


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14 Jul 14 Bio fireplaces from Altro Fuoco


The eco friendly bio ethanol fireplaces serve as important interior decoration elements, helping to create a charming atmosphere in your house or garden, while producing a pleasant and efficient heat. The modern Altro Fuoco bio fireplaces don’t require flues or electrical wiring and can be moved around the house or yard.


Designed and built in Italy by talented designers and skillful craftsmen, the Altro Fuoco bio fireplaces come in many shapes, materials and colours. Previously, Bio fuel barbecue from Altro Fuoco.










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28 Apr 13 Ortal modern gas stoves and fireplaces


Made by Israeli based Ortal, these modern Eco friendly gas stoves and fireplaces come with high efficiency ratings and contemporary designs, while providing plenty of the radiant heat to keep your dwelling warm. The contemporary fireplaces use direct vent technology, electronic ignition and require little maintenance.


Ortal offers 60 modern fireplace and stove models for you to choose from, in an array of sizes and designs to suit every architectural need, integrating heat into the aesthetics of life. Ortal USA.







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24 Nov 11 Kansas City Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, BBQ, and Masonry

We build just about anything you can think of in the Masonry World…….. Brick, Stone, Fireplaces, Brick Ovens, Fountains, Patios, Walls, BBQ Grills, and we have built schools and office buildings. All the Masonry in this video was designed and erected by Josh Link of Masonry Art, LLC in Kansas City. The blueprints were disregarded, and we did our thing……. hope you enjoiy the video.
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08 Nov 11 Yuba City Fireplaces Choosing a Fireplace Mantel ASSISTANCE CALL: 916-331-2423 ‪ – 0 Instant Savings in Yuba City Instant rebates of 0-0 on gas inserts, 0 rebates on gas logs, and 0 rebates on pellet stoves in Yuba city and county. Contact Custom Fireside for details. Our new Elk Grove store is now open! We moved to 9097 Elk Grove Blvd. in “Old Town” and have 50% more stoves and inserts on display. Custom Fireside is now an Avalon Dealer with a complete line of their gas, wood, and pellet stoves and inserts. Come take a look! Category: People & Blogs
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30 Aug 11 Hearthstone Equinox Wood Stove Burning – Custom Fireplaces & More

The Hearthstone Equinox wood burning stove is shown before and after starting non-catalytic secondary combustion, burning the smoke and creosote in the stove.

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