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21 Nov 11 Homestead Series How To Cut And Split Firewood

Some helpful tips on fire wood. Showing how to cut firewood and the tools you will need.
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A look at the MSR MiniWorks EX ceramic water filter—for backpacking.

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03 Nov 11 Know Your Firewood- Moisture Meter Test-Part 2

How do you know if your firewood is ready to burn? What can you do to test it to find out? When you purchase firewood, what should you look for? Woody from Obadiah’s Woodstove’s shows you some tricks to help you over the learning curve so you too can burn wood like a pro. Avoid chimney fires from Creosote build up in your chimney. Protect your home and family with a few key tricks before you burn. *NOTE* WE WILL BE DOING A REVISION TO THIS VIDEO. THE PROPER WAY TO TEST YOUR WOOD WITH A MOISTURE METER IS FROM THE SIDE, NOT THE ENDS.
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The Deluxe Barrel Stove Kit is 100% cast iron for long life durability. Deluxe Barrel Stove Kit easily converts a 55 or 30 gallon drum into a highly efficient and economical wood burning heater. Features include a large, well fitting, gasketed feed door. A separate gasketed ash cleanout door engineered for easy clean ash removal. A cool touch cam-lock type door latch and two counter weighted spin dial draft controls. Combine these features with a down to earth price and you have a combination that is tough to beat.
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24 Mar 11 Efficient wood burning stoves for firewood

The latest wood burning stoves are over 90% efficient and look good too. Anglia Fireplaces demonstrate their use
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