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16 Oct 11 How To Build a Turret Board Part 2: Swage Fitting

In Part 2 of How To Build a Turret Board, Rob Hull shows you how to make your holes with a drill press, with a focus on swage fitting. Learn how to a produce professional turret board in a matter of minutes. For tools and supplies mentioned in this video, go to
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DIY Thomas and Friends toys made using bits of plastic, packaging, screws and nuts and washers.
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29 Apr 11 How to Recharge an Auto A/C System : Changing the Fitting of a Car’s High Service Port

How to locate the high service port and change the fitting. Learn about recharging a car’s air conditioner with refrigerant in this free car maintenance video. Expert: Nathan McCullough Bio: Nathan McCullough graduated from Nashville Auto-Diesel College with a GPA of 3.5 and received their Craftsmanship Award and Honor Seal. Filmmaker: Robert Rogers

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28 Apr 11 Repairing Bosch and Neff fan oven element fitting, replacing Replaceing and fitting a fan oven element to your neff and bosch and how to repair you appliance. Welcome to our video tutorials on domestic appliances please note all work should by a qualified person.This is brought to you by At We supply…
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27 Apr 11 Fireplace fitting and stove fitting, use our stove and fireplace fitters

This is an animation to show how not to fit a fire and shows what a chimney fire can do. It shows the importance of sealing a fireplace, installing vents and using our stove and fireplace fitters. We are HETAS registered and sign off our chimney flue, stove and fireplace installations with your local building authority. Our highly trained HETAS staff install woodburning stoves, multifuel stoves, smoke exempt stoves, taking pride in the fitting of your stove. See our website for our full product range of cast iron fireplaces wooden surrounds, baskets and stoves.We sell Aga, Dunsley Heat, Carron, Esse, Firebelly and Terma Tech stoves, We are chimney flue lining experts who fix leaking chimneys, install twin wall flue systems and offer a full supply and installation service. If you chimney leaks smoke or you cn smell fire up stairs or in your loft you need to stop using the fire and call us, we will line your chimney after a consulation, where we will go over the stove or fireplace installation options available to you. We cover London and the South.
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Testing the GSI Pinnacle Soloist on the Bongo cab, a larger version of the Banana Boat side jet stove, and a boil test with the Amazing Wilderness Survival Candle(Buddy Burner) in -8C
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28 Mar 11 HVAC Copper Fitting Cleaning Brushes.

I illustrate how using copper fitting cleaning brushes can be much better than using emery cloth.
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