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07 Sep 13 Siemens free standing dishwasher


Rated ‘A+++’ -10% according to EU Energy Efficiency Standards, Siemens SN26V893EU free standing dishwasher features advanced metalTouch TFT control panel that enables the program selection, the activation of special functions and the selection of time. You also see Remaining Program Time indicator, LED Salt Refill and LED Rinse Aid Refill indicators. Water and energy consumption is indicated by Eco forecast. With the capacity of 13 place settings and ‘A’ drying efficiency, this free standing dishwasher is quiet with noise level limited to 44 decibels.

This simple to use, Siemens freestanding dishwasher has 6 cleaning programs, including Auto 65-75°C, Auto 45-65°C, Auto 35-45°C, Economy 50°C, Quick Wash 45°C, and Pre Rinse. The SN26V893EU also features a special zone for heavily soiled dishes, integrated in the lower basket. In addition, the 3-level rackMatic height-adjustable top basket for varying loading capacity.

Other key features and functions of the free standing dishwasher from Siemens are Zeolite Drying, dosageAssist, Aqua sensor, Load sensor, detergent automation, heat exchanger, aquaVario, aquaStop anti-flood system, High Gloss Drying, intensiveZone, VarioSpeedPlus, HygienePlus, up to 24 hour electronic delay timer, antiFingerprint surface coating, emotionLight, varioDrawer Plus, varioFlexPlus basket system, silver XXL baskets with pullout handle, 6 foldable plate racks in top basket, 2 cup shelves in top basket, 6 foldable plate racks in bottom basket, 2 cup shelves in bottom basket, glass rack in bottom basket, self-cleaning filter system with 3-fold corrugated filter, acoustic end of cycle indicator and childproof door lock. Siemens.

Freestanding narrow dishwasher
Siemens Party dishwasher
Siemens built-in narrow dishwasher


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22 Mar 13 Free Head wall hoods from Oranier

Lito S

There are several nice looking Free Head wall hoods by Oranier with angled glass and steel design. Equipped with remote control, these Kopffrei range hoods offer performance and functionality, in addition to serving as beautiful decoration pieces.


Depending on the model, the Free Head wall hoods from Oranier are available in 90, 75 or 60 cm widths with black or white glass tilted canopy, allowing you a free head movement anywhere around the cooling area. The hoods feature 2 or 3 bright 35 W halogen lamps, 7-segment blue LED displays, dishwasher safe grease filters and touch control panels with 4 power settings – 300, 510, 690 and 850 m³/h. Oranier.

Lina S

Other Free Head wall hoods,
Bosch Logixx hood
Oranier Baro wall hood
Bosch wall hood line

Lina W


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18 Nov 11 Phoenix Tile Removal Crew: Our Virtually DUST FREE Thinset Removal (Saves Your Home!) Are you a homeowner or contractor faced with a difficult or health sensitive tile removal project? Is one of your biggest concerns the massive amount of cancer causing concretes dust that will find its way into your cabinets, drawers, closets, air ducts, walls, ceiling, bookcase, hutches, appliances, etc.? You’ve probably heard it will be a very long and dusty process. Does it worry you to know your tile removal project will take many (4-8 days) to complete, and that cleaning up from the mess will take weeks if not months to complete. This type of thorough cleaning will require a huge expense of your time and money. We have solutions for all those concerns. Our videos prove it. We have developed a proprietary tile & thinset removal system so advanced that we guarantee 99.99% dust free tile and thinset removal, and about 5 times faster than any other method currently in existence. Our system is designed to protect your homes contents so the air quality during the removal process remains safe and clean. I’m also willing to teach anyone about this system, including the type of equipment necessary to duplicate the extraordinary results in this video. Watch the difference our ceramic tile removal and thinset removal equipment makes when it comes to keeping things really clean. We have a patent pending tool accessory called the DustRam™ for our Bosch electric chipping hammers, CDCLarue PB-1250 Industrial Vacuums, CDCLarue Dust Grabber Shrouds, Modified Edco
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05 Nov 11 Tesla Secret | Free Energy The Technology To Harness The Massive, Untapped Reserve of Cosmic Energy Has Been Unleashed! Build your own Tesla Generator… and tap into an almost infinite source of power. The result is a generator so small and versatile, there’s almost no limit to how you can use it… Use it to juice up ANY electrical devices — from small clocks, to refrigerators or big screen plasma TVs Power up remote cabins so high up in the mountains, you’d be crazy to even think about going solar… Take it with you when you go camping — and enjoy “mobile” free energy for your caravan, or in your tent… And even get entirely off the grid with a high-output generator you can build in your spare time! Learn more at:

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29 Oct 11 Eco Steve Homemade DIY Free Solar Hot Air Collector Heater Free Heat

How to make free solar hot air collectors at home with free materials, these are made from old light fixtures, uses glass, surplus foam board and used metal siding. After these collectors are installed we will have a blower fan to force cool air through a manifold system from the the house into the bottom holes. The hot air being forced out the top will be channeled to different rooms of the house. The blower motor will have a thermostat to come on only when there is enough heat produced within the collector. A second thermostat will control the maximum temp. so the house does not overheat.

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23 Oct 11 Comparing Free Virtual Machine Software

Checking out an alternative to Virtual Box called VM Ware Player.

For More Info or to Buy Now: Blend up an array of delicious drinks and more with the Wolfgang Puck Compact Immersion Blender. This versatile kitchen appliances allows you to easily whip eggs, beat cream, make soups and sauces… Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #508843

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22 Oct 11 Free piston Stirling Engine made with no lathe

This is a model free piston Stirling engine made from glass cyringes, tubing, cans, JB Weld epoxy resin, some metal cuttings, wood blocks, plumbing pipe joint, old CPU heatsink, Neodymium magnets, repair washers and some assorted o-rings. The only power tool used was an electric drill. With it I drilled holes, cut glass (with a circular diamond cutter) and approximated work that is normally done by a milling machine.
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17 Oct 11 Make FREE wood pellets from sawdust to run your pellet stove – Part 2

Making wood pellets with a diesel pellet mill can be easier than you think. Visit to find out more about making pellets for your pellet stove for free. Our pellet mills make pellets in no time. Make pellets for your own wood pellet stove then start making pellets for your friend, neighbors and family and make money making wood pellets. In this video you can watch me use the sawdust and other biomass to create wood pellets that will run my pellet stove all winter long for free.
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In this video I try a couple of tests to see if a primer pan helps the Vargo Triad to get to bloom faster.

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11 Sep 11 how to get free laundry in two minutes

Forget all the other videos – this one works 4 realla!!! Next video will be how to get the money inside the machine from the people who pay for these sh!tty a$$ washer/dryers lolol
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31 Aug 11 Sottoriva SP 250 Stress Free Ciabatta Divider

Automatic divider at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rows, suitable for soft dough like CIABATTA and FRENCH BREAD forweight range from 25 gr to 2000 gr and over. Automatic feeding with conveyor belt mm 240 useful width. Adjustable sheeting thickness from 6 to 18 mm about. Longitudinal cutting system by interchangeable knives and transversal cutting guillotine device. Universal spreading device with adjustable width by handwheel. Speed variator. AUTOMATIC TRAY LOADING DEVICE for trays 600×800 mm or 600×1000 mm. The trays capacity is of about 10 trays placed on the back side. Automatic re-setting. Completely stainless steel machine mounted on castors. Touch screen control panel with the possibility to store 50 programs and operating control by PLC. It can be supplied with bench moulding station or 4 rollers moulder.Distributed by Food Makers Bakery Equipment Feel free to contact us with any questions. Visit us at Phone: 626-358-1343 With over 45 dedicated employees, Food Makers Bakery Equipment is committed to you, the Bakery Professional. More than 20 years of excellent service has contributed to our clients success. Food Makers Equipment understands that your business loyalty is earned and we go the extra mile to achieve it. Located in Irwindale, in Los Angeles County, our 50000 square foot plant offers a full range of services to meet the needs of todays baker.
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