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10 Jan 14 Modern freestanding gas range


This is what a modern freestanding gas range looks like, courtesy of Bosch. The very contemporary reinterpretation of a freestanding gas cooker, the 60cm wide 4-burner Bosch HGV74X456T features high quality materials with a heavy emphasis of glass and stainless steel. The sleek gas on glass range top and large glass front give the freestanding range an undeniably modern, chic look.

The multifunction 67 litre oven interior falls right into your view. You also have 8 cooking functions to bake, broil or grill anything you want. The sleek glass cooktop provides effortless cleaning. Dishwasher proof cast iron pan supports and a solid metal handle underscore the versatile burners as wells as the high standard of this precisely engineered modern freestanding gas range.

Key features of this 60cm Bosch gas range cooker include 2 standard burners 1.7 kW each, 1.0 kW economy burner, 3.6 kW wok, Fast Heat function, LCD display, flame failure safety feature, electronic clock, child lock, interior oven light, shelf support rails and full width drawer to store your utensils.

This modern freestanding gas range from Bosch, the HGV74X456T is available across the former USSR, Turkey and a few other nearby countries.


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27 Nov 13 Fagor freestanding dishwasher


Fagor makes one of the most economical dishwashers of today, the freestanding LVF32X, finished in stainless anti-fingerprint steel. The dishwasher comes with WaterSaver, a revolutionary technology which holds the water from the final rinse of washing cycle to reuse it in the prewash phase of the next cycle, thus reducing water consumption to just 5.5 liters per wash.


The ‘A++’ rated Fagor freestanding dishwasher features high-visibility LCD screen with easily readable icons, offering intuitive navigation for simple and precise operation. The Fagor LVF32X has 13 settings and its detergent compartment is located in the top basket, for a convenient loading.

Other key features include VarioScan technology that ensures variable consumption according to load, time reduction function which shortens up to 50% the duration of any program at normal washing and drying effectiveness, quiet operation, AquaStop security, 9 wash programs, up to 24 hours deferred start, ESPACE basket, height adjustable upper basket with folding supports, lower basket with folding supports and 6 special programs – Hygienizer, Cyclone, Automatic, Aqualisis, OptiA 60 and Fast 30.

There is also Wash Plus option, developed for those occasions when within a normal load there are some dirtier pieces. This ‘A’ rated option is an energy efficient alternative to the Intensive program, as it runs a 50ºC prewash and adds a 30% higher pressure in the lower basket. Fagor.


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26 Jul 12 Freestanding fridge freezer from Caple


The freestanding fridge freezer, Caple CAFF40 features French doors in black or stainless steel with metal curved handles, an impressive ‘A+’ energy efficiency and 3-dimensional air circulation for even cooling throughout the Caple fridge freezer. Your food will be stored at a perfect, stable temperature wherever it is placed within.


This freestanding CAFF40 French Door refrigerator also features automatic defrost, therefore this fridge freezer can be left to its own devices, meaning you can spend less time on the messy, time-consuming chore of defrosting your freezer – simply sit back and relax as all the hard work is done for you.

The CAFF40 is equipped with all the latest technology. It has a low energy mode that reduces the energy consumption when you are on holiday or not intending to open the door frequently, and a child lock to stop the temperatures from being changed inadvertently. This Caple refrigerator also has SuperCool and SuperFreeze functions to get your shopping down to temperature super quick.

The freestanding fridge freezer also features frost-free technology which chills food quickly and preserves all the nutrients. A full, air-cooled double refrigeration cycle means your food stays fresher for longer, too. Other characteristics and benefits include,
– twist ice maker
– electronic control with LED display
– freezing capacity of 10kg in 24hrs
– enhanced LED lighting
– 4 spill-capture adjustable glass shelves
– 2 vegetable crispers
– 2 freezer drawers
– 8 door storage racks
– 422 litre fridge net capacity
– 120 litre freezer net capacity

Price for this 90cm wide refrigerator from Caple is £1,535. Previously, GE French Door refrigerators.


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28 Feb 12 Classic range cooker – Hergom freestanding ranges


The beautiful classic range cookers from Hergom create quite an impression. Defined by high quality materials and Old World craftsmanship, your classic range will be the very cooker that makes friends and relatives to go and buy one. You can choose your favorite configuration from 10 colorful freestanding range models, many available with different cooktop and ovens configurations and sizes. Also can be used as heating stoves. Classic, timeless design – range cookers from Hergom.







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