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16 Nov 14 Siemens iQ700 French Door fridge freezer


This innovative French Door design of Siemens iQ700 fridge freezer offers many functional benefits and also looks very cool. With its expressive eye catching linear design the iQ700 French Door refrigerator is a real attention getter.


Its impressively orderly interior shows ingenious use of space and includes technical features that are simply state-of-the-art – Siemens vitaFresh keeps food fresh 3 times as long, the iceTwister delivers a constant supply of ice cubes and noFrost means never having to defrost again.

The French doors with solid, vertical bar handles on top, 2 drawers with integrated horizontal handles on the bottom deliver the smartly planned space allocation The new Siemens iQ700 fridge freezer is available with fronts in frameless black glass or high-quality stainless steel, offering a truly distinctive mark on your kitchen.

The iQ700 fridge freezer has 5 very clear benefits for better storage conditions. The doors need less space to open, ideal for tight spaces or small kitchens. Second, in spite of the divided doors, the interior is a single contiguous space with room for platters and other large items. The third benefit is that the entire refrigerator compartment is in an ergonomically accessible position, so foods that are frequently needed are at eye level and easy to find. On the other hand, frozen foods are stored for the long term in the 2 drawers at the bottom, which and that brings the fourth, can be conveniently filled and emptied from above. Last but not least, the French doors save energy – often only one side needs to be opened, so less cold air can escape.

The proprietary Siemens cooling system also meets the highest standards. With vitaFresh, the iQ700 uses technology from professional refrigeration facilities. It extends the storage time for all foods by cooling them almost to the freezing point. A dry climate zone keeps fish, meat and soft cheeses fresh much longer at just over 0°C. In the vitaFresh Dew Point zone with its high humidity, salads and most fruits and vegetables retain their vitamins, nutrients and fresh appearance much longer. That saves time for the owners of Siemens French Door refrigerators as they can shop less often.

Other convenient extras include the long lasting and energy efficient LED interior lighting and the iceTwister integrated in the freezer section. And thanks to noFrost, no unwanted frost can form on the walls or the stored food, so defrosting can be struck from the list of unloved household chores. Available spring 2015 in 2 models – Siemens KM40FAI20, iQ700 French door fridge-freezer with stainless steel front and Siemens KM40FSB20, iQ700 French door fridge-freezer with black glass front. Siemens.


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25 Sep 14 LG ISKRA fridge freezer


Designed primarily for the Russian speaking markets, the elegant LG ISKRA has gently curved glass door, putting emphasis on design while increasing interior space, and hidden handle fitted with mood light and making the fridge easy to open in the dark. Another interesting feature is the external touch-activated LED display.


Besides obvious elegance and modern aesthetics, LG ИСКРА fridge freezer has ‘A++’ energy rating and advanced linear compressor with 10-year warranty. The LG GA-B489TG is also exceptionally quiet.

The Total No Frost bottom fridge freezer is equipped with LG Multi Air Flow system for independent and even distribution of chilled air.


It also comes with the Opti Temp zone that allows you to set the desired temperature and humidity for different food types. The full width fresh produce drawer stores fruits and vegetables for extended period of time. LG.


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17 Aug 14 Dacor 4-door fridge freezer


There is a trend in high-end refrigeration, the 4-door convertible fridge freezers designed to respond to changing needs of a modern family, while still providing plenty of space to refrigerate and freeze everything. While the idea isn’t new elsewhere, the Samsung QuatroCooling Convertible refrigerator goes back 8 years ago, the US consumers are only getting the second convertible refrigerator in the beautiful Dacor DTF364 – the Energy Star rated, single compressor, 36″ freestanding 4-door fridge freezer.


The new Dacor refrigerator comes with the 3-zone system that enables one zone to be either fresh food or frozen. You can easily move back and forth between modes depending on the needs of the day. In addition, the independent 3-zone cooling system provides improved humidity and temperature control through all zones. See Samsung T9000 French four door refrigerator.

The Distinctive refrigerator utilizes BlueV lights in the humidity controlled crisper drawers to preserve the freshness and vitamins of fruits and vegetables. You have ice and water dispenser, an external control panel for easy control of the refrigerator and a spacious interior to meet all of your cooling needs.

This Dacor fridge freezer also features innovative IonFRESH technology which eliminates airborne bacteria and odor forming molecules by producing natural negative ions. French door configuration allows for easy access and easy storage of wide serving trays.

Other features include FrostWhite interior LED lights, adjustable door bins with gallon container storage, Sabbath mode and Epicure Style handles. Pro Style and Millennia handle kits are also available. Dacor.


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24 Jul 14 Haier French Door fridge freezer with curved door panels


With its distinctive outer design finished in titanium gold shade, gently curved door panels and overall straight lines, this Haier REF 728 French Door fridge freezer makes an instant eye-catcher in your modern living quarters.

Designed for the most demanding buyers the French Door refrigerator uses transparent crystal handles with hexagonal light patterns, fused with innovative S-shaped curved lines and straight lines.

Technologically, the Haier REF-728 offers unique Air Blast technology, variable frequency DC compressor, Soft Touch LED temperature controls, interior LED lighting, automatic 3 in 1 Turbo sterilization which kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, touch activated Human Sense door opening, My Zone drawers with convertible zones where temp can vary from -18°C to +5°C and Multi Dimensional drawers. Haier. Previously, Haier French Door refrigerator.


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11 Apr 14 Smeg Fiat 500 fridge


A chopped Fiat 500 holds advanced cooling technology from Smeg. Here you have a modern ‘A+’ energy rated retro fridge with 100 litre net capacity in a very original format. Smeg Fiat 500 fridge features 3 removable bottle holders and a removable glass shelf. You can even turn the headlights on, but that would bring the ‘A+’ rating a bit down. Available in SMEG500B white, SMEG500V green, SMEG500R red, SMEG500G yellow and SMEG500BL blue. Price is around € 5,400. Smeg Fiat.






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03 Nov 13 Smeg retro fridge in gold with Swarovski crystals


We have seen the fabulous Smeg FAB28 fridge freezer in pink, denim and with St George’s Cross. Now the retro FAB28OR comes in gold, its striking Smeg logo studded with Swarovski crystals.


The ‘A++’ rated, 222 liter Smeg fridge freezer features 4 safety glass shelves including 3 height adjustable, fruit and vegetable drawer, dairy box, chrome plated bottle carrier, various door bins and ice cube tray in the 4-star, 26 liter freezer.

Other main features are automatic defrost, dynamic air cooling, adjustable temperature control and interior lighting. Price for the Smeg FAB28OR retro fridge in gold is € 2,100. Smeg.


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19 Feb 13 Servis American fridge freezer


Servis new American style fridge freezer combines style with functionality, offering advanced cooling technology, large capacity and the ability to convert freezer sections to fridge space. The launch follows Servis fridge freezer Retro Collection.

Attributing the traditional side-by-side door design, the American style fridge freezer offers huge versatility with its Flexi-Zone feature and other advanced cooling technologies. Delivering up to 14 different cooling systems in one refrigerator, Flexi-Zone technology converts freezer sections to fridge space, allocating extra storage as and when it is needed.

The sleek, stainless steel exterior features a frameless touch panel display and back-illuminated integrated handles, which complements the elegant interior design and LED internal lighting. With no central divide, the fridge freezer has an impressive 620 litre capacity.

The ColdWrap Cooling technology and humidity control makes it easier to preserve foods. ColdWrap reduces cold loss upon opening the American style fridge freezer door and normalizes the temperature within the fridge to minimize heat transfer from the walls. Circulated cold air wraps the food in the fridge compartment to ensure food will be kept fresher for longer. With the addition of a humidity slider, the cooling temperature can be controlled to conserve fresh groceries and if groceries need a quick icy chill, there is a Fast Freeze feature to do this.

Servis Double Compressor provides separate air circulation in the American fridge freezer partitions to prevent the transfer of odours between sections. The Double Compressor also means the fridge freezer can be run in Holiday Mode allowing the fridge section to be turned off whilst the freezer maintains an optimal performance.

A common place for ice to collect is at the back of the fridge, No-Frost is a more efficient alternative to the more common frost-free systems as it circulates cool, dry air throughout all compartments, to combat any frost in the fridge and avoid any build-up in the freezer.

The American-style fridge freezer has a 5-year parts and labour guarantee, an ‘A+’ energy rating for efficiency and is available from £1,299. Servis. Previously, Samsung T9000 four-door refrigerator.


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09 Oct 12 Mirror glass door fridge freezer from Daewoo


Black mirror glass finish or white, either Daewoo mirror glass fridge freezer, the RNT405GB or the RNT405GW the brings a unique sense of style and 365 litre cooling capacity together with ‘A’ energy rating, electronic touch control and LED lighting.


The Daewoo fridge freezer features spacious 245 litre fridge and 120 litre freezer sections, no frost and multi-net cooling functionality, door open alarm, extra large vegetable compartment, ice cube tray and 4 door bins for various foods. Other attributes include flush finish, concealed door grips and reversible door. Daewoo.


Daewoo refrigerator with black mirror doors
Daewoo fridge freezer


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01 Oct 12 Bauknecht fridge freezers


These modern, 60cm wide bottom freezer Bauknecht fridge freezers have ‘A+++’ energy efficiency class, 332-litre net capacity, electronic controls, fingerprint-proof ProTouch stainless steel finish or sleek white colour, and offer attractive design and desirable features for demanding consumers of today.


The fridge freezer comes with Gourmet Freshbox which maintains temperature near 0°C, making it perfect for meat, fish and cheese. The food tastes fresh up to 4 time longer, thanks to Bauknecht ProFresh function and Green Intelligence sensor. And the Multi Flow system ensures a uniform and constant temperature throughout the entire refrigerator, keeping temperature-sensitive foods under the same optimal conditions, no matter where they are stored.

In addition, your Bauknecht fridge freezer has the replaceable Hygiene Plus Filter that provides a germ-free environment in the freezer. Other main features include child lock, Super Cooling and Super Freeze functions, visual and audible door alarm, temperature alarm, LED lighting, numerous shelves, compartments and drawers and 24-hour safety window in case a prolonged power outage. Price for KGE 5392 and KGE 5382 fridge freezers from Bauknecht is approximately € 1050.

Bauknecht LUMiQ refrigerator and freezer pair
Bauknecht chest freezer


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26 Jul 12 Freestanding fridge freezer from Caple


The freestanding fridge freezer, Caple CAFF40 features French doors in black or stainless steel with metal curved handles, an impressive ‘A+’ energy efficiency and 3-dimensional air circulation for even cooling throughout the Caple fridge freezer. Your food will be stored at a perfect, stable temperature wherever it is placed within.


This freestanding CAFF40 French Door refrigerator also features automatic defrost, therefore this fridge freezer can be left to its own devices, meaning you can spend less time on the messy, time-consuming chore of defrosting your freezer – simply sit back and relax as all the hard work is done for you.

The CAFF40 is equipped with all the latest technology. It has a low energy mode that reduces the energy consumption when you are on holiday or not intending to open the door frequently, and a child lock to stop the temperatures from being changed inadvertently. This Caple refrigerator also has SuperCool and SuperFreeze functions to get your shopping down to temperature super quick.

The freestanding fridge freezer also features frost-free technology which chills food quickly and preserves all the nutrients. A full, air-cooled double refrigeration cycle means your food stays fresher for longer, too. Other characteristics and benefits include,
– twist ice maker
– electronic control with LED display
– freezing capacity of 10kg in 24hrs
– enhanced LED lighting
– 4 spill-capture adjustable glass shelves
– 2 vegetable crispers
– 2 freezer drawers
– 8 door storage racks
– 422 litre fridge net capacity
– 120 litre freezer net capacity

Price for this 90cm wide refrigerator from Caple is £1,535. Previously, GE French Door refrigerators.


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