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17 Sep 14 Miele M Touch convection oven from Generation 6000


The 30″ Miele Generation 6000 M Touch convection oven comes in 2 distinct design styles – PureLine and ContourLine – as well as several color options including Brilliant White and Truffle Brown. The oven features unique, developed exclusively for Miele USA, Moisture Plus steam injection system which automatically injects a burst of steam into the oven cavity at predetermined points during the cooking process.

PureLine in Brilliant White

The addition of moisture improves results when proofing dough, gives loaves of bread a crisp crust and glossy finish and makes cuts of meat particularly crisp on the outside and succulent inside. The self clean Miele M Touch oven offers 9 cooking functions including MoisturePlus, over 100 MasterChef programs, 15 automatic MasterChef Plus bread programs that give you results seen in artisan bakeries and wireless roast probe.


In addition to Favorites Menu with 20 items, 30″ Miele Generation 6000 M Touch convection oven has Surround Roast, Pizza, Warm Cookware, Convection Roast, Crisp Function, Sabbath Program, Rapid PreHeat and AutoRoast.

The multilingual display features Delay Start, date, temperature in °F or °C, time and metric / imperial conversion. Soft Open / Soft Close door makes operating the oven easy. Finally, RemoteVision capable version will be available in the 4th Quarter of 2014. Miele.


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04 Sep 14 Braun food processor from Tribute Collection


The new Braun food processor, the KM 3050 is a versatile 3-in-1 food processor, mixer and jug blender. With this Tribute Collection kitchen machine, you have all 3 systems in 1 compact appliance.

Whenever you need something stirred, mashed, mixed or grated, the Braun machine takes the center spot on your kitchen countertop. It can easily handle up to 4 kg of dough.

The food processor is equipped with 900 watt motor, powerful yet extremely quiet. The variable speed with auto pulse function offers excellent performance. Choose from 15 speeds and several durable stainless steel discs for grating, slicing and shredding.

The machine also comes with a unique wide mouthed feeding funnel for easy and convenient filling of all fresh ingredients through the top.

The Braun Food Processor, the KM 3050 offers clear design language with its simple geometric shapes, and white and stainless colour combination with shades of green. Price is € 340. Braun.


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14 Jul 14 Bio fireplaces from Altro Fuoco


The eco friendly bio ethanol fireplaces serve as important interior decoration elements, helping to create a charming atmosphere in your house or garden, while producing a pleasant and efficient heat. The modern Altro Fuoco bio fireplaces don’t require flues or electrical wiring and can be moved around the house or yard.


Designed and built in Italy by talented designers and skillful craftsmen, the Altro Fuoco bio fireplaces come in many shapes, materials and colours. Previously, Bio fuel barbecue from Altro Fuoco.










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02 May 14 lateNight patio stove from Arte Puro


This elegant patio stove by Arte Puro is made of the highest quality Schott glass and heat insulated, powder coated stainless steel.

The lateNight patio stove will add coziness and beauty to your spring and summer nights. Start your evening with a hearty supper and glass of your favorite wine, while relaxing by the stove that allows you to enjoy the flames from 3 sides.

The Arte Puro lateNight comes with integrated air flow for selective air supply and low emissions. Its fireclay bricks protect the metal housing from overheating. The modern stove weighs only 66 kg and with the optional stainless steel wheels, you can easily move it to your preferred location. Price is around € 2,300. Arte Puro.


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09 Apr 14 Custom metal range hoods from Vogler


Designed by Aaron Vogler of Vogler Metalwork & Design, these custom metal range hoods are made of nickel plated, powder coated and otherwise finished metals including copper, bras, bronze, pewter, zinc, steel, iron or stainless. Currently, Vogler offers 15 distinct models of metal range hoods, all available in the above materials. You can see most common finishes and textures here. If you have your own ideas, contact Vogler Metalwork & Design and tell them what you want. Previously, copper hoods by Vogler Copperworks. Besides the metal range hoods, the company make countertops, sinks, outdoor projects, fireplace hoods and custom items.












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24 Mar 14 Retro wood burning cook stoves from Elmira Stove Works


Built with the quality and craftsmanship of how the things used to be, Fireview wood burning cook stoves by Elmira Stove Works offer the lowest emissions, highest efficiency and most usable features among retro wood burning cook stoves, available on the market today.


You can customize your retro range cooker with several decorative and functional options to suit your personal needs and style, or match it with your Northstar French Door vintage refrigerator.

Key features of Elmira Stove Works retro cook stoves include,
– large 1.6 cu. ft. firebox for 30,000 to 60,000 BTU output
– burn times over 10 hours
– heats up to 1,800 sq. ft.
– secondary air supply for clean, efficient burn
– 21″ firebox that accommodates 18″ logs
– spacious 3.0 cu. ft. oven to fits large turkey
– Fireview door for enjoyment and fire control
– overhead and side warmers
– optional 11,000 BTU gas side burners
– optional water jackets for hot household water
– optional nickel legs, skirt and Victorian trivet


Retro wood burning cook stoves from Elmira Stove Works come in 3 models,
– 1840, 36″ wood burning cook stove for ,495
– 1842-0, 48″ wood burning cook stove with work surface for ,995
– 1842-G, 48″ dual fuel wood burning cook stove with 2 gas burners for ,295


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26 Feb 14 Wolf gas cooktops from New Generation Line


The New Generation gas cooktops boast Wolf most powerful dual stacked, sealed burner yet, providing more precise control for more consistent meals. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these gas cooktops are designed to seamlessly integrate into any modern or traditional kitchen.


The new Wolf gas cooktops come in 3 unique styles to fit any kitchen design, offering innovative performance enhancements including patented dual stacked, sealed burners with 2-tier flame for precise heat output and one burner capable of 18,000 BTU, giving you the widest range of heat on the market to achieve the results you want. The upper tier burner ports are positioned closer to the cookware for more efficient heat transfer, yielding a fast boil or high sear, while the lower flame ports are farther from the pan and therefore, produce subtle heat ideal for gentle simmers without scorching.


The 18,000 BTU gas burners, now offered on all Wolf gas cooktops, yield 3,000 BTU more than previous models and a wider range of heat than possible in previous cooktops – reducing time to boil by 25%. Conversely, the burners are capable of producing no more than a breath of heat to melt chocolate and hold delicate sauces for hours without scorching. he setting stays low, never cycling on and off. Sealed burners keep liquid from seeping into hard to clean areas so owners can heat precisely and stir confidently without concern for spills.


Additional features standard in all new Wolf gas cooktops from New Generation Line, include a continuous stainless steel burner pan for easy cleanup, automatic individual flame detection and burner reignition, and continuous grates allowing users to slide pots from burner to burner without lifting. Gas cooktops are available in distinct styles offering more design flexibility than ever, to fit into any kitchen. The 3 unique styles – ultra-sleek Contemporary, classic yet flexible Transitional and bold Professional – offer a myriad of design possibilities ranging from 15″ to 36″ in width.


Transitional models are available in 15″ with 2 burners, 30″ with 4 burners and 36″ with 5 burners. A combination stainless steel and black glass make the Transitional cooktop the most design-friendly for spaces that blend traditional and contemporary elements. Features include a stainless steel burner pan and push-to-activate LED backlit controls that illuminate when in use, that are flush inset into the cooking pan for a clean look. Knobs are 2-tone black with a brushed stainless steel base. Grates are porcelain-coated cast iron.

The Professional style is available in 30″ and 36″ sizes. Iconic knobs and brushed stainless steel bezels give it a bold look. The burner pan is a single piece of stainless steel, making for easy cleanup. A stainless steel control panel features laser-etched graphics and 3 knob options in signature Wolf red, brushed stainless steel, or black that illuminate when in use.

The Contemporary style is available in 36″ with 5 burners, integrates directly into cabinetry and is installed flush with counter tops making it ideal for modern spaces.

You can pair a gas cooktop with other Wolf products, like the new E series built-in ovens, convection steam oven, integrated modules and the family of ventilation products. Previously, Sub-Zero integrated refrigeration line.


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13 Feb 14 Houndstooth Collection from New Ravenna Mosaics


New Ravenna Mosaics introduces the Houndstooth Collection, designed by founder and creative director, Sara Baldwin. Handmade in Virginia, the Houndstooth Collection consists of 4 colorways, including a classic black and white, a luxurious gold and red, an iridescent purple and pink, and a pastel combination of aquamarine and white.


The Houndstooth Collection is a continuation of Baldwin’s explorations in designing mosaics inspired by textiles. Her prior designs have included ikat, suzani, paisley, kuba cloth, gingham, and plaid.

Houndstooth was originally created in the Scottish lowlands in the 19th century. The pattern was first used in American menswear in 1933 and has made a significant statement in the international fashion scene this season. Baldwin says, a classic pattern never really goes out of style. It is perennial, with cycles of popularity, like the one we are witnessing now. The broken-check pattern of houndstooth was a natural to adapt to mosaics. The challenge was to create unexpected modern colorways that allow you to see the traditional pattern with completely fresh eyes. This collection pays homage to my Scottish McCaleb family roots and my love of uninhibited color combinations.


The Houndstooth Collection is available in jewel glass or natural stone. In glass, it is suitable for vertical interior installations. In stone, the mosaics can be installed indoors or out on both floors and walls. New Ravenna Mosaics tile is available in showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Dubai, and Russia.


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28 Dec 13 Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range


American Range pioneered French door wall oven for residential market and now offers three 30″ Legacy Hybrid double deck wall oven models,
– the AROFFHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & French door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROSSHGE-230 Chef door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROFSHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom


The multifunction Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens feature Standard Bake, Innovection Convection Bake, Infrared Broil and Fan Mode. The innovative Innovection System comes with 2 convection fans in order to optimize cooking air flow for ideal cooking results each and every time, while Traditional and Convection bake modes give you a perfectly controlled temperature range between 200°F and 500°F.


The highly efficient Innovection Convection technology uses 19% less gas versus a standard convection oven, while ensuring superior turbulent heat distribution for even results when baking, roasting and dehydrating your food. The American Range employs strategically placed advanced dual convection motors to enhance uniform and consistent heat distribution throughout the large oven cavity.

Other key features of these Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range are,
– quick preheat times and uniform cooking temperatures are created with a 30,000 BTU Bake Burner
– Inconel Banquet Broiler provides rapid searing at 1,800°F using 18,000 BTUs
– 3.5 kW Instagrill broiler reaches searing temperature in 3 seconds
– concealed 2.2 kW Bake Element with the IR Advantage reduces preheat times and creates uniform cooking temperatures
– lower oven of gas double models features Proofing Element Burner for bread making and low temperature dehydrating
– 2 racks glide at 5 cooking levels on heavy chrome side supports
– accommodates full size commercial sheet pan
– 2 lights in each oven are controlled from front panel switch
– porcelainized oven interior simplifies cleaning
– commercial grade stainless steel construction with welded control panel
– easy to use analog controls
– commercial style French or Classic Chef Doors improve oven access
– blue LED lights indicate flame and oven functions
– heavy die cast metal black satin knobs with chrome bezels

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04 Jul 13 E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure


The E Churrasco barbecue from Everdure is an innovative and a world first grill that combines the flavour of charcoal cooking with the speed and convenience of gas ignition. Quick and easy to light up, E Churrasco is ready to cook for you in 15 minutes.


The dual function gas / charcoal barbecue is very portable, featuring integrated handles in the base, that allow you to carry the grill with ease whenever needed. The sturdy base means you can set E Churrasco on the rocks, boats, homes, balconies. Designed in Australia, the high quality barbecue grill with gas ignition sells for around 0 AUD. Everdure.




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