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16 Jan 13 Solid fuel stove cookers by Oranier


The feel of nostalgia for good old times will disappear when you add a solid fuel stove cooker from Oranier to your home appliances. These modern solid fuel stoves serve both as cookers and heaters.



You can keep warm between 120 and 150 m³, depending on your particular solid fuel cooker. Prices range between € 900 and € 1,200. Oranier.


Wood cook stove from Heartland
Vescovi Perla cook stove
Haas & Sohn wood burning range cookers
Classica wood burning stove from Sideros
Sideros wood burning stoves
Professional ovens by J. Corradi
Contemporary Razen cook stove




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01 Jun 12 Dual fuel double oven range cookers from ILVE


If the space allows, you may want to look at this classically styled 60″ wide dual fuel double oven range from ILVE Majestic Series. Depending on the range top configuration, you can get 7 semi-sealed burners with removable enameled caps as well as two multifunction 3.70 kW European convection ovens with 2.44 cu. ft and 3.55 cu. ft cooking cavities. The larger oven also offers a 2.40 kW rotisserie. Or if 7 burners are too many, choose the range top with a Coup de Feu or a Griddle/Fry-Top. This dual fuel double oven range also features a full width warming drawer.


ILVE makes the range in pure white, stainless-steel, burgundy, matte, blue, green or antique white with brass, chrome or oil rubbed bronze trims. Regardless of the chosen range top configuration, you get cast iron grates, electronic ignition and flame failure safety device. Two powerful 15,500 BTU triple ring burners, three 10,500 BTU big burners, a 7,000 BTU small burner and a 8,500 BTU Coup de Feu will surely perform to your expectations.


Both multifunction ovens of the dual fuel double oven range operate in 5°F to 525°F temperature range and offer 8 cooking modes, including defrost, convection with fan only, convection bake with fan, upper and lower heat, convection broil with fan and upper broiler, grill-baking or broiler, upper heat only, lower heat only and bake with upper and lower heat.

If your kitchen space doesn’t allow this 60″ wide range cooker, check the 48″ and 40″ wide dual fuel double oven ranges. ILVE. Previously, 30″ induction range cooker.



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23 Apr 12 Dual fuel ranges – Capital Cooking Connoisseurian Series


Capital Cooking is debuting its new dual fuel range cookers at the 2012 KBIS which runs from April 24 to April 26. The new dual fuel Connoisseurian Series incorporates the best technology from company electric ovens and gas ranges, offering both open and sealed burner versions – all self clean in 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ configurations. As dual fuel range is getting more popular, Capital Cooking Connoisseurian Series is offering the best attributes of its built-in electric wall ovens and gas cooktops.

Capital engineers incorporated a two-speed cooling fan system in the oven of these dual fuel range cookers. The high, noisier speed is only triggered when the oven is at extreme high temperatures over a long period of time, such as operating the self cleaning mode. Under the normal cooking conditions with temperatures under 400°F for under 2 hours, only the low speed cooling fan that is very quiet and not noticeable in a busy kitchen environment is working.

In addition, Connoisseurian ranges feature the larger ovens, ranking them amongst the top usable capacity of all dual fuel ranges on the market. All primary ovens have Capital exclusive MoistRoast cooking feature that uses moisture, not steam, to produce perfect, moist roasting and baking, and also features Capital popular motorized rotisserie system. The secondary ovens in the 48″ and 60″ sizes are fully functioning with bake, broil, convection, roast and self clean. And for safety, the engineering staff tested the external temperature of a fully operational baking oven and found it to be up to 30°F cooler-to-the-touch than many competitive models.

Offering both open burner and sealed burner system options in the dual fuel Connoisseurian line will appeal to all cooking styles and preferences. The open burner system developed for Capital Culinarian line is ideal for the home chef looking for restaurant power and advanced cooking functionality made possible by the open flame. The sealed burner system that Capital uses in its Precision Series is the most common gas cooktop system where the flame is controlled by burner caps of different sizes. Customers can choose which style of Connoisseurian is appropriate for their own lifestyle.

The dual fuel ranges from Capital Cooking will be sold in 10 standard colors with custom finishes available as well, throughout the United States and Canada at specialty retailers during Summer 2012.

24 inch wok range top
Professional gas range
Outdoor gas grill
60 inch range cooker
30″ warming drawer


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25 Oct 11 Garbage Converted to Fuel, Discovery in Czech Republic

WONG: Czech scientists are carrying out a unique experiment of international importance. They have found out how to change household waste into food for animals and fuel for cars. STORY: Experts in algae and energetic use of wastes have designed a scientific process to transform municipal waste into bio-fuel for cars and good class food for animals. The star performer in the process is algae. Certain algae thrive on the carbon dioxide formed while burning the waste. [Msc Petr Novak, Director for Ecology] male “We were of course surprised too, the quality of algae is so high that they are suitable for utilization in the food-processing industry and at the same time it is confirmation that burnt gas from our wastes incinerator is very clean. As wastes are burnt the smoke-gas goes through a filter and heads for a water bath where scientist have placed algae. Algae transform the burnt gas into protein and from protein they make starch. This starch is used in the production of bio-ethanol to be used in place of petrol. [Petr Novak, Director for Ecology] male “The effect lies mainly in that carbon dioxide forms as much as 50 percent of expenses in the production of algae and here it is actually for free.” Moreover the algae grow 30 times faster than maize or soy from which bio-fuel is commonly produced. The Scientific team will patent their discovery in Europe and the USA. NTDTV, Liberec, Czech Republic

Back with the Manly Heil on a Sunday afternoon while taking care of the three 660Ls from Pine Street. This particular stop is done twice a day, 7 days a week and can become quite a heavy one some days… Body Make: HEIL Environmental Industries Model: 23m Formula 4000 Chassis: Iveco Acco Contractor: Manly Waste Collection Type: Mixed Commercial Waste
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11 Oct 11 MGC’s Direct Methanol Fuel Cell : DigInfo

DigInfo – ( With the increase of companies researching oil alternative fuel sources, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is developing their Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, DMFC, which uses methanol and the surrounding air to create energy. In MGC’s DMFC, the methanol interacts with a hydrogen ion layer while the air interacts with a Platinum catalyst layer These two layers are separated by a polymer coated electrode catalyst that connects the two layers to create power. The exhaust, Carbon dioxide and water, are separated by MGC’s uniqe exhaust gas control system Because of the improved control of the Platinum catalyst at nano level, reaction efficiency and the long reliability of the electrode, the DMFC can provide 130mW The current model under development has a maximum output of 300W, 4000ml fuel tank, and can run for 8 hours straight. It can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch and used to power appliances such as lights and refrigerators.
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30 Sep 11 hypower Fuel inc H2 reactor system that uses water as fuel

The H2 reactor is an electrilyzer that breaks down water into on demand hydrogen for car or to power a buisness or house hold appliances that involve heat or combustion.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Welcome….. to this superb RSL Art Union home. Enter through the impressive entrance to open plan living on a generous scale. Two living areas surround the dining table….. …while doors open to reveal alfresco dining at its very best; a large deck with golden sandstone blocks leading to the sparkling in-ground pool. All this is located on stunning blue waterways, giving you a world of fun and excitement at your own back door . The massive kitchen boasts Caesar stone beachtops, quality stainless Smeg appliances, including a huge 90cm oven, cooktop with wok burner; right down to arcosteel French oven cookware and a chef’s Wiltshire knife set. Venture up the Australian hardwood stairway to the upper level luxury bedrooms. The master bedroom, with the latest metallic wallpaper design and furnishings, is more like a boutique hotel than simply somewhere to lay your head. With a lounging area, large walk-in-robe and a luxury bathroom you can truly pamper yourself here. Two equally as impressive bedrooms and bathrooms complete the upper level. While on the lower level is a 4th bedroom or study. More images are available in our photo gallery area on our website or even visit us, to see just how impressive this home is at 5025 Emerald Island Drive, at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast. We are open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm until the 25th of January. Closed Christmas Day. Purchase tickets to win this “touch of paradise” by visiting or

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10 Jul 11 Solid Fuel Hexamine Stove – Lightweight & Inexpensive

Solid Fuel Hexamine stove, inexpensive and lightweight option for day hikes, backpacking or adding to a survival kit or Bug Out Bag. Stove is available from Army Surplus stores and Outdoors shops, cost approx £4 (), fuel cost approx £2 () for eight tablets, each tablet burns for approx 10-15minutes depending on conditions (wind etc). Hope you enjoy my first YouTube video.
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07 Jul 11 Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove


Designed by Carsten Gollnick, Quint showcases many faces of fire, offering a new dimension of a mundane solid fuel stove. This sleek black iron stove will be the focal point of your living room. Its three window panes enable the best possible view of the interplay of the flames. The softly rounded corners and unique shape that appears to open up at the top, make Skantherm Quint solid fuel stove more of decorative piece than of a functional heating appliance. Yet with 7.0 kW output, 78% efficiency and large fuel storage, Quint will keep your home warm in the cold nights.


Solid fuel stoves by Wamsler
Skantherm Archetyp iron stove


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06 Jun 11 Suffolk Wolsey Woodburning and Multi Fuel Cast Iron Stove distributed by Pevex Enterprises Ltd

The Wolsey stove (ST246) is a single arched door full cast iron stove which is rated at a nominal output of 10KW. This stove features one handle control of the secondary and tertiary air and also direct air induction allowing connection to a fresh air intake. For a large stove it is particularly controllable and this can be seen by watching this 2 min video. The flue connection is uniquely designed and located right at the back edge of the stove allowing for easier installation and forward projection of the stove into the room. Top and rear flue is available with this collar. The ashpan sits in an ashpan assembly under the stove and is accessed by a small door on the front. This is an attractive stove with a large arch window and reeded side panels allowing for a generous quantity of wood to be loaded. The stove features one handle air operation which controls the air through the fresh air inlet giving exact and precision control of airwash and tertiary air. Primary air is controlled by opening or closing the grate to allow air to pass through. The stages of the video shows the following: 1. Primary, secondary and tertiary air fully open and the stove is blazing away. 2. We close the primary air by shutting the grate….stove slows down. 3. The secondary and tertiary air is shut off with the lever at the back of the stove….notice how responsive the stove is by shutting down almost instantly. 4. The stove is starved of oxygen and is slumber mode. 5. Air is reintroduced
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This is the Rocket Stove warmed up and smoke free…starting to put out some heat. The wood strips burn down into the fire. Rusty spot on the top of the barrel is the hottest part of the heater. You can put a skillet on it for cooking…

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29 May 11 3 of 5 – Morso Wood Stoves – Wood Fuel & Storage

Morso Energy Efficient Wood Stove
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